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  1. Wanting to LIve the Dream of playing for vVv Gaming

  2. Team Name How long have you been playing competitively? I Have been playing competitively for about 2 years now. How many hours during the week do you play CoD? I play all the time, form when I get home to when I feel necessary to stop playing. How many hours during the week do you dedicate towards reviewing gameplay and major tournaments? What about together as a team? I am WIth Arctic Empire and Also WYDB, I started with my family and friends. How many hours during the week do you play CoD as a full team roster? atleast 3 hrs a day full Team of Members of my Clan What are the tournament results for your past 3 major events (MLG, UMG, etc.)? Please provide links to brackets, threads, supporting pictures, etc. I have not been in one or entered in one :/ What is your next online event? LAN? Game on Tournament at a Gaming cafe, also Game Battles How many major tournaments have you attended? 0 Are you shy around people you don't know? Nah, I am a really friendly person, that always likes to meet new people. If you've been sponsored before, who was your best sponsor? Why? Non, Well Besides being partnered on Youtube Why are you no longer with them? I have not been with one What was your worst sponsor? Why? None What do you hope to achieve as a player for vVv Gaming? Reach out to the community and show that vVv is A wonderful Gaming community, and to help Branch out in the competitive life. Also Help all the others on being better players with sharing my prior knowledge,and have others help me . Link to all social media sites used.(Twitter/Facebook/Reddit, etc) Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Gravesniper247 Twitter:https://twitter.com/AnthonyPushard Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ReflectionsAe?fref=ts Reddit: Megablue42 Do you stream? If so, link to your channel. No But I would love to start. Do you create written or video content? If so, link to your content. Yes I do, I have a video Channel that is partnered. http://www.youtube.com/user/Gravesniper247 What does being a professional gamer mean to you? I have been partnered for a little while and professional player means a competitive gamer who has been past the playing level of regular gamin,and does outstanding with what they are playing, and respects the rules of the game and is a player that likes to play to play, but also knows how to play competitively with skill. A professional player is a player who also Respects others and does nto have to be perfect, but has to have a good understanding. Treats the clan and professional outlook and does shout outs for the clan and keeps updated on youtube videos, while staying with the clan and help branching out to the community . Just wanting to live up to my dream of being sponsored by the best clan around. vVv How do you think you can improve as a player? As a member of the eSports community? I can improve on anything, I think That I always have room to improve, but at the same time I can help others improve on skills as well. I could strad more, and also I could maybe have more key points. Thank you for your time, and please message me back, I would love to live up to my dream.

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