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  1. i hate to see you go, but oh man do i love to watch you leave. Dat ASS.
  2. lol, i guess so. I suck at that shit lol
  3. Good finish on your guys tourney man I'm Proud of you guys.
  4. BoDYRoTx


    So how do you like Gears so far man? I think its cool,i never played it when it was new. I suck at it but i have fun. I play alot of Smite and some gears. I'll be playing Siege, halo and Cod when they come out. Mostly focusing on halo. Add me to play man my gamertag is vVv BoDYRoTx i'll be adding you too . Welcome to vVv i hope you enjoy your time here.
  5. Fadz where you been bud? have you tried out Black Ops 3 and if so what did you think?
  6. Its been fun playing together man! Zody has a hurt back cause I'm new to gears. How long you been playing this game man? Like gears 1 all the way up or ?
  7. you should grow a mullet. I think it would look good on you.
  8. I hope everything is going for you man! Glad to see you back and I hope your circumstances change for the better man.
  9. Whats up man! Sorry i've been back to work this week and busy. But i do still want to run some GB. How've you been? and I missed you at ADL.
  10. BoDYRoTx

    vVv Applicant

    Welcome, and add me to play sometime man! vVv BoDYRoTx is my GT.
  11. Arkaine, welcome back. I have no cheesy shit to say, other than i missed gaming with you. Now on a side note, get Smite and play with us to try it out. I never played any MOBA and didn't care too. ALong with a few others my self included loved playing it after a few games and getting used to it. It actually takes skill cause you have to aim so its not just strategy you have to have aim.
  12. hey, I'm glad i got to meet you the other night. I can't wait to play with you man, you seem very chill.
  13. BoDYRoTx

    Invis App to Join vVv

    hey brother! Where you been man? I missed playing with you, hopefully we can run some games soon!

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