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  1. Can Xbox console players join or is it pc only?
  2. I still think it looks like a bird taking a nosedive🤣🤣🤣
  3. REALLY digging the grey with the raised center V showing separation. vVvery cool
  4. Relax, I'm just ribbing you?just making sure there's more definition of the Vs like we all agreed on earlier and that you just confirmed...?? I'm just preparing everyone for the expected feedback and trash talk we will receive from the "competition". Everyone is SOOO serious and touchy. Lighten up, we're here to have fun! And you seem to have forgotten this design began as a full on bird?Great job, dude!??
  5. You still need to thicken that middle V border/outline, looks like we're all Birdman Clan. You're effing obsessed with that bird. People are gonna be like, "Hey Birdman you're going down just like that bird on your chest!" and you'll be all like, "No, I'm going down on YOU! and they'll be all, "oh yeah you are! Suck it good, bro!" And I'll be all, "No, dummy, that's vVv! That's NOT a bird, g.d. it!"?
  6. Agreed! Just need to make that middle V come to the front a little, more defined. Make the logo pop a lil off the background. Then let's have a look at the type face ???
  7. Are we Birdman gaming or vVv? Because I can't tell unless I see 3 Vs. It looks plain without outlines to make it pop off the black background. I like the silver with outlines better than these without it Can also put outline around the| flames because the black part disappears I'm liking the 3 white Vs logo with outline and the grey Vs too if they were a little bit lighter. Overall the design is great. The top 2 on the| left are my faves if you just extended the middle V outline up a lil higher on it or thicker. Definitely top row is the best if you can make that middle V a lil more distinct. PS Don't be silly, EVERYONE knows our Illuminati Pyramid goes BEHIND the devil logo. #HellBoyz4Life
  8. That was my point... The Vs need a thin outline. Otherwise it is ok..
  9. LOL WTF!!!! What did you do? Where is the outline? And wtf is up with that shade gradient? It looks like some new Batman Birdman emblem! You can't tell those are Vs at all. Put the outlines back in and NO gradient
  10. ????? DUDE! You forgot the Skull and Crossbones!!! PS I like the "in your face" look.. Have you not met Jerry? ??????
  11. I would still like to see this with a very thin white outline on the Vs. I like this color scheme better than the silver
  12. YES! See with the outline it looks MUCH better. Probably would look better on black background. Can we see it with different V color options? White Vs red outline, red Vs Whit outline, black or the old charcoal with red or white outlines? Design is GREAT! Let's just see color options?
  13. THIS is cool!!! Can you put a thin white outline on the Vs and put it on the last shield in place of the bird?
  14. Cool, but the bird on the shield is too much. Wing overload... Can you just put some version of 3 Vs on the shield now? Also just a black emblem on the shield and stars don't show up well. It's better with white outline or white emblem

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