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  1. Hinao

    Hinao's application.

    Good. Was interesting meeting new people. Won one and lost the other
  2. Hinao

    Hinao's application.

    Hated SAO. I enjoy solo play during mmos. So when that show came out I got compared to what's his name a lot. Since I never joined guilds either The current arc is decent. I am more excited for the next one, should be quite exciting. Also Hajime no Ipo is another of my top ones. I like a lot of the martial arts/boxing ones.
  3. Hinao

    Hinao's application.

    I am the most sneaky! You're the one who got me caught :U Sun senpai already got me to gold me love you long time @.@ Top 5. Fairy Tail, Berserk, God of High School, Feng Shen Ji, and Tough. I have not read it, though I heard good things. Thanks, I hope so to Glad to see another FT fan here as well.
  4. Hinao

    Hinao's application.

    Garth Nix. I haven't read that yet.
  5. Hinao

    Hinao's application.

    The ways of the yordles is a long and difficult journey, you are not ready. Fantasy and sci fi. Also manga Lots and lots of manga
  6. Hinao

    Hinao's application.

    Still planing on joining the military. Had to get a few more medical documents sent in. They were behind and records and since holidays it will take a bit of time. I still have plenty of interest for it. Plans are: Work league and sleep while I wait a bit of pokemon on the side as well.
  7. Greetings Lloyd. What would you say is your biggest trouble keeping you from climbing the ladder?
  8. Hinao

    Hinao's application.

    Name: Tyler(TJ) Sproat Age: 22 Location: Chesapeake VA Summoner Name: vVv Hinao. I know that people have to be a member for the V's. I used to be a member which is why they are still in my name. Also, it is pronounced. HI(as him) NA(Neigh) O. Though I don't mind being saying it wrong, I can usually tell when you mean my name. What is your current division in Ranked? Gold 5 How long have you been playing ranked? 2 years. Since I started interacting with vVv. What rank were you at the start of last season? Bronze 4 What rank were you at the end of last season? Silver 2 Have you ever been banned in-game? If so, why? Nope What is your favorite champion and role? Why? I'd say top and mid are tied. If I feel just like farming and tanking I go top, if I want to roam and destroy champs I go mid. Favorite champion would be Annie, she got me to gold Jarven and Mord are on my top three as well. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? Two years ago another member brought me here. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? A lot. I: Even after resigning I continued to be friends with a few and have been interacting with the community again for inhouses. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? Joining the community and improving. I also think I could help those in bronze and silver climb through their own ladders. Doing it myself I did learn a bit of how to climb. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Reading and hanging out with friends. I enjoy acting as well. Do you have competitive tournament experience? No. Have you attended any national events? No. What do you hope to achieve competitively this season? Getting to Plat. Are you interested in finding a ranked 5s team to play on? Not really. What level of seriousness are you looking for (semi-serious, serious, or professional aspirations)? Semi What are your goals for playing on a ranked team? To improve and learn new tricks of league. When are you generally available to practice, and how many nights per week are you looking to practice with a team? 5-11pm est Do you have any interest in shot calling, analysis, or being a team captain? No as I still need to learn more details to handle those roles. I'll put a little bit of added information here, as a hello to the new and an update to the older. I think it was a bit over a year ago when I was a full member of vVV. I was only bronze and had a few troubles which caused me to resign. I now work a full time job and am home at 5 every night, so I have plenty of time to interact with the community again. I believe it's been three months since I started to attend the inhouses as well. I said that once I hit gold I would apply again, since I could feel that I had improved enough. Thanks to facing plats almost every time I: I did reach gold. I'm a decent player, so trust me when I say anyone can climb the ladder. The yordle king name was given to me by this community in fact. When I first joined, I used yordles 90% of the time. I still like using them even if they aren't what they used to be. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  9. Someday I'll be in one of these ;^;
  10. I'm ok wit poppy but don't use the hellsawn
  11. Once I know another team mate is very toxic or throwing just cause he can, I have fun. Recently had a game and my jung naut spent the first five minutes insulting our own team. Mute him and then just had fun like it was a normal game. Though I lost I didn't even get close to tilt and had a lot of fun talking to the other team xD
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