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  1. https://twitch.tv/tahvvy i just need to hit the 3 average viewer milestone for my affiliate. help is appreciated
  2. this is probably the reason why i feel the text is a bit 'off'.
  3. Where am I today?: Currently a tournament organizer for Brawlhalla. Doesn't pay enough/often anymore. Did some graphics for a few tournaments in the past but I stepped down from doing them. I'm a twitch mod on the official stream. Do I still game?: Why stop gaming? It's still one of the best solutions for me to briefly take a break from my problems and be happy. What platform do I mainly play on now?: PC. add on steam id/tahvvy What do I do for work?: Unemployed right now. Someone hook me up. ? Did your time in vVv affect where you are at today? If so, then how? I'm a believer that everything that happens in your life shapes your life. no matter how small or big the impact is. So right now, i use the quote i heard from Jerry many times in the forum instant chat bar.... Embrace the Suck. Something i kinda live by now. Helps me to stop blaming the world for problems look for the solution in myself. Originally the quote is for people who suck at the game to stop getting overly upset for sucking because alot of people suck. The graphic arts skills I built from my time with vVv still carries over. But mostly I only do it if I have inspiration, streamer with shitty overlay and panels, or i do it for fun/myself, or if someone asks me personally for something or money. Doing graphics was how I stepped into the brawlhalla scene and used as a starting point to make connections. Also its nice to see the badges i designed are still being used on this site.
  4. vVv Tahvvy

    Cowarddd's PC App

    Even when i die, my soul would continue to shitpost
  5. owo a new challenger approaches
  6. vVv Tahvvy

    Stix's Application

    Oooo i found a game i might like to do. Dynasty Warriors 2, there's no runs on it but its supported. I can be a WR holder wooo
  7. vVv Tahvvy

    Stix's Application

    ooooo a speedrunner, ive been thinking about going into speedrunning with my low end laptop, i can only run n64 roms. Any suggestions besides the basic sm64?
  8. I think I'm just gonna get the origins edition for xbox.
  9. Overall Score: SKTT1 3-2 KOO Tigers Game 1: Skt SKTT1 Kills: 14 SKTT1: Barons: 1 SKTT1 Dragons:3 KOO Kills: 3 KOO Barons: 0 KOO Dragons: 1 Game 2: koo SKTT1 Kills: 7 SKTT1: Barons: 0 SKTT1 Dragons: 4 KOO Kills: 12 KOO Barons: 1 KOO Dragons: 4 Game 3: Skt SKTT1 Kills: 20 SKTT1: Barons: 1 SKTT1 Dragons: 5 KOO Kills: 12 KOO Barons: 1 KOO Dragons: 4 Game 4: Koo SKTT1 Kills: 15 SKTT1: Barons: 1 SKTT1 Dragons: 4 KOO Kills: 21 KOO Barons: 1 KOO Dragons: 6 Game 5: Skt SKTT1 Kills: 7 SKTT1: Barons: 1 SKTT1 Dragons: 4 KOO Kills: 5 KOO Barons: 0 KOO Dragons: 3
  10. Everyone's leaving ;-; Good luck at Samsung, now send me free mercy :3. Cool dude, something about you makes me comfortable around you. maybe it's the attitude and swagger or the fellow New Yorker blood. With your help I wasn't as nervous as I would been without. one day we'll be back at a event again watching Buzz be drunk in hotel room again. <3
  11. all will eventually return to vVv

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