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    BoDYRoTx reacted to Ballack for a blog entry, Vulcun Daily LCS: An Introduction   
    Vulcun Daily LCS: An Introduction


    Exciting news yesterday as vVv Gaming announced a partnership with Vulcun.com! Vulcun offers daily fantasy tournaments for LoL, DOTA2, CS:GO, Hearthstone, and CoD. Use this link: https://vulcun.com/a/vVvgaming when signing up for 100% deposit bonus!
    If you saw this information yesterday and were wondering, what the hell is this? Do not fear, I'm here to help you gain some basic understadning of how daily fantasy tournaments work. Daily fantasy sports has risen to ascendancy in the last few years. Daily and weekly games on sites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel offer a cash prize in various game forms. Head to Head games against another person, 50/50 games where players in the top 50% win money, and Guaranteed Prize Pool tournaments where the big payouts are. Vulcun is now offering this same format for LoL, CsGo, and DOTA 2, Hearthstone, and CoD.
    I am going to be specifically focusing on League of Legends, but the general information I provide here goes for all games. The scoring for other games will obviously be different but the general principles of daily fantasy are the same. Before you begin my first piece of advice would be to watch the following video after you sign up:


    Also please read the contest rules provided by Vulcun here: https://vulcun.com/main/contestrules you can search by each individual game for important information like how to draft, what roster roles you need, and the most important: how you score points.
    Vulcun users can construct a team of eight players using a salary cap format of $10000. Each player you choose from has a set price. The roster construction includes one player in each role, plus three flex roles where you can use anyone. It is important to note that these prices influence the game greatly. It is hard to fit in all the top players making bargains a huge deal. You expect Bjergsen to play well each week and as such he will always be priced highly. But who are the value plays that have an easier match up you can use to fill out your roster? You need to consider the pricing when looking at who to select on any given day.
    Alright here is my general advice for Daily Fantasy eSports:

    If you're wondering how much you need to deposit to start with, the general rule is to start with $100 if you can afford it. I'm not telling you that you have to deposit $100 but that is a good starting point when looking to get into daily. However, deposit whatever you're comfortable with to start. Let's talk about bankroll management, or how to manage your money once you've made a deposit. Once you've made a deposit, no matter how much it is, it is strongly advised to only play 10% of your bankroll on a given day. So for example, if you deposit $50, your first day you would only play $5. This keeps you from burning through your bankroll too fast and keeps you in the game. Now, if you play that 10% and lose it, you would go from $50 to $45 making your 10% for the next day only $4.50. You can use this 10% rule whether your bankroll increases or decreases. If you don't need to worry about how you spend your money then this 10% rule doesn't apply. PLAY 50/50 TOURNAMENTS! We all have dreams of winning huge sums of money playing daily fantasy, but let's be real it's not that likely. Sure it could happen, but the best way to steadily increase your bank roll is to play 50/50 tournaments. In this format you only need to place in the top 50% of all competitors. Contrast that to a tournament where the top prize is huge, but steadily decreases with less spots to even finish in the money. My general rule I use for myself in daily is that if I am not cashing in my 50/50's I do not allow myself to play in tournaments. 50/50's are the best way to increase your bankroll. This one goes hand in hand with #3. If you can, play in 50/50's with large player pools. On Vulcun you can play in 50/50's with 10 people or 100 people, but give yourself the better odds to finish in the top 50% by playing with more people. The variance will be less and although it's still the top 50%, it's easier to take top 50 out of 100 than top 5 out of 10. Don't get discouraged if you aren't cashing in tournaments. You really aren't supposed to win your tournaments on a consistent basis. The player pool is much larger making the competition stiffer. That's why I recommend playing 50/50's to start. Last but not least - HAVE FUN. It's what it's all about. Oh, and don't get addicted. If you're having a rough go of things getting started, there's no shame in taking a break for a day.


    I hope this general information helped. Remember to check out the links above for Vulcun's contest rules and information. Good luck!
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    BoDYRoTx reacted to vVv OrganicBear for a blog entry, Fail to live a normal life   
    The single most destructive thing you can do to your dreams is try to live a normal life. What is a normal life? It's all those things that take up your time that aren't related to helping you achieve your dreams. Things you do because you feel you're expected to, or because you'll make more money (if being rich isn't your dream), or because they are an entertaining distraction, or because you feel like it's "the next step" in life. And what does it mean for something to be "the next step"? Basically, I like to think of the normal life as a big rut, and the wheel of life goes round and round in this rut as each generation is born, lives, reproduces, and dies. Each turn of the wheel is another life expiring living the normal, ordinary plan that it never chose. For a typical middle-class American, that rut might look something like:
    Go to school and get good grades,
    Get into college and get a degree,
    Use your degree to get a secure, well-paying job,
    Get married, buy a house, and start having kids,
    Send the kids to school to get good grades, through college, and support them starting their own careers,
    Retire if you can afford it and enjoy the last few years of your life doing what you actually wanted.
    But beyond just this simple list of a plan for your life, there are the little things that fill our lives. Spend time watching TV, movies, or anime? Not interested in becoming an actor, critic, producer, writer, production crew, makeup artist, etc.? Subject matter not relevant to your passion? Probably shouldn't spend a lot of time doing that.

    Spend a lot of time going out to bars or clubs? Not interested in becoming a bartender, promoter, DJ, owner, designer, doorman, bouncer, manager, etc? Not looking for a spouse to fulfill your dream of raising an awesome family? Probably shouldn't spend a lot of time doing that.

    Spend a lot of time playing video games? Not interested in becoming a pro gamer, coach, caster, production crew, cosplayer, graphics artist, character designer, etc.? Probably shouldn't spend a lot of time doing that.

    Spend a lot of time trying to get laid? Not interested in becoming a porn star, prostitute, brothel owner, pimp, adult sex store owner, porn producer, adult fiction writer, matchmaker, or just being the best lover in the world? Probably shouldn't spend a lot of time doing that.


    The pattern goes round and round. People follow it as if by impulse rather than actual conscious choice. As such, it takes a lot of effort and energy to decide that this isn't the life you want. Contrary to popular belief, your life is already laid out for you from the moment you were born. If you want to live an alternate life and achieve your dreams, then you have to expend enormous energy to jump that wheel out of the rut and consciously direct your energy toward your passion. And event hen you are in constant danger of falling back into the rut. Only through the relentless pursuit of your passion will you escape being trapped in a normal life.

    That's not to say that you shouldn't ever have fun. Fun and relaxation are necessary and without them you probably won't be as effective of a person, so definitely set aside time for relaxing and having fun. But if you fill your free time with trying to get laid, then watching Netflix, then playing games, then going out with friends, then getting laid again, then watching Netflix again, while working and supporting yourself, then suddenly all your time is filled with the mundane pieces of life that are just there to help you relax and alleviate boredom occasionally.

    Set aside the time to pursue your passion FIRST. Then stick to that plan. Didn't get laid this week? Minor inconvenience. Didn't live your dreams this lifetime? Devastating. Planning to put your passion first is the only way to avoid waking up one day on a path you had no intention of going down and wondering what happened to your dreams.

    You had dreams once, but what happened to them? How did you wake up halfway through your life feeling trapped in a marriage that doesn't support you, with children who are your jailers demanding more and more of your time away from your passion, and a job that you go to only to pay the ever increasing pile of bills from the mortgage, cable, kids college fund, etc. And then suddenly you are retirement age, but you can't retire because you never did anything at your safe, secure job that would earn you a promotion and a raise to cover the lifestyle you ended up with. All the money went to the kids, the wife, the house, the Netflix and cable subscriptions, the nights out, the endless games played—but you never got out of silver league. So even at the end of your life you were never able to pursue your dreams.

    And that's not to say you couldn't achieve happiness with that kind of life, but was that really your dream? To just be happy frittering away your life aimlessly? Surely there was something you wanted to accomplish, to contribute to the world. More than just "held a steady job, watched netflix, got laid"?

    I have one more thing for you to consider before I wrap up this blog post. What if, deciding to live a normal life, things don't go exactly as not-planned? What if you get a girl pregnant one night while trying to just get laid? What if your wife finds herself in a loveless marriage and commits suicide? What if you fall asleep exhausted driving to the job you don't love and end up killing someone? What if the example you set causes a child to become jaded and give up his dreams and become a drug dealer instead? What if it's your child? It's one thing to squander your own life, but can you really be so cavalier with someone else's?

    Do all the opportunity costs and squandered time really only add up to your own personal nightmare? What about the difference you were going to make in the world? Who loses out because you never delivered on that dream? Is it just you, or is the world impoverished because watching the next season of Breaking Bad was more important than figuring out the cure for aging? Or the solution to viable renewable energy? Or the artwork that inspires the next generation of artists and defines beauty for this time period? What is your dream worth?

    So I leave you with this message: fail to live a normal life. You don't have to leave everything on autopilot. Discover your passion, discover your purpose, and pursue them relentlessly. My own personal mission statement is "No one should have to deal with difficult problems alone", which is the result of experiences I had earlier in my life. My own passion is competitive gaming, ever since I was 5 or 6 years old playing Battle Tanks against my brother on the Atari 2600. Instead of a repetitive rut, your life can look like this:
    Go to school, but look for opportunities to do things you enjoy until you discover your true passion,
    Examine your life and discover your purpose. What is more important to you than anything else? Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
    Go to college if it will help you combine your passion and purpose. Otherwise look for opportunities to get started while you're still in high school.
    Struggle for a while financially while you pursue your passion and purpose wholeheartedly. It will be worth it.
    Discover someone else who enjoys their life as much as you and is also actively immersed in their own passion. Become partners in life in a way a normal spouse could never hope to.
    If your passion or purpose demands it, have children. Help them stay free from the rut of a normal life.
    Never retire because you love what you do and you've lived a whole and complete life doing exactly what you love.
    Sound better than a normal life? I think so, and I hope you do too.

    When I was in college, I studied Information Technology in order to get a secure, high-paying job. When I graduated I started working at a company doing work related to the IT field rather than pursuing my dream of working in the gaming industry. My life is very comfortable, but I'm also not content with where I am. I spent a lot of time playing games in the evening, watching anime, and watching movies. I worked out a lot and spent a lot of time talking to guys online trying to find someone to date.

    Looking back, my twenties were basically a huge waste of time. I'm now 30 years old and only over the past few years have I started focusing on finding my passion and purpose. The type of life where you live only for your own immediate satisfaction is not fulfilling, at least not for me. You need to find a purpose to serve others and add value to their lives in some way in order to find fulfillment.

    Even recently I have struggled with using my time as effectively as possible. For example, I struggle to get to sleep on time a lot of the time. This leads to me being too tired to get meaningful work done the following evening, significantly limiting my effectiveness in terms of what staff work I can accomplish. I've also wasted a lot of time trying to grind staff work every day. I have found that setting aside time on the weekends to play games and spend time with friends and family makes it easier to focus on getting stuff done during the week.

    One of the biggest failures I experienced after joining vVv was the death of the Starcraft 2 Division. I lost my passion for the game because I spent all my time doing staff work and wasting time and never took the time to actually play. This is a huge error, because it will inevitably lead to burnout. So finding time to play the game you are most passionate about is a must.

    All of the above things I talked about I speak from experience. This isn't all just generic advice, but things I've learned the hard way that I want to share with everyone else so that they don't have to. This is why it's so important to pursue your passion. It's definitely not the easy choice, but compared to the alternatives it's far easier than letting your dreams die. Hope this was helpful.
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    BoDYRoTx reacted to vVv RobZ for a blog entry, My vVv Story - Part 1   
    Today I turn 21 years old..

    The last few years have been a blur, but recently I had a chance to tell the story for the first time in a while. It actually happened this past weekend. vVv staff was all visiting LA for the weekend for MLG, LCS and to get aligned on strategy. Naturally, I’m not a very open or vulnerable person, but after sharing and seeing the reaction of the room - I realized how important the two are in building relationships and trust between people. I’d now like to share that same story with the World.

    So here goes nothing . . .

    I discovered vVv Gaming back in June of 2007 after joining a random Public Lobby in Gears of War. I remember it vividly. The map was canals and I was immediately welcomed by the voices of vVv members, applicants and the application manager at the time, vVv Woody56292jr. I had known of clans before from when I played socom on gamebattles a few years back, but had not encountered any on the console before. Woody did a great job explaining what vVv was and told me to check out the website if I was interested in joining. The website, which I learned was designed by a member of the community named “Froot” had an image of their Gears of War team winning a big tournament in New Jersey. I thought to myself, “These guys are legit, I want to one day become as good as them and learn everything I can from this community.” I submitted an application, and the rest was history from there. I was banned from the shoutbox several times, had my application closed due to a very immature attitude. Looking back, I was a terrible teammate and just a brat kid who thought he knew more than he did.

    Although I departed from vVv before I was ever really accepted back then, they introduced my to competitive gaming, specifically the Gears scene. I took my application being closed as motivation to improve as a player and person. I played every single day that Summer for at least 6 hours on gamebattles and in scrims with friends. I attended my first major event in 2007 which in Toronto and ended up placing 4th. Not too shabby.

    Local Lan in Connecticut

    Fast forward about a year later, I ran into a player named Sun Down who was apart of vVv’s Gears division. We both hadn't earned “Pro Status” yet, but we hit it off right away and decided to work together with two other players in Enmity and Demon. This was our team, and the tournament we were preparing for was the next MLG event on the 2008 pro circuit in Toronto. Because Sun Down was already apart and vVv, we decided to approach them to represent a community because we knew they could help us take our game to the next level with their history in the Gears scene. I still remember that interview with Jerry and I know he knew that I was the same brat kid who had his application closed and was banned in the past, but he gave me that shot to redeem myself. We had the spot and were the 2nd Gears team for vVv at that time. That team was called vVv Destiny. Remember that name for later in the story.


    Our team actually stuck together for the months leading up to the event and we were really confident in our strategies and teamwork. I still remember some of the late nights coordinating with Nick (Enmity) how we would play the host spot and secondary positions together to focus down someone trying to go for the mid pillar or sandbag push strat. We went to the event and actually had a to get a last minute replacement at the event for Demon because he sketched out. We grabbed Mephisto from another team and were ready to go. No practice with him at all, we had to change our strats, but we knew his rawl skill would definitely fill in for that.

    vVv Destiny at MLG Toronto ‘07

    We placed 9th at this event, which was a big accomplishment for all of us since it was of the most competitive events of the year and of course with our circumstances of using a last minute replacement.

    The team stuck together, but made a roster change with bringing in Storm for Sun Down. Our next big event was closer to home for me in New York City at the Samsung Experience Center for WCG. I took the train down from Connecticut and stayed with my sister in the city. This event was on the newly released Gears of War 2 and we took 2nd at this event as an invitational team.

    vVv Destiny and Coach Sun Down at WCG Holiday Heroes

    After this event, the team was working towards the next level and my attitude was letting not allowing the team to perform at their best. I was released from the team and got involved with several other competitive titles such as Socom, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. I still hung around vVv, but was not nearly as involved as I was when I was competing. I was very competitive in these games as well, hitting gladiator in WoW on multiple accounts and holding the Crown in Socom for the longest out of any team that season. I became back involved with vVv again for Call of Duty, where I lead the first community team “vVv Essence. to a victory in the MLG NYB online tournament.

    After Call of Duty wasn’t supported with any LAN events, I stopped playing games all together. This was all around my Junior year in High School. I switched back to Public School from a Tech Program and went on to try to lead an ordinary life, without gaming. I had a lot of catching up to do because I was away from those friends for several years, but I tried my best to be “normal” and live up to the social expectations of a Senior. I went out, hosted a few parties and built relationships. Summer just started. I just graduated, turned 18, got accepted into the school I wanted to attend and got a brand new car.

    Graduation and Birthday Present

    I was living the ordinary life. Not in contact with anyone from vVv or gaming at all, I thought this is what I wanted. Fourth of July was around the corner, and I thought it would be a good idea to drink and drive. Long story short. I drove home from a party by myself, hit a car and then drove home with the front end of my car scraping against the pavement. When I pulled into my driveway, the cops were already there. I refused the breathalyzer test and started talking to them about my times as a competitive gamer. They took me to jail and then later the Hospital. I was charged with Reckless Driving, Driving in the Wrong Lane and Driving Under the Influence.

    Night of the accident

    Thousands of dollars in lawyer fees later, two of the charges were dropped and was license was suspended for one year. I had to take classes and immediately accept a ton of responsibility to not only pay my family back, but also get my life together. This accident turned around my life. It was a wake up call. That Summer, I worked every day with my Dad and then later got a job at Panera. For the next two years, I commuted to school my train every Monday and Wednesday. Woke up at 6am took a bus to a train, to a shuttle and then another bus. I would get home at about 9pm.

    My projects in school

    Around this time, I reached out to Jerry to tell him my story and see if I could get back involved with my passions: gaming and esports. I was paying very little attention to the scene, but it just felt right to go back home to vVv. I began writing articles and blogs just to share my competitive gaming thoughts and stories. The blog hit 30,000 views at one point, but by then I wanted to get more and more involved with vVv staff. At this point, I was getting advice from my sister and parents that I shouldn’t do vVv stuff for too long as it was unpaid work and wouldn’t provide me with anything. I also had the urge this entire time to go out and party with friends, but I stayed focused and stuck to my gut. With vVv, I wanted to help players who had the same challenges I did as a player and help them be successful. I ran tournaments, write articles, consulted on team decisions and did whatever I could to help vVv become a better organization. All of my energy outside of work and school (and even sometimes in school, see photo above) was focused on that goal.

    vVv Destiny Reunited at Hypefestation

    About a year and a half later, I became the VP of Operations at vVv Gaming. Two weeks later, Jerry announced that he was joining Riot Games as the Director of People.

    MLG Columbus 2012

    Fast forward to the Season 3 World Finals for League of Legends, I made the trip out to LA to visit Jerry and Jordan at their new apartment. During this time, Jordan and I were working on a project called the Experience Initiative which was focused on providing teams and staff opportunities to work in the gaming industry. While we were watching the World Finals that year, Forbes had released an article about our project with an interview - I lost it. It wasn’t the attention or article, the emotion that hit me was the culmination from that first GoW Public match, to the MLG events, DUI accident and to now. Jerry looked at me, and we both felt it. We both knew at the very moment that vVv Gaming was a very special place. For some reason, at that moment, Jerry also saw something in me and decided to offer me to come live out in Los Angeles to pursue my own personal goal of working in the gaming industry full time.

    Season 2 World Championship

    I landed back in New York City to stay with my sister that weekend and told her about the trip. I mentioned that it could be a possibility of me leaving school in Connecticut to come to LA to work on vVv. There were a lot of concerns about leaving school, or how I would manage out there on my own. She suggested that I study abroad in Germany like she did and I was tempted. I kept it to myself for a while because I wasn’t sure how my parents would react, but then, when my Grandma was visiting I told her all about it. We sat down with my parents and sister to explain my decision and the opportunity. About a week later it was December 15th and I had a one way ticket to LA…

    I'll be releasing the full story throughout the next few days. Do you have a vVv story? Share it with us!

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    BoDYRoTx reacted to B Easy for a blog entry, Character Flaws   
    “The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back.” ~Abigail Van Buren

    We meet new people every single day, and we get to know people that are already in our lives better every day. When we first meet people we generally judge them on one of two things: their looks or their personality. Personality is something that we have all become experts at seeing and reading. Whether a person is funny, introverted, extroverted, shy, energetic, optimistic, confident, lazy, pessimistic, or bubbly we know that and we can generally see that within moments of meeting someone. When we come to the conclusion that an individual has any of these personality traits it is usually because we have amassed a good amount of information about that person and are generally right about them.

    Character is different and is something that cannot be determined on such short notice. The character traits of an individual take much longer to reveal themselves. These traits include honesty, virtue, kindness, and loyalty. Character traits come from a combination of beliefs, virtues, and morals. Generally these are instilled in us as children, and while they can change from time to time as we grow and mature, often times the character traits we learn as children stick with us throughout our lives.

    For some people this can be a good thing. Being a kind, loyal, and honest person is something that any person should feel proud to carry with them from the time of being a young child until the day they die. It is when someone does not learn these good character traits as children and they grow up without them that we end up with such a mixed bag throughout our society today.

    I have actually lost track of the number of friends I have lost in my lifetime, most of which have been the result of poor character on their part. I cannot place all of the blame on others, because I know I have both personality and character flaws of my own, but loyalty to my friends has never been one of those flaws for me. I have always been loyal to my friends, almost to a fault at times. There can certainly be a point where one can become too loyal which results in being almost overbearing, which I am certainly guilty of.

    I could spend every day with my friends; I couldn't spend every day with all of them because we all naturally would get sick of our friends if we saw them every single day. I could spend a lot of time with them though and live an extremely happy life because of that; loyalty does not run that deep with everyone though. I have had 3 or 4 different periods in my life where I thought I had the best friend a guy could ever ask for. Then in an instant those friendships became obsolete, mostly without explanation.

    This brings up another character flaw that many people suffer with: honesty. It can be hard to be honest with people, especially people that we really care about. Sometimes people will let their lack of honesty come in the way of a great friendship or even a loving relationship because they are just unable to say what needs to be said. As I said before, I have been overbearing as a friend before, I recognized that fault of mine. I had to come to that realization on my own, because the friends that felt that way never could be up front and honest enough about it with me to tell me. So while often times I would and still do occasionally sit around and beat myself up over lost friendships that I may have contributed to the destruction of, I cannot beat myself up over the character flaws of other people.

    I can only work on myself as an individual, which is what everyone should strive to do every single day. Strive to become a better person, and strive to build character traits that other people dream of finding in a friend. You may lose friends along the way, and it will be hard when that happens. The important thing is to stick to your guns because if you believe you have strong character and that you are truly a good person, others will see that, and the ones that do see it and really appreciate it could become the best friends that you could ever ask for. Never let the negative character flaws in another individual dictate your life and the way you choose to live; make people acknowledge and respect the positive character traits that you have developed over your lifetime.

    “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” ~ John Wooden
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    BoDYRoTx reacted to vVv Shadow for a blog entry, Dr Pepper $100,000 Tuition Scholarship   
    Dr Pepper Tuition Contest

    Hello everyone, I am Michael White, also known as vVv Shadow among the community. I am 19 years old, and currently going to community college to get my basics and hopefully will transfer to UTD to finish my degree unless my plans change, and I end up moving. If that did happen I would continue my education there and get a Computer Science Degree at whatever University they may have. I have been a member of vVv since February of 2012. I was here when there was 5 people in the Call of Duty Division, I was here when the CoD Division got dropped, I was here when it got reinstated. vVv is a significant part of my life. It has changed me in many ways for the better, it has made me a better person overall. It has taught me professionalism, business skills, people skills, as well as life skills. I wish to continue my education, and get a degree in Computer Science so I can help develop games. If I win this scholarship or a part of this Scholarship it would take a huge weight off my shoulders, with how I would be ending up paying for my education. All I am asking is to please help and please vote for me and show your friends this and have them vote for me. I would really appreciate it.

    My rolemodel in life has always been my brother, he got kicked out of high school, and joined the military and made something with his life, he always told me to not make the same mistakes he did and to go to College and get an education. I want to make him proud. As he was in the military, he was always stationed far away so the only way I could "Hang" out with him was by playing Video Games. It all started out with a MMORPG named Star Wars Galaxies, but after a few years it more transpired into the Console scene. I first heard about MLG when it appeared on ESPN, I was amazed by it, I tried to follow the scene since then, but I fell off, I picked it back up back when Black Ops 1 was on the Circuit for the first event when Leverage won MLG Dallas 2011. Right then, I knew I wanted to get into eSports, but I had no outlet to get into it with, I had no idea about Gamebattles at the time or anything else. In early January 2012, I got an email from Kontrol Freek saying that vVv Gaming was taking applications to join again starting January 19th. I was amazed, so on January 19th, I immediately applied, and there was my outlet to get into eSports. I honestly believe I would not be where I am at today in life, or in gaming, if it was not for vVv. I have met amazing people while being apart of vVv and I thank every single one of them. The smartest person I know, Jerry "LordJerith" Prochazka, is the owner of vVv. He personally has taught me a lot and has helped me a lot through life. One big thing that I love about eSports is how Dr Pepper personally supports MLG and eSports with the @DrPepperGaming Twitter, the Dr Pepper Ultimate Gaming House, the Dr Pepper Pre Game Show at MLG Events, and not to mention the Dr Pepper Booths, with free Dr Pepper at MLG Events (Personally my favorite). I really hope I get this opportunity and win the Dr Pepper Tuition Contest. I would truthfully be thankful for it.

    (Photo courtesy of www.teamliquid.net)

    Vote for me Here!

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