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  1. I would love to be part of this, but unfortunately the $100 is just not available for me at the moment!
  2. Are you interested in being part of Writing or Streaming network? Streaming! How much time have you spent streaming in the past? A moderate amount. I use to stream some Bronze/Silver LoL. How many viewers on average does your stream have? Like...2? How many followers does your stream have? 20 Are you streaming to entertain your self, or are you streaming to entertain your audience? Definately a bit of both. I think it is fun to interact with other people, and if you can do that while entertaining or educating them as well, even better! How much time per week are you willing to stream? As much as possible! It should average atleast 20-25 hours a week. Post a link to your streaming channel. www.twitch.tv/dumduq
  3. Request sent. Dumduq#1983 just for reference!
  4. Fair enough, just figured i'd throw it out there.
  5. Ok so after my pre-interview, Bagzli told me to give you guys a shout. I am more than happy to finish leveling my tank in short order, but I have to know I will get to raid. That being said, I can only make it to raid times that start NO EARLIER than 9:15 PM PST. I do not get off until midnight EST and even that would be pushing it for me. If this is in any way acceptable or negotiable, let me know and I will start working on it asap. I have many many years of end game experience with top notch guilds and have done almost everything imaginable in WoW.
  6. Dumduq

    Dumduq's Application

    Thanks guys. Sorry for my absence as of late, I have been working crazy shifts since they have been doing a major reset in the store I work at and also my time ran out so I am waiting on my RAF partner's account to need resubbing, so I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. See you guys soon!
  7. Very helpful for the newer guys to 90. Thanks for the great info!
  8. Dumduq

    Dumduq's Application

    Awesome, thanks! Unfortunately (or fortunately so I have time to study the info covered in the interview) my work schedule is a bit wacky this week and I do not have a lot of time. The closest day I could be available is Saturday, but I am not sure as to what time because I have not even looked at my schedule for next week. That being said, I will look at it tonight and get back to you with a date and time that would work for me tommorow or sometime later this week.
  9. Anytime after 12AM EST time is fine. I play usually at the very least 2-3 hrs a night, sometimes more depending on ym schedule for the next day.
  10. So basically here's the deal. I am a bit of a completionist and I am looking to level multiple toons on Kil'Jaeden for vVv. I really don't want to do this for multiple reasons. One, it's super boring. I have done it many times before and do not want to do the normal grind alone again. Two, since I am looking to level multiple characters, it only makes sense for me to recruit someone which makes me have to level LESS characters. That being said, I can provide the following.. -Gold / Bags -Extremely knowledgeable WoW/MMO player. -Have heirlooms if you do, if not we can work on getting you atleast the guild ones. -I will pay for your first month of game time, seeing as I will be getting a free one from it. Now for what I expect from you... -You will have to buy your own game. (Had too many people flake on me after paying for BattleChest or MoP. Also, if you have created your account within the last 30 days this will still work.) -Must be available during late night hours. (12AM+ EST time or 9PM+ PST time.) -Must enjoy playing WoW and be a relatively fun individual to play with. Recruit a friend is a bit of a commitment, but by doing this and preparing for WoD we can help vVv in the end-game content by having multiple classes at max level and ready for raiding. If you are interested please let me know. I am on mumble most of the time I am playing or you can get ahold of me on skype via Flekz01. Thanks, Dumduq
  11. Sweeeeet. Probably gonna pre-order soon as it is available for pre-order!
  12. I would be glad to refer you or scroll you. If you are interested let me know.
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