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  1. I'm not trying to be dramatic, I've seen few of these outreaches and that is how I perceived them and am only trying to reflect on them. Everything I wrote up to now I have thought it through and wrote it the way I did to to try and show the feelings they bring. In addition to all my comments before, I'm looking at this whole thing also as gains vs loss. I don't see nowhere near as much gain with the chop than how much I see on the loss side. A good quality of a leader is to be able to listen to his community and act on its wishes. Right now it seems there is a split right down the middle and going one way or another makes somebody not happy, so we should really find a happy medium. In any case, I'll walk away from this conversation knowing I tried my best whichever conclusion this may bring, but I wanted to try and I wanted to give it my best try because I feel that strongly about it. Thanks for listening.
  2. That outreach was along the lines of "Hey, we're cutting ties, you don't matter anymore and if you want to stay in you better prove why you're worth it" Again, not in those words but that is how it comes of as. I honestly wouldn't want to come back after that kind of treatment either. What you should do is message each honorary member and ask them why they are no longer active and what would need to happen for them to become more active. Don't make ultimatums but instead learn about the problem and go making decisions when you have all the facts. And instead of chopping them for not getting active, come up with a solution where their work is still recognized. I offered one above and maybe its not the right one, but lets come up with one if its not.
  3. Honestly, I believe this was the wrong approach. I really don't mean to offend anyone and I am very sorry if you take it the wrong way but here is my opinion if you care for it. So far mentality of every president that got on board was, chop, chop and chop. Sadly I made the same mistake as well and in all honestly, I have not seen a single positive thing to come out of it. I learned from this mistake and here is me trying to share what I learned so you don't repeat it. Recently we chopped away 90% of out discord members in a day, why? Because they were not active, and now they never will be. Why don't we go and chop 90% of our twitter followers? its the same thing as far as I see it, they don't follow nor re-post our content anyway, so whats the point, we can delete the account, create it again and start over. I honestly see that no different than what has been done so far with discord. I think its high time we realize that discord is a platform for advertising, socializing, information sharing and so much more all spun in one. Its best of every world (social media platform wise) and I feel we just threw that away. We can use it to have a following so much more immersive than any other website you can name. And for the chunk of people that is there and not involved, I don't see as a problem but rather an opportunity to get them involved. Maybe I understood it wrong when @vVv Doomhammer explained it to me all those years ago. Maybe I even misunderstood as I sat in Mumble server listening to @vVv LordJerith promoting @vVv sK1ppY to an honorary member back then, but it went something along like this. Skippy, you have done so much for our community that I am promoting you to an honorary member, that means you can never be chopped and is a way of the community thanking you for your hard work, donations and effort you have put in. You have done so much, you earned your V's for life. Now Jerry may not have used those words exactly, but that is what I understood him say behind his speech, and that is one of the key moments that made me want to stay involved with vVv through all the hardships I have watched it go through. So if I understood it wrong then that is on me, but if I haven't then I really think that chopping the honorary members is the wrong way to go. I understand the problem of getting honorary status and washing your hands away. I always saw this as an issue as I tried very hard to get people engaged back and had next to no success with anyone holding the honorary title. I back then decided that it wasn't the right problem for me to fix so I focused on building new content with new members as oppose to relying on the old who kept giving "making vVv great again" speech i keep seeing everywhere. I now find myself wishing I gave this problem a bit more thought and action back then, seeing where its going next. I don't like to be the person who just whines and complains, I like to be the person who bring a solution to the table, so I would like to offer a suggestion. And before I get into it, I just want to make it clear that I fully appreciate the great deal of time and effort invested in giving this matter a thought. I know it wasn't an easy decision and I know you debated it for a while and I hope you don't find my words too harsh as I really mean well and want you to succeed. The first thing is I believe that as oppose to chopping honorary members flat out and giving them some ultimatum, you try to understand them and actually ask them what they want. Will you ever come back? What will it take? Ask every person individually. If you really want to understand the problem then don't make a single post and expect answers, you have to get into those one on one conversations and actually hear the person and understand what they are saying, not just hear them, but really understand them. The second thing is, a lot of you here supporting this chop would of gotten chopped by your definition when I took over, I cant name very many of you that I see here to have come back to support vVv Gaming when I took over. You all went away and it doesn't matter why. So if I cut ties with you back then, well you wouldn't be here now coming back trying to rebuild. I see the members of vVv Gaming come and go in waves and these honorary members return every so often to come back and try to help. They have long periods of inactivity but they do come back eventually and try to help, even if its a post here and there offering their peace of mind. I always found those helpful. By chopping them, we are officially saying that we do not appreciate the work they did. So why on earth would they want to come back later? So the root of the problem as I see it is that the honorary role was meant to say, you did so much thank you. But it seems you want the honorary role to now also mean active to some degree. So why not archive (I wish I could find a better word to describe this) instead of chop. Why not still recognize people we are removing for what they did as oppose to flat out saying good bye. So the Honorary Role could still mean all those great things, but it can also mean the person is active to some degree and for those honorary members who no longer wish to be active at the present time, we simply move them to a historic role where their accomplishments are listed. We recognize the time and effort they put in, we acknowledge them still but also show that they are no longer actively involved in the community. And if they want to come back tomorrow and become active again, they can and we can move them back to honorary, it saves everyone feelings and we continue to thank them for their hard work. And we can decide on who to keep honorary and who to keep historic by talking to them individually. After all the work they put in, I think the least we can do is show them a bit of gratitude and respect by reaching out to them personally instead of some massive post of get active or get chopped. Bottom line is, I feel this was the wrong move and I feel it sends a wrong message to anyone who wants to get involved with vVv Gaming moving forward.
  4. Congrats and wishing you best of luck on your attempt to turn things around
  5. I've recently started playing overwatch again, I hover around 2k. Hit me up if you want to play sometimes. Bagzli#1968
  6. I always saw red as our color, not gray, white or black. Other colors always felt more as supportive colors. For that reason I think the middle V should be red, if you feel there is too much red, maybe make the wings be other colors? See how that would look like?
  7. One of my monitors is rather brighter, when I look at it there I agree with you, but on my darker monitor, I actually like the look. Thus my suggestion is if maybe darker red colors are used, it may look better with red in the middle.
  8. I like this much better than the shield stuff. How do you feel about the middle V being red?
  9. I asked that question because I couldn't understand why we would want to rip off other organizations and lose our identity in the process.
  10. I got you covered, #Paint4Life https://ibb.co/9HDtqwp
  11. Sorry, I think I may have missed it if you said this before, but could you tell me why you are giving links to logos of other orgs? Are you saying we should do something similar or something else?
  12. Not trying to tarnish anyone's hard work here but I really do feel that none of these logos scream to me vVv Gaming as the coin logo does. Honestly, looking at them it feels like we are trying too hard to look like other esports organizations as opposed to building upon our identity that was built over many years. Maybe as opposed to trying to create a shield logo, we can adjust the coin logo instead? Maybe a combination? Coin in the shield? Maybe too cramped, don't know. Just wanted to give my 2 cents and put a different idea to the discussion. Edit: I can't photoshop to save my life, but maybe something along these lines could work as well? https://imgur.com/jD2OZXP Question: What does the bird represent on the latest version of the logo?
  13. Where am I at today? Many of you here that have posted probably do not know me as I came after your time here, however, I am Bagzli and I did a number of things at vVv Gaming. I've started out as an admin in our Guild Wars 2 Guild and moved onto running the said Guild, followed by running all the MMO guilds we had and then even became the President of vVv Gaming. I've also built the current website that we have now. I have been eSports focused with my time here, but I focused on creating content instead of participating in it. For example, I would create Tournaments for players to participate. I did this in Guild Wars 2 (Kings of The Mists), Rocket League (Supersonic Series), and PUBG (The Armaggedon Series). Currently, I still lurk the forums from time to time and drop in to say hi on Discord. I would say today I'm in a great place. I've recently bought a house and am counting days until I can move in. For me, this was a huge milestone to cross and I'm very happy I've finally accomplished that goal. Do I still Game? I still game, however, due to my efforts mostly being focused on a personal project, I've driven down to currently playing a game that lets me be very casual... Runescape... I've always loved MMO's, That is actually how I found vVv Gaming, through Guild Wars 2 Guild. I also play from time to time: Rocket League, Dead By Daylight, Dota 2, PUBG, and Overwatch. What platform do I mainly play on now? I've always been a PC Player, although I did buy a switch and been loving Legend of Zelda. I do also own XBOX One, just its been collecting dust lately... What do I do for work? I'm a software engineer. I create websites. I've worked on Payment Processing websites in the past and now I work for a startup company which is a different type of adventure for me than what my previous work was. Did your time in vVv affect where you are at today? Yes, time spent here I will never regret as it has given me opportunities to grow in various areas. I'd like to believe I have grown as a person from my interactions with various people I have met due to the work I did here and as well as professionally. vVv Gaming website has been the first website I ever made on my own and it has given me the confidence to create more websites and seek better opportunities due to that experience.
  14. Application closed. Applications are closed for the following reasons: -Requested by applicant -Inactivity -Failed to upload a Pic -Failed to COMPLETELY fill out Forum Personal Profile and "About Me" Page -Applied to another organization -Inappropriate conduct Please contact me or another staff member if you feel this has been done in error. If you do not contact staff within 3 days, this application will be filed away as "Closed/Not Admitted." Thank You.
  15. Congratulations! After reviewing your application, posts, social media activity and reviewing feedback from staff and community, I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected for a panel-interview! We will be covering every link in this thread during the interview, so READ THIS CAREFULLY! Please send me a forum pm with your availability over the next few days so that we can schedule the pre-interview. A typical interview session lasts for approximately 1 - 2.5 hours Congrats! Come Prepared!

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