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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Viruss in Application   
    Love this guy a lot very very smart gears player and has already brought value to this community keep up the good work an keep staying active in the discord you will get them V's soon enough 
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to GRINGO JR in Application   
    Name: Michael  Age:19 Location:
    United States, Michigan Steam profile link:
    https://www.twitch.tv/gringoxjr Battle.Net Tag: GRINGOJR#1448 What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game) Gears 5 is to try to get pro in it and build up with a team and grow with them and get better. Also been playing Gears one and two until Gears two was the final Major Lan Event. What are some other games that you currently play? Apex Legends, League of Legends, Smite, Cod, Dark Souls, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter World, Devil May Cry, Code Vein and Minecraft. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? By vVv Savior and vVv MadMax  Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? vVv Stitches and vVv Savior know them since the Gears one and two days ogs in here. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? Yes it would be great to be in here and help them. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Hanging out with friends and chilling out when I don't play. How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? Playing with the vVv members and having fun with them. Will you happily promote vVv Gaming onto your social channels? Yes I will post anything vVv post to help get noticed by more people  What do you know about our Community Game Nights? I know nothing about it.  Post To Videos   President.
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to Yo5h in Howdy yall   
    My name is Matt, or yosh. I play on xbox for now but will be on pc VERY soon. Was around here back in like 2008 as a trial member but our gears team broke up. Hope to meet some cool people here like back then. I came here because even though I only met him once, LordJerith really left an impression and I’d love to be a part of this community.  Thank you 
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from vVv MadMax in Hey Hal Jordan   
    Solid Gears player had fun running some games with him and Savior. Happy to see you apply. 
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to Totally Mysterious in Member Application - Totally Mysterious   
    Name: George   Age: 15   Location: Chicago   Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198340189020/   Battle.Net Tag: None   What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game) Miner's Haven. Miner's Haven is a ROBLOX Sandbox style game with dozens of hours of new content. I'm currently an Influencer/Tester for the game, and I'm always helping newcomers out on there. I love the grind aspect of the game and really take the community seriously.   What are some other games that you currently play? Beat Saber (Possibly more than Miner's Haven, but I switch off if anything)   How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? vVv_Hoagie. long time friend, been supporting him since 2017 I think? But I've known him for ages and It's been really cool seeing new people from vVv.   Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? Hoagie, and Minjaaa. Met Hoagie first, met Minjaaa through the discord, super chill people.    Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? It seems like a gaming community thats perfect for me. I've applied before but had to back away because of personal things, and decided to reapply. I think if anything I'd really enjoy the competitive side for Beat Saber, where I'm at my most competitive, and then I'd be more laid back with Miner's Haven.   What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Well, I do Game Development on the ROBLOX Platform, I love to do that, and I love watching streamers as well. I've been doing game development for years and occasionally stream it.   How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? I'd love to bring something new to the table, considering I feel my choice in games is different, I think a new selection of people and gaming style would be awesome to bring into the community.   Will you happily promote vVv Gaming onto your social channels? Of course, I always give shoutouts and stuff to Hoagie sometimes on my discord, I'd love to welcome my fanbase to vVv.   What do you know about our Community Game Nights? Nothing just yet, but I'm definitely going to look more into it  
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to BlacK StaRR (ex-vVv) in vVv DONATION DRIVE IS BACK (With a prize)   
    Been a while since I've said hi, sent a donation hope you can put it to good use!
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Hoagie in Volunteers for CGN'S?   
    Hosted a quickly put together CGN on CoD last night and had a good turn out. I'm sure with a stable schedule the turn out will grow and I have no problem hosting.
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Milkyy in Community Game Nights are back!   
    I agree, I think it's great to have you around Hoagie, running the community game nights off your own back shows the level of commitment to the community you have.
    Agreed on the notes above, will take these on board in preparation for confirming the finer details.
    I have also added the voice comms CGN channel for you.
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to Volume in a bit nostalgic   
    Hello vVv
    I wanna start off by saying its great to see the community thriving and have grown so much over the years! I was a member of the community once upon a time when I was much younger. I notice a lot of familiar faces still around and some missing. I stopped gaming and stepped away from the community quite some time ago. I started gaming again in 2018, and randomly came to mind not too long ago. I hope to catch up with some of you, if you remember me lol. I mainly play Call of Duty now and will probably be around the forums again.
    I look forward to meeting so many of you in the near future!
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from arcgore in Arcgore   
    Seems like a cool dude and glad he’s applying. We need to play some warzone soon. Stay active and play with as many community members as you can. 
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from vVv Exodus in vVv Milkyy and vVv Fr0ot X New President and VP of vVv Gaming   
    Let’s go!!
    Can’t wait to see the org move in the right direction. 
    vVv all the way!!
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Stitches in vVv Milkyy and vVv Fr0ot X New President and VP of vVv Gaming   
    Congrats guys! Now let’s actually get some shit done 😬❤️
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Exodus in vVv Milkyy and vVv Fr0ot X New President and VP of vVv Gaming   
    Good afternoon vVv Gaming,
    vVv Gaming is proud to announce vVv Milkyy as the new President of vVv Gaming as well as vVv Fr0ot x as the new Vice President of vVv Gaming. Both are going to do an amazing job with the organization, they have many great ideas,  the future is bright with them at the helm. vVv Milkyy has been in vVv for over 10 years  and was a valued member of staff years ago with a wealth of knowledge and vVv Fr0ot x has been in the same amount of time I have which is 13 years. vVv Fr0ot x used to build/code our website so anything site related he will be able to handle, he is a huge asset. I am not going anywhere, as I stated in my previous post I am now an Executive board member of vVv Gaming with vVv RobZGod, vVv LordJerith  the owner and vVv Doomhammer.  We all have a wealth of knowledge and will lead them all the way, we are excited for the new direction vVv Gaming is going. The community is going to thrive and make vVv shine. Stay tuned for more, thank you all for being apart of vVv Gaming.
    Thank you,
    vVv Exodus
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Milkyy in Learn about vVv Gaming   
    Know our History and Culture


    Connect with our Community

    You spend money everyday. Spend some on vVv Gaming! Vote with your wallet!

    Apply today!

    Still have Questions? Need an Admin?
    Post your question or request here!
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Stitches in A Few Suggestions From Members Throughout vVv   
    Love most of this and we will discuss this all very soon! The only thing I want to make very clear about the AM teams are that getting to rep vVv is a honor! I had the privilege to do so even when people didn’t think we deserved it. I’m for giving people chances but if you do not produce then that team is getting chopped.   
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv F R 0 o T x in vVv Milkyy declares "Interested" in being considered for CEO of vVv Gaming   
    vVv F r 0 o T x for VP 2020, I've got a few ideas, almost like I've done this before  
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from vVv GrimWolf in vVv Milkyy declares "Interested" in being considered for CEO of vVv Gaming   
    Happy to see that you have a plan in mind. This will make our community stand out and bring it back to what it once was. Can’t wait to see changes. Also, I do agree with the idea of a vVv meeting to get things going. 
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Exodus in Semi3028 application   
    Congratulations! After reviewing your application, posts, social media activity and reviewing feedback from staff and community, I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected for a panel-interview! We will be covering every link in this thread during the interview, so READ THIS CAREFULLY! Please send me a forum pm with your availability over the next few days so that we can schedule the pre-interview. A typical interview session lasts for approximately 1 - 2.5 hours Congrats! Come Prepared!
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Milkyy in vVv Milkyy declares "Interested" in being considered for CEO of vVv Gaming   
    Fellow vVv members, maybe this wasn't the right place to submit this however, as a community I feel it has a level of relevance on determining who is going to take vVv forward.

    First of all, I would like to show a great level of respect for Scott (vVv Exodus) known him since '08 when I was amongst the staff here and where vVv was making big waves! Scott has kick started vVv Gaming again, bringing back so many old faces which all add value to vVv Gaming in their own right. Scott deserves the upmost appreciation, even though he mentions he feels he failed vVv which rest assured, non of us think this! Much love bro!

    Heres for the nitty gritty......

    As much as I would like to see as many ex vVv Gaming come back, I would love to be able have the community attract new recruits that would love to represent our organisation. Highlighting the fact that we are looking to push back into the competitive competition where vVv made its name worldwide!

    However, our strategy will always remain the same for coming into vVv Gaming, and it should still be pretty clear.. You need to earn those vVv's, not by just by being around the shoutbox and Discord, or playing with certain vVv Members... you need to go the extra mile, we represent the organisation in many ways and with today's social networks is still a very crucial tool that is well worth implementing.  Sharing vVv content with your social media channels - Twitter should still be a must, along with shares to Facebook where possible. 
    Things I would consider to change..
    For most, your probably sigh...... However, even though we have only recently re-developed the logo, I do still feel that the logo is still well apart from what it would have been, the logo is the main thing you look at when building a brand to also build an element of interest. The logo for me still looks too clan and unprofessional - I know there will be many that will disagree and some may come forward to agree with these comments, but to have a modern, authentic, stand out / wow factor esports logo is what is needed to really kickstart us again.
    The 5 Pillars - dated back in 2019.
    Social Events
    One of the underlying messages I keep hearing is that people want to play together. We are here because we're gamers, and playing games together is one of the core elements of vVv. Activities this should include are community game nights in specific titles, streamer viewing parties, and tournament viewing events.
    Professional Networking and Support
    Once upon a time vVv got people jobs in the games industry. Well that time is still now, but we can expand the opportunities beyond the games industry. We can support the people who want to hone games industry skills (community management, event coordination, etc.) and also support members who want to become streamers, influencers, and content creators. Specifically for Streamers, this is a symbiotic relationship. Streamers represent vVv, vVv supports streamers (viewers, retweets, etc), and that system could build some real steam once it gets momentum.
    Central business activity
    Several people mentioned bringing back tournaments and vVv-supported competition. These can become the nexus around with the organization rotates, giving our competitive members a chance to compete, our staff something to build, our community something to cheer for, and our streamers something to build on. "But what game should we compete in?" I hear you ask. All of them! No one just plays one game anymore, we rotate through them as they get stale. vVv's tournament should be more like the PAX Omegathon, where your final result is dependent on your performance in several different games (just an idea, is this too crazy?).
    Making new Friends
    This is another big part of why we're here. We want to be a part of a community of friends and fellow gamers. That should infuse everything we do, and all of our activities should be built to support it.
    Classy Environment
    One of the earliest things I heard about vVv Gaming was that it should be a place where any member is someone I'd want to play games with. We've always kept out, or removed, people who didn't fit the culture, and we should continue to do the same now. Part of this is holding each other accountable, and part of it is moderation, but we should maintain that culture of "I could play games with everyone here."
    Application Process:
    The application process shouldn't be in a set timescale, should be noticed by the adding value of the applicant, and (or) referral from a vVv Gaming Member that they believe they are ready for interview stages.
    The same process would apply to applications/applicants that go inactive for more than 30 days. If your away for this time period your application will be closed and you will need to restart the process from the beginning.
    Staff Positions - vVv Gaming only needs a small team to develop the need for more positions, as vVv grows again. To start with the site will need the following Staff Positions: 
    - Assistant of Ops - assisting with Presidents tasks, whilst there is a small time difference with being in the UK - a US representative would be essential.  - Admin x2 - site forum needs a clean up - this will be a challenging task to get through but essential.  - Community Gameplay Manager. - Applications Representative - making sure that all applications have been contacted/replied to - introducing themselves, and giving further information to the new applicants that they would feel useful.   Members:
    - The famous Chopping Block - for those who have been here to remember, this was at times the harsh hand that met those who did not add value to vVv Gaming and in doing so was dropped from the organisation. This Chop List will not be brought into play for awhile unless reasonably practical to do so.. - we need to build the community and most of the time, we live busy lives where it isn't always possible to be active on the site, the key point is adding Value, if you aren't doing so, you may face the chop.
    Community Gameplay:
    Get yourself involved by playing with both applicants and vVv Members - This is what the community is all about, enjoying the gaming but also meeting friends along the way.
    The likes of holding a vVv Gaming Community Gameplay every Friday or Saturday evening where we will all try to battle it out. The idea would be to bring the competitive spirits out.
    Community Tournaments:
    This is something that I think would get the community buzzing.. We all love the tournament's right?! How about adding a Community Tournament with a Prize Fund? Each person who wants to enter the tournament would pay an entry fee of $5/$10 - or if you have a team you can enter $20/$25.
    The winner or winning team would receive a Prize Fund of 60% of total entry value.
    This is something that I would be looking to bring into vVv Gaming - on the basis to help our competitive push and for fellow gamer(s) alike.
    Donations to vVv Gaming:
    We would like to ask for your support, especially through this period by donating again to vVv Gaming, it doesn't matter how small your donation is, as this is adding to bring better things to you all here at vVv Gaming. Min donation would be $5.00.
    Donations would be put towards the site upgrades, running of the site or to be able to bring you all amazing content/must haves or simply bringing back the vVv Gaming Merchandise.
    Donations can be given just because you want to donate, this is another great way to add value.
    This is something I may look to redesign and get back out there for you all at vVv. Times are changing into the way t-shirts and jumpers are made and we can make clothing casual with the presence to still be noticed of who we are!
    Overall we would like to increase the Hall of Fame at vVv Gaming:
    Hopefully one day, we can increase our competitive gaming achievements and increase the list of honours that grace vVv Gaming as it does today.
    For now, this is just the beginning, to consider my interest... appreciate any feedback or comments.

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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Exodus in A Message from vVv Exodus   
    Love you too, I know how you are, lol. They're good people,  we just decided it was best for the org to go this route and get things moving again. They all want the best for vVv, was just time to move on. 
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Exodus in A Message from vVv Exodus   
    Thank you bro! I do and I will get vVv where it needs to be with LJ. 
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Exodus in A Message from vVv Exodus   
    Eddie!! You're a pillar for vVv, I know you're here to stay and it makes me happy. Everything goes through rough patches, this too shall pass and vVv will rock on.
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from vVv Exodus in A Message from vVv Exodus   
    I’ll always be here and I’ll always support whatever you do Exo. I know you want the best for vVv. 
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Hoagie in Gamebattles Community Team Days and Play Times   
    As we all know growing the Call of Duty division is something that is of high interest here in vVv and we one day hope to step back into the world of competitive CoD with a sponsored team traveling to events representing us with a massive community supporting them every step of the way. The ideal situation for when this happens is to have a team full of community members instead of picking up a team from outside of vVv. I know that many of the people in the CoD division now are interested in getting more involved in the competitive side of the game and the best way to start doing this is with the GB community team. However, even with the team made and people on the roster nothing is happening with it and we need to change that. After talking with Skeensy over the past few days he has asked me to step up and oversee the CoD division and I have accepted his offer.
    This post is to get everyone's feedback on what days and times would work best for getting this GB community team playing games and start working towards growing vVv CoD. If you aren't currently on the team and have an interest in join please message me here or on Discord. You do NOT have to have any competitive experience of any kind to join this team and any platform is allowed! Back when I originally joined vVv in 2010 one of the focuses we had was to develop talent from within vVv and I would like to use this team to do that once again for anyone who wants to learn. Please pick what days and time (times listed in the poll are just examples that we will fine tune once we have a better idea when people would like to play) so that we can start playing and growing this division.
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv NerdPrblms in New 2020 Consoles Hype!   
    I second this!! lol

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