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  1. Ive been really busy I dnt have time for this like I did before and it's not as fun as it was when I first joined so It's not really worth being a part of this community when nothing is really going on. bye
  2. Another day another challenge.



    Hey man really fun playing with you the other day keep it up bud
  4. Hey man I haven't seen you in awhile I hope to get to play with you again

    vVv applicant- Vall

    <--- Lol keep it up
  6. Hey man I haven't seem you in awhile I hope everything is going great for you
  7. Hey man good luck on your app if you need anything just message me

    Sailox Re-App

    Great guy that everyone should consider playIng with good luck on your app bud
  9. Hate to feel like I over ate

  10. DJAAYY


    What's up man. It was nice paying with you last night good luck on your app
  11. DJAAYY

    vVv applicant- Vall

    Hi I'm DJAAYY good luck on your app and I rate you a 8.5:) and see ya later buddy lol p
  12. Nice b easy and great interview and hi fatal
  13. DJAAYY

    Bossy Re-App

    BOSSY=master ha keep it up bossy
  14. DJAAYY

    LinX Motion

    Hey man good playing with you for the past few days try to be. More active like biz had mentioned
  15. Hi this is vVv gaming how may I help you my name is DJAAYY

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    2. DJAAYY
    3. vVv Vall

      vVv Vall

      I wanted to know why you were dropped :P jk jk <3

    4. DJAAYY


      :/ how could you say that

  16. DJAAYY

    vVv applicant- Vall

    Woah ha hey vall good luck on your app
  17. DJAAYY

    Basher's Ghost App.

    Welcome back man hope this time it's different good luck man
  18. What's up welcome to the community man good luck on your app if you need any help ask. Any of us
  19. Good luck on your app man
  20. Lol hi I'm DJAAYY welcome to vVv how may I help you and #BK BREEZY
  21. DJAAYY

    B Easy's Application

    Lol that's so messed up crispee
  22. DJAAYY

    B Easy's Application

    Hope you fixed your Xbox man ha

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