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  1. "Omg a Snowman" HMU on LoL

  2. Nevermind, I just left the Gold Team and it updated to Platinum. I think it was just the Gold Team had more LP.
  3. Well, I did not participate in the games for the Plat team, No. But it also doesn't show on one of the teammates who played every single game. I'm apart of a gold team and did not participate in any of the games either, and it shows as my current rank.
  4. Okay, so with being apart of a ranked team that rank will count towards your highest rank and such? Well, I just recently became apart of a Plat team, but my highest rank is still only showing Gold 1, and it's doing this for a couple others on the team. Is this what they were fixing when they had ranked teams disabled last night due to issues with promotions? or what? Any feedback is appreciated thanks
  5. New crazy AP mid, I'm ready for him haha. I'm waiting on the Battlecast skarner skin as-well.
  6. Frosty

    Astro's Application

    Hello and Welcome! Goodluck on your app bro and I'll look forward to running some games with ya in the near future.
  7. I have a couple, a level 12 or so, and I have a level 21 as-well. I'll play, name is "Aka Frosty"
  8. I can run when i'm online, HMU "Omg a Snowman"
  9. With season 4, I've found my pool a tad bit changed. Only a few in the jungle though. I don't really play rammus as much, because of champs like Vi and lee-sin who just speed through their jungle, i've kind of changed it up with amumu, still tanky but has more DPS and way faster. That's about all the changes i've made. The champions I ban when I have the change are: Leona - Has hard engage and Disengage/Tanky kind of scary Kassadin - Because he's Op as heck. Vi/Khazix/elise - because fuck junglers thats why.
  10. Frosty

    Jabwm's App

    Hey man, welcome to the forums and Goodluck on your application. I'd just like to tell ya might wanna add a profile picture and fill out your forum profile, little thing you have to do while applying
  11. Frosty

    B4rdo App - WoW

    Congratz and Goodluck man
  12. Frosty

    Cscrubs Application

    The OP spear thrower eh? Pretty good pick. Welcome to the forums, and good luck on your application. I hope to see ya and possibly play with ya in the near future.
  13. I don't know too much about WoW, but I think that the add-on part sounds pretty cool. It will help players utilize everything
  14. Frosty

    Frosty's Application :D

    The cancel though, so many things trying to go on at the same time with LoL haha.
  15. This will be conflict of interests on this coming Monday as Martic is hosting an applicant meet and greet to allow everyone to get to know one another. D: Let's do our best to figure it out ;D

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