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  1. HK.email

    Enmity's app

    My nigga Nick, good luck bro.
  2. In my honest opinion, what it all really boils down to is a simple word... COMPROMISE. The game has only been out for a week and people are freaking out already over something that will take months and millions of bits of data to collect and analyze by the very people who make the game. I, personally for one fucking despise the retro and the DBS to the very core of my being and don't think they should be used at all. Obviously in gow2, the HB was taken out of competitive play for various reasons. What are we left with? I would think that this discussion of competitive settings would take place maybe a few months before MLG, or at least AFTER MLG announces that they're putting the game on the circuit. Not one week after everyone is already getting tired of getting raped by the retro or dbs. I've obviously been out of the competitive scene for a long time, and MLG has turned around from the company I once knew of when I inserted my wired controller into their xbox (as dirty as that sounds lol) to now being absolutely huge, pulling in millions of views on their streams and what not. MLG has progressed a LOOOONG way from where they were back in 2008. What I mainly see here is that people are still stuck on MLG and Epic's wonky relationship in the past as far as MLG changing settings and what not for their game, and then the "community" comes in, says some collective things, preferably in curse words and then the argument is thrown out the door. I'll wait to see how well this information gathering by epic is done, seeing as how I bought the season pass, i'm not selling gow3 anytime soon.
  3. Sorry I didn't respond earlier man, I hardly get on the forums anymore. But yes I am ready for the awesomeness that is star wars, now all I need is a computer strong enough to support it lol.

  4. Sup bro? Haven't seen you in awhile. TOR's almost here! You ready for this awesomeness that is Star Wars?

  5. What's everyone been up to?

  6. LMFAOOOOOOOOOO you're silly man, that is me. My bro got that cake made for my birthday last year. Shit was epic

  7. is ur pic u on a cake... If it is you look very Yummy! LMFAO!!!! XD

  8. Amazing post, completely agree. Although that might've been merely an example, I think that mode needs to be implemented, theater mode or something. If this is to be the last gears game, we need this.
  9. I'm high as the rooftops!

  10. Nah I meant like arcade games on the xbox live market lol. my house isn't nearly big enough to house arcade cabinets and i don't know how to put multiple games on one cabinet

  11. like actual arcade cabinets?

  12. Well I DID play black ops, but the game's so bad I'm taking it back here soon. I have a TON of arcade games but I don't play em too often.

  13. What games do you play?

    I live at the end of 35, off of westbrook and denlinger. Its directly off of salem.

  14. LOL I live right on the outskirts between dayton and trotwood. Off of hoover avenue if you take 35 going west

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