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  1. its that slumdog millionaire bollywood flow

    1. AfterMath


      Hell yeah,love that song.

  2. justiiinnnnnnnn its been forever dude wahts up

  3. DyZuh

    DyZuh's Reapp

    awww shit is right im makin a come back lol
  4. DyZuh

    DyZuh's Reapp

    thanks for the support gentlemen
  5. DyZuh

    DyZuh's Reapp

    * Name:Dominic Anthony Ervin * Age (minimum 15):21 * Gamertag:xbl vVv DyZa Steam:Totalrapture * MySpace profile name and URL:www.myspace.com/jogabonito913 * AIM Screen Name:WTFitzDyZuh * MSN Messenger:na * Skype Name:na * Why you are interested in becoming a member? I used to be an active memeber of vVv as staff unfortunately i made some unwise decisions and promised things that in the end did not deliver. I believe ive grown more and would love to come back and be apart of this community * How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? Whoa Halo 3 launch from vVv Mrs. Violence before she and i started working together at gamestop. * How will you add value to vVv Gaming?playing with members. i can do some sigs if people would like. I also have donated in the past. * Have you been to a LAN event before? If so which one and did you play or spectate? never * Please list any and all LAN achievements here, and indicate the prizes you have won. N/A * Any future games? Left 4 Dead 2, Aion, And Cod MW2 * How many hours per week can you devote to gaming? 10-15 * Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis?Yup * What personal goals do you hope to achieve? Finish up my undergrad and go on to grad school at William and Mary as well as law school there. * What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming?i surf, i read, i listen to alot of music, i work alot as well, hanging out with friends as well when i have time * Do you know anyone currently in vVv Gaming? and if so, whom? and how do you know them?hmmm i know just about everyone but to name a few and relationships. vVv Exodus i used to be his assitant head admin. vVv Nero: i used to work on staff with him as well. vVv Mrs.V: i know her probably the best since she and i worked together at gamestop for a while.
  6. emo Dom> that is all <3

  7. Doesn't matter what day it is, he is still a jackass ;-)

  8. hey DyZa how are you? :) greets

  9. very talented and has helped allieviate some of the requests very active. i definetely reccomend
  10. I'm feeling pretty stellar. Thanks! :D

  11. im doing well and yourself

  12. Hey,

    How's it going?

    : )

  13. I think your just jealous! :)

  14. if by cool u mean was cool back in ur day thant you would be correct sir

  15. Only cool people wear visors, those that where nothing at all just suck. ;)

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