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  1. Someway somehow, I just got an email linking me to this thread. So hello Old Friends - Exo lets game some time on xbox?
  2. Imma fake I.D it uppppp or at 9 im hiding and ill come around once shit gets bumpin lmaooo
  3. I will most likely be attending....I would still like to hangout even though I got dropped.
  4. Basically the same I got dropped been working wayyyy too much but ill try and make it too the combine
  5. no lie i was going to get a simple vVv Tattoo tomorrow cuz i was getting a cross and also anyone see my gaming article ?
  6. Great Job, I believe this might secure a sponsorship with us if not id be appauled! Great Job Guys!
  7. I just purchased the phone today and I am still finding some great capabilities of a 3G smartphone, its great! The over all feel ,weight, consistency of the device is remarkable. The things you can do on this phone is endless I would easily recommend it for anyone that works in the business world, loves texting, cant live without any type of social networking every time I go on the phone I find somethign new and useful. Great phone 5 stars!
  8. http://twitter.com/CoachKonvict
  9. once tD broke up.....mlg went downhill...terrible...stupid for them too part ways...btw dropping pistola for totz....there better off picking me up
  10. Konvict

    Active Rush Proposal

    Nahh that was araes that coached LtZ that helped us not this ariea
  11. Just got done watching Star wars EP 3

  12. Just got done watching Star wars EP 3

  13. Konvict

    Active Rush Proposal

    Antix, my smokin buddy from Dallas lmaooo
  14. Konvict

    Active Rush Proposal

    Great team to consider picking up, watched alot of the matches at nationals and also the past event. Also they can maybe give me a hookup too coach another team on the circuit I miss my pro coaching days..........
  15. Konvict

    Shut It Down

    Brandon=<3 btw we should hangout sometime, come too the next NjHalo.......
  16. nope i hate fighting -ish games but your welcome

  17. We need girls, a whole bunch of guys at a nightclub with no girls.....I say we just have vVv's there on one night during the D.C combine and we are V.I.P's and you allow me in even though ill only be 17.
  18. Ill take care of it Brandon. Dont worry lmao i'll have it switched. Seems I may need to try and comeback as application manager since this is going on...... It messed up alot
  19. Mah boy Diem doin big tings 2010

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