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  1. Jokes on you I never lied and still got trashed.
  2. Hey bud find me on twitter!  @gamewithsoap


  3. Can't watch Aladdin on the principle it's not Robin Williams. Other than the Avengers movies, I'm really looking forward to Tolkien. I didn't think his life other than the Lord of the Rings would be big enough to have a motion picture about it.
  4. That would be an amazing thing to do for the inexperienced. Good, thoughtful insight is what drives some casual players (like me) to take a bigger interest and investment. Also, I would recommend updating your title to something like "Idea: GoW4 Callout Map" or something like that. You will gather more attention from people overall since they will know what they're clicking. If you need someone to take a look a look at what you've created, I would be more than happy to do that!
  5. When done right, biscuits expand in the stomach making you full. Therefore, I'm glad to see this B1zkit back
  6. I will be, but on PC. The game run's amazing on here and won't be on Xbox anymore ?
  7. When I become a bear I'll think about it
  8. I've been good. Going to school, working; same old, same old. What's been up with you?
  9. Do you have any diaper money?
  10. Yes, Soap is resigning, again. Some things occurred towards the end of my leave period that has caused me to change priorities in my life. At this point I'd rather just get on to play video games and I won't be able to add any value to this community and will not be able to be consistent enough to satisfy the requirements of being a member as I said I would. I need to put my efforts into my family and my job. Good luck to everyone here! I'll stop by as I normally do to say "Hi" during this journey. Soap
  11. Taylor, I appreciate and respect you stepping up and taking responsibility in everything you do. I'll miss your enthusiasm when it comes to your casting. I hope I assisted you during your time here and your V's were rightfully earned. Never be a stranger here and if you are ever online I'll make sure to keep in contact. Come back again if you ever have some time I'll see you on Xbox! Shayne
  12. Both days are good for me. I have you added so send me a message when you're on!
  13. Hey man! Have you played with anyone yet? I like the montage I'll be on Wednesday through Saturday before I go home for most of September. Let's get some games in before I leave. You will be well within your application by the time I get back!

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