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    Hinao got a reaction from Fenixsniper in what is your favorite champion?   
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    Hinao got a reaction from criss in Why is the LoL community so toxic?   
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    Hinao got a reaction from vVv B1zkit in Martic's Application   
    Dis guy has the blessing of the yordle king. 
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    Hinao got a reaction from Soap in xTheN3ptune CoD Application   
    @.@ My powerbottome has returned. I will be unstoppable. 
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    Hinao got a reaction from Matchu in Matchus Application   
    Hey , Matchu thanks for applying!
    vVv Gaming just recently announced that we will be trying to move our community back to its pure competitive gaming roots, for more information on what that means please check out this thread: http://www.vvv-gamin...year-of-talent/
    If you have not seen our 5 Pillars of vVv Gaming it is HIGHLY recommended that you take a look at them. They are the cornerstone of our organization and it is very important that you know and understand them.
    A great way to get involved with the community is to join us on Mumble! There is usually always members and applicants on playing games of League and it is a great way to get involved with the community. Forum activity is also very important to being an active applicant, so be sure to check your application and forums!
    Lastly, I wanted to ask you how you would go about adding value to vVv Gaming. vVv Doomhammer made a post on some ways that we evaluate the value you add to vVv Gaming, this list is to give you an idea of what we look at it does not mean that this is all you have to do or that if you do the bare minimum it is considered adding value. We take adding value very seriously, here is where you can find the list. Here is some other information about vVv Gaming, such as our Hall of Fame and Members lists.
    If you have any questions let me know, I hope you enjoy your time with us!
    Side note:
    Fill out the about me for your profile. That way people can get to know you.    
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    Hinao got a reaction from BasedGodMasterZ in vVv APPLICATION   
    Just a quick heads up that only members who have been through the application progress are allowed to have vVv by their name. 
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    Hinao got a reaction from Hyper in Walruzz's Application   
    That's great to hear. We have a donation drive going on for a few more days where you can pick up a long sleeve vVv jersey. As well as in the store you can get a few things. We do have a vVv team actually so make sure to stay active so you can see when they play. I believe you'll see quite the difference between a clan and this community once you get yourself settled. I myself rose from bronze 4 to bronze 1 thanks to this place. This place is a lot of fun especially at our inhouses and meet and greets
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    Hinao got a reaction from Senna in Senna Blanc's application   
    Just continue to be active in the forums and in game. I know time zones keep it limited but I'm glad you joined us for the app meet and greet and plan to make the next one
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    Hinao got a reaction from FireWater in Pax east 2014   
    I would but they ran out of tickets ;^;
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    Hinao got a reaction from Ahryse in Who is your team?   
    I'm curious at what everyone's favorite champs are for each role. So everyone use this http://wallpapereditor.com/ make your team and show it  
    http://wallpapereditor.com/w/3HnfLF.jpg this is my team. 
    Order is jungler, top, mid, adc, support
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    Hinao got a reaction from Syrinadra in No app meet and greet this week.   
    No app meet and greet this week. My apologies. Though I am setting some stuff up so it's still a use for the applicants who have been there before.
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    Hinao got a reaction from Superguppy in Superguppy's Application   
    Greetings and welcome to vVv.
    My name is vVv Hinao. I run the applicant meet and greet that is hosted every monday at 9pm est. This way applicants as well as vVv members get to know each other better. As we are all in one community this is very important. I also have a quick intro about what to expect coming into vVv.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. 
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    Hinao got a reaction from Dova23 in Pool for Worlds?   
    My money is 3-2 Royal! I shall bet the yordle treasury!
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    Hinao got a reaction from IRGRL in Female League of Legends Characters Banned at an Iranian Tournament   
    They need to ban teemo, hes naked with only a hat and boots.

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