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    vVv Infms805 reacted to Jaden in Five Pillars of vVv Gaming   
    I am surprised you made this public
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from Teej7 in Teej application   
    Good luck. I see you’re already playing with members so stay active and have fun.
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from vVv NerdPrblms in 2v2 Gunfight   
    Can’t wait to be part of this. I already have my partner for it lol
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from vVv NerdPrblms in New 2020 Consoles Hype!   
    I will be getting Xbox and continuing the tradition lol
    maybe a PS5 later but we will see the focus for me is Xbox since all my friends are on it. 
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Exodus in Latro Application   
    It will be 
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Vall in Bye Bye Bye for a little bit   
    Well its finally around the corner Monday I ship out to basic training fort Jackson. I wont have any type of access to the internet for awhile  though I will get 10 days off for Christmas so I may make an appearance here an there but I wont be back till around sometime end of January beginning of February.  
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv JoeExotic in Phryme Application   
    Will do, thank you! I'm in discord quite a lot, so hit me up anytime. Y'all might have to help me out when I start MHW... I kinda promised Minjaaa I'd get it xD
    Many thanks!
    I appreciate it
    Ayye I 'm pretty sure I remember you! Thanks for the warm welcome
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv DarkDante in I have returned from the darkness...   
    Hello all!!
    It has been many many moons since I last traversed these forums and spoken to those gallantly wearing the Vs. It has been very dark in the world of gaming, I have played a few here and there but none have peeked my interest as much as AA Unchained. Hopefully I will be welcomed into there ranks and fight in honor of the Vs.
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Exodus in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare   
    vVv Gaming will no longer support Gears 5 competitively. We will fully support Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We will do an in house tournament, I will get with staff when I get back from the beach to discuss the details of this. Per my conversation with vVv Savior, Gears audience has thousands, CoD has millions, I 100% agree. As a result, we will have two CoD teams representing vVv Gaming instead of one. GB also supports CoD not Gears 5 and the availability of tournaments for Gears is awful. We already have vVv Exile and vVv Hoagie starting one of them up now, the second will follow shortly. vVv Skeensyy is in charge of our CoD division, everything goes through him. I want to be CRYSTAL CLEAR, you will NOT be a vVv team till Skeensyy and I find you worthy to be. So Exile’s team will not be a vVv team until they prove they can win, same goes for the 2nd team. Good luck to all that try for this, I'm excited and I know all of you will be as well. 
    Thank You,
    vVv Gaming
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Chibees in Most disturbing movie you'e seen.   
    Just saw Joker today. I think the movie does a great job at making you feel so uneasy throughout the entire film. Watching that movie, I never saw Joaquin Phoenix, rather I saw a disturbed Joker if that makes sense.
    Some other notable mentions are The VVitch and Midsommar. Really great flicks that give you the feeling of being extremely uneasy and uncomfortable rather than cheap jump scares.
    Lastly, I just realized I created this topic 8 years ago!
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Stitches in TheHaxxBot Application   
    Good luck!!! We will have to play some Fort soon
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from vVv Latro in A Coming Home Story..   
    Welcome home bro!!!
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Exodus in Chibees Application   
    Agreed, you’re an OG. App accepted welcome back to the fold brother. Now get more people here!
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Savior in vVv Gaming Update   
    Put in an application and go from there, I know both of them so I’m sure you’re pretty decent but only members and applicants will be considered for teams. Feel free to add either vVv Savior or vVv Stitches on xbl and ask more details or ask away on our discord!
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Minjaaa in vVv Gaming Update   
    I'm ready to cheer for a home team!
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Stitches in vVv Gaming Update   
    Make a profile and put an app in. We don’t care who you played with in the past(especially those two) we care who you are right now and we care about how active you are on the site and discord. Add me on Xbox and we can talk. vVv Stitches 
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from vVv Exodus in Oct. 25th 24 Hour Stream and Tourney   
    Sounds awesome. Hope I will be able to enter this. 
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from vVv Exodus in vVv Gaming Update   
    Sooooooo happy and excited for this. 
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Tibiryus in Oct. 25th 24 Hour Stream and Tourney   
    Hello vVv Fam!
    Every year, I participate in the Extra-Life Day of Gaming for kids, however, this year, I am unable to participate on November 2nd SO, I am doing mine on October 25th. This just so happens to also be the day that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches (weird how that works huh?). I will be doing a 24 hour stream for both the charity and the release of the game.  I will run from 12 am CT to 12am CT on the 25th and will have giveaways going the entire time.  The best part...ANY and all donations, subs, bits etc. will be donated to the vVv Charity campaign in the vVv name.  If you want to participate or donate, visit our page here: vVv and Extra-Life
    Now, let's get down to business.  Starting at 6pm ET on the 25th, I will be hosting a FREE tournament...The game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The mode: 2v2 Gun Fight. The platform: Players choice (we will take advantage of the cross-play functionality).  There will be prizes for the top team and this is open to EVERYONE.  If you are interested in participating, please DM me with your Activision Account name and your partners details as well.  Entry closes on Wednesday the 23rd at 6pm ET.  More details on the layout of the tourney will follow. 
    The 25th is fast approaching and this charity/stream/tourney is going to be an amazing way to promote vVv, the community and raise money for kids.  Don't forget to check out the link above for our donation page and even if you can't or don't want to donate, at least check out the stream on the 25th and participate in the chat!
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Exodus in vVv Gaming Update   
    Good evening vVv Gaming,
    Great things are on the horizon, we are going to enter the competitive world again. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, with LordJerith’s blessing that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We will have teams for Gears 5 and Modern Warfare. Both will be in-house vVv teams, this is our house and I want our members that can compete at a high level to have the opportunity to shine. These teams will be competing wherever they can online, small tournaments, big tournaments etc. Both teams will report directly to me. I have been tossing around the idea of an in-house Gears 5 Tournament, this would be streamed on our Twitch channel. If enough interest is shown we will do this, obv later down the road as we need to build the community up more. I have found a local printing company by my house, I will be speaking with them about our merch. Once I do, I’ll speak with LordJerith about pricing. I’ll order in bulk, all payments must be in before I make an order. How we handle that will come soon. I want to build vVv Gaming higher than ever, I want a strong and ever growing community and dominant teams showing everyone who vVv Gaming is that thinks we fell by the wayside. I hope this gets everyone excited, gets you getting people applying and spreading the word everywhere that vVv Gaming is ready to kick ass and take names again. Are you ready?!
    Thank You,
    vVv Exodus
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from kingbman1992 in Overwatch Console   
    I used to play this on Xbox a year ago or so. 
    I may pick it up again and try to get good at it. 
    let me check how much it is on the xbl store. 
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to vVv Exodus in Wolf application   
    Holy crap you're app has been way too long! You're ready for an interview. Let me know ASAP when you are available on Discord and we will get this handled.
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    vVv Infms805 got a reaction from vVv AtrosKillZ in AtrociousKillZ Application   
    Welcome back bro. Glad to see another member coming back. Let’s get some games in soon. 
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to zpln in Gears 5 BABY!!!   
    I've been playing off and on since Day One for Game Pass, but I'm looking at ways of getting back into the competitive scene for this game.
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    vVv Infms805 reacted to zpln in AtrociousKillZ Application   
    (First) post incoming:
    I remember you. Honestly, I remember wondering a few years back what you were doing at the time. Nice to see you, man.
    By the way, if you're playing Gears 5, I'm down to play. You can add me at: SergeantDew.
    -- Zeppelin
    (had to create a new account because I don't recall what my password/email was for my previous account)

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