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  1. I asked a few days ago and no one had it installed lol i was originally a halo player. So I’m down. Haven’t played in ages though.
  2. Take a puff and pass it around.
  3. vVv Infms805


    I think stitches plays golf but maybe I’m wrong lol
  4. It’s all a process. We just gotta keep it going. Just like everything it takes time to create something good. I’ll be here doing my part and I want everyone to do theirs to get this place going again. This is a community effort and need all hands on deck. Let’s keep recruiting and representing!!
  5. Welcome bro!!! Let’s run some games soon. we have lots of members of the community that play Warzone. Add me i also play rogue company and valorant pc.
  6. Congrats everyone on the promotions. Also, thanks Milky for your service here at vVv ❤️
  7. What’s up bro? i think I’ve see you here before 🤔🤔 Happy to have you here either way add me maybe we can play some valorant.
  8. Yeah bro just add as many of us as you can. We got a few RL players. Maybe I’ll even give it a try since I have it as well.
  9. Happy to see more valorant players. Game is too much fun. Join us on discord we have a few people that play it. https://discord.gg/TnP7JTQ
  10. Welcome and happy to have you here. Remember stay active and keep playing with members. If you play Warzone let me know I’m always down for a game or two.
  11. Welcome bro. Glad Yosh let you know about us. Can’t wait to run some games and get some dubs. Stay active and make sure to join our discord.
  12. Fully support this app. He’s really cool dude and deserves to be part of vVv.
  13. vVv Infms805


    Glad to see more gears players in here. stay active and enjoy your stay.

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