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  1. Going to miss getting naded on Meltdown hope everything works out for you bro, look forward to your return, keep us posted!
  2. That's awesome dude, I'd like to talk to you about this sometime! Hmu via PM or on XBOX, vVv Coach
  3. Ahh, I figured, I just wanted to clarify! Better to ask and be right, than to assume, and be wrong! Thanks! There was an incident when I used the word "doll" when speaking to a female applicant, nowhere near a flirty manner, but I am from the south, that is how I talk. The differences in culture and this applicants attitude caused there to be an issue there, and I was not sure if that was what he was referring to! Wanted to make sure!
  4. As a member of the CoD division, I put forth every effort to raise the bar, for myself mainly, and partly for others as well. I want to help others and be there to resolve issues, organize events, work with applicants, answer questions, not in as much as is expected of me, but to EXCEED those expectations...and as much as I am humanly able to, I do so. I DO have obligations more than other members to the CoD division, but it's not under a title, or a position. It is under the standards that I have set for myself, to EXCEED those "requirements." People come to me all day every day with a HUGE amount of questions/issues/ideas to get my help. It's not because I'm under a title, it's because I make myself available, and I am learning to become a person that others can trust, respect, confide in, and be comfortable around. Sure, I've made some mistakes in my "over"-zealousness, but those mistakes are being resolved. Bottom line, I 100% get your point, but the statement that I have no other obligation than other member, I must respectfully disagree with. Maybe no obligations from vVv staff, but I do from myself. That is my main focus. Call of Duty is my passion, both as a gamer and here with vVv. Anything else is a side-bar. And would you explain "culture" please?
  5. Hey, I would like to play with you sometime and talk with you...my gamertag is vVv Coach send me a F/R! Thanks!!
  6. While you're doing that, you may miss the chance to push someone to be great. Average people have to first push themselves to be good, and then we push them to be great. If they aren't willing to push themselves to be good, then we shouldn't be willing to push them to be great. That is Jerry's point, and remember, this is his community broski.
  7. Plan on making the trip if I can afford! Will be looking to make a team, Crispee and I will need 2 more solid players, preferably a good anchor and a good OBJ! I'll let everyone know closer to the time whether or not I will make it, and if so, let's create a team!
  8. Welcome to the community bro! I would like to review your application with you. If you have XBOX, message vVv Coach. If not, DM me on here, maybe we can get on Mumble and chat! I look forward to hearing from you, and wish you luck here with vVv!
  9. Yeah...like I told her in the DM on Twitter, she's a cool chick, but she just has to chill with the drama a bit!
  10. Welcome to the community, I have no doubt that you will enjoy your time here! There have been recent changes to the application and endorsement process, make sure you check that out! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me! Best of luck to you!!
  11. ^^^This. Nonetheless, welcome, and best of luck to you!
  12. Allow me to quote you, oh wise one. "Cod players"... Not the game, the players. Your words. Not mine. So weak.
  13. CallMeCoach


    This applicant was removed from HeXp gaming less than 10 hours ago by the owner of HeXp, for belittling people on Twitter, and for calling HeXp and it's members jokes. He went on to say that "this is not the first time Dork has acted in a destructive way." Below, i have included the link to view this, and a picture of the post by HeXp's owner if you want to just look at that. That type of negativity and attitude has no place here in vVv. Btw, sending me a message on XBOX asking how I can get you into vVv doesn't constitute as "knowing me." http://hexpgaming.com/our-community/community http://gyazo.com/eb0fbc13639b2eef570494dadf174093 The link to his Twitter account, where his immaturity is very obvious in his interactions with others. https://twitter.com/HeXp_eDork Scratch that, applicant deleted his app and replaced with a smiley face. Can a mod lock this please? Thanks!
  14. Well said, couldn't agree more. When someone's cons outweigh their pros, and they show that they are uninterested in rectifying the situation, it's time to cut your losses! I think that her primary focus is social media, but that is what she is messing up...that can't be good for the community. The message others get about vVv is, look jacked up and hostile these applicants & some members are, I don't want to be a part of that! Trying to teach someone who will learn is necessary. Trying to teach someone who closes everyone out and considers being asked to consider how they carry themselves in social media and their interactions with others "talking down at them like a child" is a huge waste of time. And Rapture, do you think you life would be enjoyable WITHOUT bashing the CoD division every chance you get? Honestly dude, what does it benefit anyone? Except for making you look ridiculous. That, it does, I promise you. "Adding value", not taking away and bashing. If you don't like the game, then don't worry about it. It's not that serious dude.

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