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  1. I'll be honest, I think it's a backwards step on the logo design. But I'll run with it.
  2. I personally think the current logo we have is better than what we are trying to achieve right now. This is only my opinion but the rebranding and logo facelift isnt looking right... maybe I'm missing something.
  3. I think the movement of vVv direction fits well with this logo design. Modern and looks professional. Without sounding disrespectful other ideas are great but it cries out clan members or something less, more of a step back.
  4. I always said you was the man for the job!! Congrats dude!
  5. This looks and feels much better!! Really digging this design!!
  6. Yeah it is pretty much too like the Harley Davidson logo, but that's the kind of style that would look good. Sticks out - just needs tweaking etc. I'm pretty sure that the graphic designers we may have around here should be able to put something together...
  7. P.S I don't have photoshop on this computer, so may be able to do bits over the weekend
  8. Ok... this is only something I've thrown together but something to consider... colour options available etc. Trying to keep the same content of emblem logo.. - Suggestions to what could go under the Vision.Valor.Victory. Admittedly still needs a few more tweaks but you can hopefully see what I am trying to do. Something still simple, but modern, Let me know what you think..
  9. Give me an hour or so and I'll see what visions I can suggest.
  10. I think the logo designs are great but... Here is the constructive criticism... I feel something is missing... they are basic and can make adaptions that really tick the boxes.. something that gives it the wow factor!
  11. Ding Dong... telling lies will always get caught out here at vVv Gaming. We are proud of our achievements and have a mass amount of achievements in our Hall of Fame - our clear knowledge will always question statements made... Listen, I believe your a good lad, but trying to lie to make your application stronger isn't right. You can do that in so many other ways, we all love gaming, professional or just an everyday gamer. If I was on staff, I would personally, close application and tell you to 're apply after 30days.. be yourself.. be part of our community, make your own statement.
  12. Thanks!! This is just the beginning but I have plenty ideas to push vVv Gaming but let's see what happens, but good things will come of vVv..
  13. Welcome back brother!! Good to see your back!
  14. Welcome back!! Stick around, good things are going to be going off soon!!

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