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  1. I would have to agree with Neptune! vVv is a business and it looks for good business opportunity. You state you don't stream or do Youtube and you have never been to a LAN. These are all major negative points. I would have to suggest you apply to be part of the community and not go for the sponsorship until you can pad your application more. Also make a twitch and stream even if it is just through the game. Try your hand at joining the community, go to some REAL tournaments aka LAN because GB's are a joke in all honesty. Get some placings have a solid team try for a couple small sponsorships via new upcoming gaming companies or even some established ones if you place well enough. Then re-apply here with an app for sponsorship that will impress. No offense to you but why would anyone pick you up without experience? You need to be serious and this app is not. vVv is not to be taken lightly or as a charity we are not here to give someone who likes the game a chance we are here to give the people that truly deserve it the opportunity to show it. If you want to be taken seriously you need to show how serious you are! Have a plan because in this you sound like your just not sure about where to go or what to do. No one cares about who is top ranked GB's. Have a goal to attend a LAN and place in a realistic spot! Be firm in your beliefs and have some stats to back you up! I am sorry if this may sound harsh but I just hate seeing people ask for sponsorship when then have nothing to show they deserve it. You need a set roster and experience with said roster to even be considered a real team and you don't even have that.
  2. Check out my blog right here on the vVv website :)

  3. Oh lordy Diablo 3 has officially found its way to console and what a marvel it is! I have been a long standing Diablo fan since the first game. Diablo for those of you who have never played it is an Action RPG game based around Catholic lore of the three prime evils (Diablo, Baal, Mephisto). This game is also classified as a "looter" which means when things are killed loot drops. The higher level and rarity the creature you kill the better the loot that drops is. This game is a single, co-op, online, or co-op and online game. You can team with up to 3 other people totaling a party of 4. Diablo also has several other side quests and jobs for the player with different abilities like blacksmithing and making gems. So Let us get into this review: The Graphics and cut scenes are beautiful and smooth just like the PC version. The game plays smoothly and has zero graphics lag which is surprising because I didn't think current Gen consoles would be able to handle this game. The opening scenery is very dark and gloomy but still looks good and the rare vibrant colors stand out beautifully. I would easily give the graphics and cut scenes a 9.2 The game play is all you would look for in an action RPG looter. The transition to a control is smooth and wonderful. I was very skeptical of how well they would port the controls to an actual controller yet it is delightful and easy. Potions, spells, movement, and portals are all just a button away! The action and fighting runs naturally. From a spectators view point I find the action to run smoother and more fluidly on console than PC. The loot drops are just as rewarding and satisfying as ever. The game play gets a 9.8! This is how a looter should play!!! The transition to console has been a seamless one. Granted the console version is lacking a couple key PC features, but that is expected. The real money auction house is MIA on the console version and the PC expansion will not be out right away but has been annouced that Blizzard will find a way to port it as a DLC. The transition to Console from PC gets a 10 If you haven't played Diablo now is the perfect time! Find some friends link up and slay Diablo together. When you find that epic loot it is so rewarding and keeps you coming back to find that super rare drop. This game gets a RAVING 9.7
  4. ZeroBuddha

    November 22

    You had to know I would write on this subject! In case any of you do not know yet Microsoft has officially announced it is launching the Xbox One on November 22. That is one week AFTER PlayStation releases the PS4. My first impression when I heard the news was "WHAT are you thinking, this is going to kill you Microsoft!". Then I let it sink in and I realized this is Microsoft through and through. Microsoft this entire time has down things their way with no fucks to give about how PlayStation does whatever it is they want to do. Sony has trashed talked Microsoft and beat them to the punch on just about everything this go around and Microsoft has sat back and taken it like a weathered champion. A lot of people have asked why don't you strike back at Sony and Microsoft has responded with pure class stating they are just doing what they do and not caring what Sony does or says. These small things here are reasons why people dislike Microsoft but is a core element of how they hold my love! They do not care what Sony says or does, They don't care if Sony releases a year or a week before them, all because they are confident. Microsoft sits at the top of the console market currently and lets Sony and Nintendo pick up what is left. Instead of fighting back and spending time doing needless things Microsoft has been hard a t work for us the fans. The Xbox One is now ahead of the PS4 in specs due to an upgraded processor and a couple other small component changes. On top of that they are giving a free game with the console for UK and AU buyers. No word on if the States will be offered a free game as well. Many of you may not know but November 22 is also the same date the Xbox 360 released. It is a small thing but it is something I like and admire. Microsoft has taken an opportunity to release before the competition and held off so they can have some symbolic meaning to their release date. Many people have stated things like Microsoft won't survive if they don't beat Sony to the market. Statements like that are completely false. People have pre-ordered what is is available no one is gonna be able to buy a PS4 unless they have that reserve already in so in the end before or after does not matter one bit. In the end who win this console war will be who offers what more of the fans want and who has a console that better suits more people. In the end I will be buying an Xbox but still hoping BOTH systems do well. When two companies fight it out the person who wins in the end is the consumer. Please as always answer the survey and feel free to comment below I love the feedback and discussion!
  5. ZeroBuddha

    That one person...

    Don't let games consume your life unless your making your living with them. I love gaming and game often but I make plenty of time for friends and family. I have a wife and a daughter and they both let me enjoy my gaming but I make sure to respect them by giving them their time too. I am sorry your girl left you but to be honest it didn't sound like a real meaningful relationship with how little time you two spent together. That is just my own personal take on things but good luck with everything and keep your head up. College is a wonderful place to be single Trust me I know
  6. I have been working hard on my blog and actually had plans of doing a pod cast and would be very open to making a vVv podcast are you guys still interested?
  7. My favorite genre of games now a days is easily first person shooters (FPS). Sadly this genre has taken on a wide spectrum of evolution that all lead back to the same ideal: you have to pay to win. With today's games you need to have specialty controllers and premier headsets to have a distinct advantage over the rest of the field. Most people are even switching from TVs to gaming monitors. This is tough for people that don't have the spare money for these extras which cost a few hundred dollars for each item. If you were start a set up from scratch for a current generation console today you would have to pay around $850 and that is for a very basic set-up that does not include a PVR or second screen. For most people this is not easily obtained. The games themselves are moving in a great direction. Most FPS games now cater to both the competitive gamer and the casual gamer. Developers are even doing their jobs by listening to fans and fixing what fans feel are broken, and by adding or taking away things fans feel the game needs. Halo 4 a beloved franchise opened its game up without a long loved game mode called swat and within a couple weeks they implemented it because of fan fallout. That is only one example but many more just like that happen often now. Fans are more than faceless consumers they are now the driving force in the evolution of their favorite games whether they know it or not. With the new Xbox the hope is that the proprietary rights will limit how many devices will come out that hand a distinct advantage to people. You should not win a game based on how much you paid for EXTRA gear but how well you play the game. I will grant Scuf the exception that what they offer makes sense but it shouldn't cost what it does it should be offered as the benchmark. If a product makes as much sense as Scuf controllers do then consoles should be working with them to make it an affordable option. It shouldn't cost over $100 for a controller that is better designed than the one that comes with the system, and is nothing more than a couple added features. I like to end my blog with a question to you the reader, so here it is... How do you feel about the pay to win model, is it a valid complaint?
  8. vVv does not currently sponsor any mobile games and this is also the wrong way to request sponsorship. You would need to get things that are just not possible with a mobile game so I am sorry to say but your chances are unlikely to say the least
  9. Hey everyone! This months first free game for gold is Magic the Gathering (MTG) 2013. This game is a year old and there is a new version out now MTG 2014. I don't need to do a review for 2013 because any of you can get it for free but I highly recommend downloading it, and get a feel for the MTG series. MTG has been around for a long time as a standard card playing game.You have creatures and spells and try to whittle your opponent down to zero health. The first step MTG took into the digital world was to make their card game online. This was done through a PC version of the game that was EXACTLY the same as the physical version except all done digitally. Several years ago MTG ventured into the gaming market by releasing a version of their game on the Xbox marketplace. Previous years were very basic incarnations of the game and each year adding several new features to help modernize the game and get it closer to the physical version. This year has added a critical feature fans have been asking for since the beginning of the game series. Booster packs have been added in the new mode "Sealed Deck". This allows your several booster packs (which hold 15 cards per pack) you open them then have to construct a deck from scratch. This is VERY fun and gears itself towards more veteran players that have built decks before. However they do not leave out the novice with this mode. They allow for you to press a button that will automatically make the best possible deck with what you have been allotted. You then have matches and earn more boosters each time you win a match. This is the closest thing we have seen to the physical game and it stands out and shines brightly in the new MTG for Xbox. This mode earns a 9.2 The Campaign is slightly different but still holds the same core values as past games. This campaign follows a very set story line through several Deck Blocks* and makes for an interesting story line with the narration before each area. This year the campaign is very story driven which adds a nice element and also sets each area up nicely to have an idea of what you are about to face. Each area has 3 challenges that happen the same way every time. What this means is the cards are played in a set order and happen that way every time so if you lose or restart the battles the enemy works the same way every time so the match plays more like a riddle needing to be solved. The final challenge of an area is the BOSS and the boss plays differently every time you play it. This means the BOSS fights are played like actual matches and are fluid and always changing. Besides all of these features the campaign still lacks in one MAJOR area, it is far too short! Due to that this mode gets a 8.0 The Cards in this years game are up to date with the new Core 2014 set. You can find every one of the cards in this game in the Core 2014 set. This set has also brought back the fan favorite creature type: Slivers!!! That is right slivers are back and you can even unlock a sliver deck. 2014 is all about going back to what works and what fans love about MTG. There are still the basic five colors (Green, Red, Blue, White, Black) and the multicolor cards. This year has several decks to to fit your play style. Again the only thing this game is lacking is just that, lacking of content. The cards are great and the decks fit my urges but I just wish there was more. MTG has traditionally released two expansions per year with at least four additional decks and more story so I look forward to that. Even though we lack a lot of options the ones we have make up for it and this are earns a 8.5 This game earns 8.6 and deserves a buy if you are looking for something new or are a fan of the series. This game costs only $10.00 and can be found in the Xbox games area of your dashboard. As always please comment and answer the survey! I appreciate every bit of feedback you all give me. * - A deck block is a series of three booster sets that follow a common theme and come out about once every three months.
  10. Haha Natural I love the motto above your name LMAO
  11. Thank you for the feedback!
  12. This is my first review for the vVv community so here is how I do them. I pick several features pros and/or cons and tell you a bit about them giving each of the these points a rating 1-10 (10 being the best) then give you the overall rating of the game. Madden 25 is FINALLY upon us! This has been a long awaited treat for fans. Anyone new to this franchise may ask why is it "25" if this year is 2014? Well the 25 stands for the anniversary. This is the 25th edition of this game and wow has it been through some ups and downs. This year has some fan favorite features and some new touches. Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) has returned and with some new twists. MUT is a card based game where you pull cards with ratings and make a team out of the cards given. In past years you get a random set of cards and then have to work from there to unlock new packs of higher ranked cards. This year is a little different and fits the user a whole lot better. You pick a team captain card and he is in you starting deck for sure. So if you are a passing offense kind of guy then you can choose a solid QB. If you are a ground and pound guy (like myslef) you can take someone like Marshawn Lynch. This used to be a GREAT game type and has only become better. I would have to give this mode a 8.6 Connected Franchise (CF) is back as well and WITH offline and fantasy draft. Last year the franchise mode did not have fantasy draft until a couple months into the game, and was only added back due to fan outrage. CF has also added owner mode which allows you to manage the entire team all the way down to concessions prices. This mode is so much fun and allows for anyones style. You can play online or offline, regular rosters or fantasy draft, and you have the option to join random leagues. On a side not for this mode vVv will be hosting a CF and is still taking players. Talk to either Paliiboy or myself to get set-up. This mode earns a 9.2 Mechanics and Gamplay have also been tweaked in this years edition. The gameplay has been slowed to better resemble an actual game. Some people may not like this but it follows maddens tradition of trying to bring realisitc features. The sprint feature is revamped and the more you hold sprint the faster it drains and also adds fatigue to the player. One feature that helps players but in my opinion makes the game to easy is the "ball hawk" feature. This feature allows you to switch players on defense as soon as a ball is thrown they press the "Y" button the player will go for the interception immediatly via the computer. This feature is nice but makes user picks far too easy. The physics engine is top notch (although I have seen a couple lunges that don't seem realistic). This has earned a 7.0 Madden 25 earns a 8.3 and is considered a "BUY". This game is worth the money and offers many modes and mini games to take up your time ( at least until Ghosts comes out haha) As always please answer the survey and feel free to comment.
  13. vVv ZeroBuddha endorses Dutchies How much time have you spent with this applicant? I have played a considerable amount of time with this applicant in the game and in other games as well as just talkied in party chats! I would say I know this applicant VERY well! What was your first impression of this applicant, has it changed over time? At first I was thrown off by the strong accent and broken english but gave him a chance, and WOW am I glad. My impression of this app has only increased and improved over time. He eats sleeps and breathes vVv and wants this and it is clear. What was your favorite moment with this applicant? Watching him and his drive to promote and gather EU players for for pro teams and to increase the vVv presence in EU and UK What makes this app a good fit for vVv? He represents the 5 pillars of vVv to the max! He has pushed to expand the presence of vVv! He is an ultimate fit for vVv! How could they improve? I don't see any clear weaknesses, my only suggestion would be to keep doing you. Anything else that needs to be known about this applicant? Just that he is only my second endorsed player and he has earned it without doubt! Dutchies is what vVv is here for this is the kind of player we strive for! He also adds more value by doing Youtube, Twitter, and is SUPER active on the forums!
  14. My best advice for you is to revise your app here it needs a lot of work! Your age is not NJ, you need to be active, and you need to put time and thought into your app its what sells you... If it looks quick and sloppy so don't you. Please take your time make it worth our while to read.
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