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    vVv Milkyy got a reaction from vVv Stitches in Return of the Community Spotlight?   
    Bring back vVv Paradise!! 
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    vVv Milkyy got a reaction from vVv Savior in New vVv Logo Design   
    I personally think the current logo we have is better than what we are trying to achieve right now. This is only my opinion but the rebranding and logo facelift isnt looking right... maybe I'm missing something.
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to Minotaur in Wolf application   
    Welcome to vVv Gaming. It’s good to see another Brit applying (me and @vVv Milkyy feel alone here ? jk). 
    I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Any questions, feel free to ask me, or any other members. 
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Exodus in vVv Milkyy is back!   
    You're ready , PM me when you get a chance.
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Doomhammer in New vVv Logo Design   
    Based on Pherz' design we did another round of work. How does this feel?

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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Exodus in New vVv Logo Design   
    I agree about the stitches you pointed out. The colors you did I like,  red looks better in the border and  between Vision, Valor and Victory. I said you nailed it, really like what you did to it. I'm no graphics major, y'all are awesome at that, I love seeing everyone's ideas, fact is you can't please everyone,  not saying you're trying to, speaking in general. We're getting close! Hopefully we nail the final one down soon and start rocking it!
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Buzz in New vVv Logo Design   
    not aiming to please anyone, just here to help put out a quality product. Go on with it and be done dosnt sound like you have much interest in the quality of the product. I mentioned several possible changes for the same area that needs work.  Which ideas are stronger than others? What about font? the emblem? Considering there are multiple suggestions could you be a little more clear, than move on be done . Did you read my post or just look at the image? I mean this is going to be the look of our future what do you like/dont like?
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Exodus in New vVv Logo Design   
    Go with this one and be done with it, its virtually impossible to please everyone.  This is the best version, Buzz nailed it. Let's make it happen and move on.
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Arkaine in My Staff/Professional player application   
    You don't need to tell fibs to kick it here man we're all just gamers here. With that being said, good luck on your community application and stay active!
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to ExiLe in My Staff/Professional player application   
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    vVv Milkyy got a reaction from vVv Stitches in My Staff/Professional player application   
    Ding Dong... telling lies will always get caught out here at vVv Gaming. We are proud of our achievements and have a mass amount of achievements in our Hall of Fame - our clear knowledge will always question statements made...
    Listen, I believe your a good lad, but trying to lie to make your application stronger isn't right. You can do that in so many other ways, we all love gaming, professional or just an everyday gamer.
    If I was on staff, I would personally, close application and tell you to 're apply after 30days.. be yourself.. be part of our community, make your own statement.

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    vVv Milkyy got a reaction from vVv NerdPrblms in vVv Milkyy is back!   
    This is just the beginning but I have plenty ideas to push vVv Gaming but let's see what happens, but good things will come of vVv.. 
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv B1zkit in vVv Milkyy is back!   
    Make...... this...... happen.
    Lots of these ideas I used to be in on as a member and was so fruitful in igniting activity and melting pot of creativity
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Stitches in Member Application - Stitches aka vVv Stitches   
    Name: Matthew DeRamo Age:26 Location:New York Steam profile link:N/A Battle.Net Tag:N/A xbl: Stitches LFG What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game)At the moment it is now Apex legends. I just got tired of Fortnite and BO on cod and I heard this game was amazing so I had to check it out and now I am hooked! What are some other games that you currently play?I’ll always play Gears especially when Gears 5 comes out. I also play most Cods, Fortnite, and the occasional sports game. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I heard about vVv back in 2008 and then shortly after I applied. I got in after a month or so and then in 2009 I had the great pleasure of repping the V’s at MLG meadowlands for vVv Alacrity. Ooooo those were the days lol Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? I just saw that Jerry and Scott are still here so I have known them since 2008. Exodus was actually one of the first people to really give me my shot in vVv because back in the day I was just an annoying little kid.  Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming?I would love to see vVv explode again and grow to the level of organizations like Optic. Hopefully I can help with that process.  What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I love sports. Have played them all of my life and played college baseball for 4 years. I hurt my arm so now I’m stuck to coaching and playing basketball with my friends which is still great!  How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming?I will be on the forums to give my opinions on anything and everything(if you know me you know I have an opinion on everything) and I will hopefully be going to locals and events for Gears 5 once that game drops. I have been thinking about streaming as well so maybe I will do that as well.  Do you attend LAN Events?2 years ago was my last one but then I stopped gaming for a good amount of time. I will most definitely be going to events once Gears 5 drops.  I will change the colors soon. I’m doing this on my phone and it won’t let me change them ??‍♂️
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv SiC in vVv and Me (vVv SiC reintroduced)   
    I'd like to start by saying how nice and nostalgic it has been to talk with some of you that I played with back in my hay day of vVv.
       I'm vVv SiC also known as SiC. I started with vVv back in 07 (I'm bad with dates and timeframe in which stuff happens lol) with one of the first vVv competitive CoD teams. With several MLG games and LAN tournaments under our belt i couldn't have asked for a better experience with the community and the organization. I made a lot of lifelong friends lile vVv Skeensyy who ive remained close friends with since i first began in vVv and vVv Riguy who ive happily reconnected with in the last year and half. With just those two examples i can't wait to reconnect with other veterans of vvv and be a value to the newcomers wanting to involve themselves within the community. 
     Life eventually caught up with me though in so many ways which caused me to fall back from the organization for such a long time. Ask more for details lol. But the gist of it now is that I now currently work in the Operating Room as a Surgical Scrub primarily for the Orthopedics department but scrub any surgery put in my path. I take alot of call so my personal time is eaten up by that.  I also have a 5yr old daughter which takes up alot of my free time with her extra activities such as basketball and soccer and girly sleepovers lol. With that said though i tend to play at night and usually all night(i do me alllll night lol) when I am off the next day. I'd always love to get back into competitive scene considering how devoted i am to shooters on Xbox. But if that time has passed so be it. But if not I'm sure ill find my way into it being here again. 
    Let me just conclude this by saying im so happy to be back and so happy vVv Exodus reached out to me and wanted me to be a part of this amazing community again. I can't wait till I can find my spot to add value to this organization again. 
    I do apoligize if this post comes across broken and incomplete. My daughter has made me stop in the middle of several thoughts and sentences that I couldn't remember what i was trying to say lmao. 

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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Stitches in vVv Milkyy is back!   
    Aaaaaaand this is exactly why I am so happy you’re back! 
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Exodus in My vVv Gaming Plan   
    I'll keep this brief, my plan for vVv Gaming is as follows, the community needs to be built up again. Yes people are on Discord but we have a website for a reason, I want both being utilized. I want apps flowing in, everyone playing with them, helping them with any questions they may have about vVv Gaming including myself. I want vVv Gaming promoted heavily on social media. I will build a strong staff, will start out small as right now we're building vVv back up again, as we grow I'll asses the needs for a bigger staff then.  vVv Gaming has not gone anywhere, always been here but fact is for the past few years this site has been dead. That stops with me, we're not a PC organization, we've always been a multiplatform organization and will remain that way on Xbox, PS4 and PC.  I have vVv LordJerith helping me with the home page being cleaned up, as well as running maintenance on the forums.  vVv LordJerith and I are focusing on the community right now, I want mature people in this organization, I will not babysit and I will not put up with any BS posts wise or in the SB.  You've got a three strike rule, after three strikes you're gone from vVv Gaming, idc if you've been in vVv Gaming ten days or ten years, this goes for apps as well you're not above anyone.  I am cleaning the site up daily, once I get a staff assembled that will be much easier, as of right now I am the only one doing it. Competitive gaming, I'd like to look into that in the future, speaking on the Xbox side of things, that will come with time, vVv DeathsGrasp has the PC side of things ie Rocket League as that game is huge on PC. Mine and vVv LordJerith's main focus at this moment and for the foreseeable future is the community. All of us are grown, have jobs and can't devote 24 hours a day to gaming. We all have stressful lives and I want vVv Gaming to be a place where we all can come and have an escape, people to interact with and play with.  I look forward to the future, I look forward to watching vVv grow more and more each day and getting back to the glory days of our pure domination in all aspects.
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    vVv Milkyy got a reaction from Vulgar in Nikki (vVv Nyx) Application   
    Welcome back to vVv - see you around the shoutbox!
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    vVv Milkyy got a reaction from vVv Exodus in State of vVv Gaming   
    I remember these famous words from 9 years ago.... "all roads lead back to vVv" - now look at us all!
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    vVv Milkyy got a reaction from JBeerdo in Beerdo returns.   
    All roads lead back to vVv!
    Stick around, good things are to come of vVv Gaming!!
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Exodus in State of vVv Gaming   
    Hello vVv Gaming!
    I am Scott aka vVv Exodus, I have been in vVv Gaming since 2007. I am one of the original members of this amazing organization. I am 37 years old and work in the mortgage industry. I wanted to update the community on the state of vVv Gaming, I spoke at length today with vVv LordJerith. Him and I agreed on the direction we want to take vVv Gaming in, all of you will see a lot of changes coming soon.  I am going to get this organization back to the way it was when I was first brought into it, a lot of activity on the forums, Discord etc. I will be cleaning up the website, I will also be looking at all current vVv Gaming members to see if they're active or not. A strong community is key, that's the foundation that's always made this place special. Applications are open, same 90 day process is still in place as it's always been. I want people in vVv Gaming that are active and want to be here and contribute, it's a privilege to wear the vVv's, I don't want just anyone wearing them. I will post more later, mainly wanted to introduce myself and give everyone an update. vVv DeathsGrasp is still the President of vVv Gaming, I back him in all matters and that's not up for debate. With him and I righting the ship, we will have vVv Gaming back to the glory days very, very soon. Feel free to contact me anytime, PM me on here, Discord or message me on XBL my GT is vVv Exodus.
    Thank you,
    vVv Exodus
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    vVv Milkyy got a reaction from vVv Exodus in vVv Milkyy is back!   
    Thanks Scott, lets make things happen! 
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Infms805 in vVv Milkyy is back!   
    Welcome back Milky. Good to see you back. If you play Xbox let’s run some games. 
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to Nynjatic in vVv Milkyy is back!   
    I think it's safe to say Milkyy has everyone's support
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    vVv Milkyy reacted to vVv Exodus in vVv Milkyy is back!   
    Milkyy has my full support ?

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