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    Zachary Stephen Jamison
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    USA, IN Chandler
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    DG Dreknathal
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    Call of Duty,
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    lasagna, Meat Loaf, Tacos
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    Green Lantern, V for Vindetta
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    Metallica, Behmoth, Three Days Grace
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    Video Gaming, Bass, Guitar,

About Me

Well, I'm a 17 year old kid that has grown up on video games my first game I started playing was Warcraft 2 when I was two years old didn't know much of what I was doing but I enjoyed it, from there on my passion for games grew more and more. For now my dream is to become a professional gamer, I mean really what kid doesn't want to earn money by playing video games and has a fan base, so this is me opening the doors to my dream and taking one step into vVv, I think this community will push me further then I've ever imagined, or at least I hope so, but the one thing that matters above all is my girl Albanie, unfortunately she thinks games are stupid, so I've gotta manage my time very wisely or my day might get ruined. Well now that you know a little about me send a message to the GT DG Dreknathal any time you wanna play.

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