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  1. Hey Nikki! I haven't talked to you in years since I was a member back in 2013. It doesn't seem that long. How have you been?!
  2. SOA Ryno

    LinX Motion

    Glad to see you got your app all squared away. You will see that this is a great community, if you haven't already. Keep it up LinX
  3. SOA Ryno

    Bossy Re-App

    You're welcome Brandi!!!
  4. SOA Ryno

    Bossy Re-App

    How much time have you spent with the applicant, in-game or out? I've known her since she applied, I play with her off and on, and I always have a great time when I do play with her. What was your first impression of the community member? Did it change at all over time? If so, how? My first impression of her was the same as it is now. She's real chill and gets along with everyone! What was your favorite moment with them (in-game or out)? She's a real cool girl and is real open and brightens up a lobby/party. So with that being said there isn't one particular moment. Not only that but she is a real solid CoD player. <3 What makes this applicant a good fit for vVv Gaming? She is active online (Xbox) and Twitter and is real integrated within the community. How could they improve to be a better potential community member? Forum activity can be an improvement, but other than nothing at all. Anything else we should know about this applicant? Any skills or talents that no one else knows yet? There's nothing that no one knows already
  5. Hell yea I'm getting Ghosts! Gonna be playing it for quite awhile tonight
  6. I am. But I'm playing the waiting game right now.
  7. Alright everyone. I've finally got my shit together and my comeback is real. I know my absence has been noted, and with Call of Duty: Ghosts coming out, it seems like no better than any to pick up where I left off. I'm sorry if I pissed anyone off or anything, if so I apologize. I haven't really communicated with the community on the forums, on Xbox, or twitter. I'll be looking forward to running CGN's on Ghosts and getting active in the community again.
  8. Keep doing what you're doing. It seems like you're doing great in the community.
  9. Hahahaha Robo, you a boss! Did you get a picture with him, because I have a mental image of what he looks like and I'm going to be kind of pissed if he's handsome or something lol
  10. SOA Ryno

    IRGRL's Amazing Re-App

    Get it girl! I haven't been around as much as I would like, but I hope you are doing well! Keep it up Steph
  11. SOA Ryno

    IRGRL's Amazing Re-App

    I finally got a computer to post on this! Welcome back Steph!
  12. I'm back everyone! I finally got my computer and with all the changes going on in my life, I hope to get things together and get active again. Sorry for my absence, like I said, big changes in my life right now.
  13. I want to throw a name out there, ADG EpicSaint. A real chill guy and is very skilled at the game. Is respectful to everyone and is always looking for ways to improve. He asked to teach him how to quick scope one time lol. Besides the point, I want to know what you guys think of him, because he will be getting an endorsement from me real soon.

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