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  1. dawg you better have played Creed during that HiTM game! Nice read btw.
  2. You applied?!?!?!?! niice
  3. _Raw 1

    Sailox App

    and a minecraft artist! We be making worlds up in that server!
  4. _Raw 1

    IRGRL's Amazing Re-App

  5. dude go for it. I know cs and LoL are huge on PC but I've seen good cod players on PC. Your mouse for PC is better than our sticks for consoles that's for sure! Well GL with the app man. I know you said multiple times your on PC so I won't do my Xbox gamertag here haha. I like your ambition and I want to see it prosper.
  6. _Raw 1

    IRGRL's Amazing Re-App

    this is officially my 10th followed topic <3
  7. Grats tech! Nail that interview bro!
  8. ITS ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME CHAD!!! Lmao like pap said man your gonna love it. I know you made a hard choice with the position you had in igameordie but trust me man its well worth it. GL man.
  9. I gotta PC that can handle it. Is gw2 a one time pay or monthly sub like xbl?
  10. GL bro! 24hr streams of one game is a pain. Get stuff that'll help you stay awake.
  11. I fell off my chair and cut my neck...and I'm still crying XDDD

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