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  1. vVv Infms805


    🤔🤔 trying to remember him. Welcome
  2. I’ve only played 4 and newer. Always wondered how 3 was. I need to jump bfV soon and see if firestorm is worth it.
  3. That’s why they are saying donations to fund the shirt.
  4. The two guns I like having at all times and has won me games are: Alternator with disruptors/R301 barrel stabilizer, a good stock bruiser sight and of course extended mag. Hemlock/flatline Same set up as alternator, all tricked out and on single fire because it wrecks. Whats your game winning set up??
  5. My main is lifeline because I like being able to have health on demand plus the care package really helps out as well. The other legend I like is Bangalore. It’s very straightforward character. I like her passive how she’s able to run a little faster when getting shot at.
  6. That’s weird. I’m sure someone from staff can help out.
  7. Welcome! Glad to see a UK applicant. Hope you enjoy your stay. Check out our discord and play with the community. There’s always someone to play with.
  8. Welcome. Good to have you here. I think I’ve seen you on tibiryus’ stream. Stay active, meet/play with members and of course enjoy your stay with us.
  9. Really fun dude to play Apex with. Like I said before he’s a natural at the game since he’s only played a couple games and hold his own with anyone. Would like to see him with V’s.
  10. Welcome!! Stay active and play with members. Good luck on your app and can’t wait to run some games with you.
  11. Hell yeah. Thats awesome. Good to see our community grow and give opportunities to represent to the fullest.
  12. Maybe when there isn't someone playing live is there any way to stream some saved gameplay or throw a podcast in there? Just saying so that 24/7 idea could work if that's possible call it Victory TV or vTv Idk lol just throwing ideas in the mix or maybe it's already been done.
  13. Ran some games with Minja the other night. He was definitely putting in work on search and destroy. Fun dude to talk and play with. Hes a good fit.
  14. Very true Buzz. I totally forgot about eSports and that's something big here lol
  15. Buzz you're awesome dude. Really like what you guys can do. Keep it up and can't wait to see what else you guys come up with.

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