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  1. Thanks Guys i Hope i make it
  2. I am interested in becoming a vVv member because, I want a good team that can go to MLG events and become better then other MLG teams. I am currently playing Halo 3 I plan to contribute charisma by leading our team to victory when needed and lead them to victory. I plan to contribute skill by doing my best every game and not quit till its over. I plan to contribute participation by helping my team when needed and helping others. I plan to contribute contribution by helping others become one of the best and don't let vVv down. In the future i plan on playing call of duty 4. I can devote 11 hours per week. I have access to a computer from 2:30 to whenever because i have school and baseball. My personal goals i plan to achieve is to become MLG pro and train others and have one of the best MLG teams around. My outside hobbies are playing baseball hanging out with friends. My BestFriend is vVv Fatality and i would like to be on a gaming team with him Thanks everyone

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