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  1. Meeting was productive. Happy to see ideas put together. I will try to be at as many meetings as possible. Love to see us come together to move this great org in the right direction.
  2. https://mixer.com/vVv_Infms805 Twitter.com/vVv_infms805
  3. Happy to see that you have a plan in mind. This will make our community stand out and bring it back to what it once was. Can’t wait to see changes. Also, I do agree with the idea of a vVv meeting to get things going.
  4. Welcome back bro. good to see your return. we have to play some COD soon.
  5. I’ll always be here and I’ll always support whatever you do Exo. I know you want the best for vVv.
  6. vVv Infms805

    vVv application

    Yo make sure to stay active and play games with members. Our discord always has someone around and looking to play.
  7. Can’t wait to watch the streams. let’s get a team together. Let’s get some strats. Let’s get some dubs. Happy for this move.
  8. Welcome back bro!!
  9. Lol make it 3 and we can all be super happy.
  10. I have it on Xbox and was really confused on what to do lol ran a few games and haven’t touched it since then. I will be downloading it again.
  11. I don’t want the Xbox, I need the Xbox.
  12. Welcome Joe. I’ve played with you a couple times and with Tibiryus. Glad to see you apply. You seem like a super cool dude and a great fit to this community.
  13. Love the idea and can’t wait to see you guys stream some games.
  14. Welcome bro!!! Glad to have you here. Can’t wait to run some games. I like to see this community grow.

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