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  1. RoBoCoX

    Robo Application

    Unfortunately I will be closing my Application - Thanks! I got an offer over at FrontTowardsGamer and Operation Supply Drop to Lead one of their Stream Teams and that will take up a majority of my time. Take care and good luck with vVv.
  2. RoBoCoX

    Robo Application

    ITS LEVEL 25 NOT 15 Damnit! Thanks love!
  3. RoBoCoX

    Robo Application

    I live in East Islip - But West Babylon is one of my Zip Codes (Areas) that I own when it comes to recruiting. I am very familiar with that area!
  4. Overwatch is officially one of my new FAV games lol! I got put on a temp ban on CSGO and so I got overwatch and fell in love, looking forward to playing as a group!
  5. RoBoCoX

    Robo Application

    Mucho Gracias! Anything I can do to help
  6. RoBoCoX

    Robo Application

    hashtag blessed
  7. RoBoCoX

    Robo Application

    Name: Robert Cox Age: 28 Location: Long Island, NY Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018173215/ Battle.Net Tag: Robocox What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game) Overwatch on PC What are some other games that you currently play? CSGO, COD, The Division How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I was in vVv Gaming 3 Years Ago, I was a part of the COD Division and was a VERY active member of the community. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? I know MANY people in vVv Gaming, I was good friends with Mikey (RIP), I know Natural, Zodyak, RobzGod, Jerry, Vall, etc. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? vVv Gaming was once a place for ALL who had interest in competitive gaming to come and let their talents show. This was/is a place of friendship & development. I HATE to see this place go down (not that it will) and I have been a part of many organizations (Denial eSports, vVv, and OSD) as a Marketing Manager/Social Media Manager and I feel that I would be able to assist in the development and growth of vVv as a whole, whether it be: Recruiting, Management, Marketing, Sponsor acquisition, or whatever need be. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? My hobbies outside of Gaming are (Recruiting and Sales) I am an Army Recruiter so that is my specialty, Photography, Motorcycles, Tattoos and Being a Father. How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? My value will be through Marketing Assistance, Social Media, Community Organization and Development, Activity, Graphic Design and Many More Acquired Skills over my 28 Years of life, and 5-8 Years of eSports Experience. Do you attend LAN Events? Any LAN event that I am physically capable of attending, I WILL! I will also be sure to take photo's and live-tweet/stream when possible! Will you be meeting with us in person at PAX SOUTH in January of 2017? Unfortuantely I will not be able to make this event due to my work schedule.
  8. RoBoCoX


    <3 I love you pretzl! I HOPE I MAKE IT BACK IN!
  9. Something about deleted emails.
  10. R.I.P Buddy! Had some good times. 

  11. I quit playing I LOVED it but it became so repetitive
  12. This is a hard game to support as a community with the limited # of party members allowed into a singe game. Plus there are no private servers for pvp / whatever.
  13. RoBoCoX

    Cowarddd's PC App

    Tahvvy Still here I see

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