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  1. I don't really mean to have a dig at vVv here so please take this first paragraph as genuine criticism that I believe would actually improve your community. I think that I would be more inclined to visit this website if the community wasn't so quick to just agree with whatever the top dogs put out. I think the insistence of bringing value to the organisation has almost scared people from sharing their opinion. I have read your web stats before and they are obviously something you take great pride in, but I imagine your bounce rate would be far, far better, if people were encouraged to debate and share their thoughts rather than just agree and post "great read" in reply to everything. I doubt it's just me who thinks this. Currently there's almost no reason for people to check back to earlier threads. The reason I say this is because I don't think this is a great read at all. In fact, I think that this was a piece that must have come about because there wasn't much content kicking about on the particular day that this was penned. For one, it would have been much better had you actually gone into further detail on a few of your points, including detailing a case of a player rising to the top out of relative obscurity and prove that you can actually come from nowhere and make it to the top rather than just saying it. "If you followed Major League Gaming's 2009 and 2010 Major League Gaming Pro Circuit, you would have seen many new players break into the top ranks." The article for the most part seems to be aimed at the average man who won't even know much about competitive gaming, other than that it exists, so a case example probably would have made it easier to relate to rather than them just taking your word for it. I also don't agree with the title of the article because I believe it's a touch misleading, in that, it's not necessarily a great time to aim to "become" a pro gamer. I think there's a significant difference between aiming to become a pro and getting into competitive gaming. I would define a pro gamer as someone who plays video games professionally, and therefore, they get paid to do so as a job. Attending events and competing for money, doesn't make you a professional. Don't get me wrong, I love eSports, but the opportunities to become a genuine professional are few and far between and for 99.9% of players, the rewards vs the sacrifices are not balanced. Even if you compare current opportunities to a few years ago, there aren't even necessarily more opportunities than there have been in the past. There are more tournaments for some games, more exposure and more businesses interested in gaming, but the opportunities available to the average player become a professional gamer is by no means at an all time high.
  2. Having read your description of Coaching, I now think more than before that it is an unnecessary step for MLG to take. Realistically, I completely accept that if an extremely competent coach came along, they could get that extra bit out of the team. Although I'd have never disputed that previously. @Vero, stuff like "Coaches also can help talk to the ref about the next maps or rule disputes and etc and once again it takes the stress off the player" probably sums up my current opinion on coaches and how surplus to requirement they really are. Does having someone to talk to the ref get you a better placement? I don't think so. You might argue that it's that little bit of extra help, and sure, it is, but in my opinion at least, unnecessary. On the psychological subject, I think that is even more unnecessary and surplus to requirement than other stuff you've mentioned. As more and more people wear good quality headsets where they can't even really hear the other people, I don't believe it necessary to try and have someone on the other team trying to put the opponent off. If anything I don't even really like that aspect of gaming. Some do, some don't. It can be amusing but all things considered, I don't think it's very "sport like" which is kind of the values that people are trying to impose on gaming. "Coaching takes many forms in team sports from improving fitness, tactics, technique, mentality and so on, which is why I don't think it's particularly applicable to gaming." - I think this comment was misinterpreted before. I didn't say that they don't exist in gaming, but rather, those things don't need to be shaped by a coach. Still, like I said above, I agree that a good coach could be good for a team for a lot of the reasons mentioned. i.e. gets a more broad perspective, focuses on mentality etc. But with that in mind, I really don't think that it is MLG's job or really concern to focus on this. While it might improve overall game quality a bit, as far as I'm aware, there are no calls/complains about the current levels of skill. Essentially it's down to the teams themselves. The problem I still have with this concept is that most coaches will fall behind the players because they won't play. Not only that, the top teams players should be better at all of the above than most/any coaches will be simply because the coaches would fall behind. I think you've got to play a game to have the full understanding of the mechanics and watching is simply not enough, at least in gaming. When I originally read the post, I thought you were looking at a coach from a more managerial perspective. Someone who MLG would train to get the team to represent their brand better in the public, in interviews etc, almost like a middle man. I don't even think you can really train a coach in the sense that you guys are talking, unless we're talking about teaching them about the game. Essentially, it's down to the coaches of today to grab the bull by the horns. Much like management, it's more a skill that you either will possess or won't and at the same time, it has to be catered to the players individually because what works with one team might not necessarily work with another. In short, again, I agree that this could one day be the way forward, but like I've already said, I don't think it's nearly as important as what you guys are making it out to be in this instance. Don't get me wrong, coaching in other areas is important; my mum is a trained Life Coach and two of my close friends are Sports Coaches (well, one is a Strength and Conditioning coach) but I just don't share the same view that this is an MLG priority simply because it is not their responsibility to spend time and resources on training people that are not a necessity to their structure. Perhaps this could be a key component to a highly successful vVv team roster, but I think to find a coach that is good enough to take that team the top further, they would have to get a top player to give up playing to do so. Maybe this will become the norm a few years down the line. I could imagine Walshy being an extremely successful Halo coach one day.
  3. It depends on the kind of role you're expecting a coach to perform really.
  4. Coaching takes many forms in team sports from improving fitness, tactics, technique, mentality and so on, which is why I don't think it's particularly applicable to gaming. Almost everyone who becomes a coach doesn't have the same in game knowledge and/or skill as the players within the team. The only truly worthwhile coach I have seen is when Killercrank stood up behind his own team after he died because he truly new the game and his team inside out and could still contribute after dying.
  5. ha, I am not denying that you might agree with him. However, I don't. Well I say I don't. Perhaps I don't understand why you believe the coaches job to be so vital? In my opinion, the job is often over hyped/surplus to requirement and could easily be replaced by a clued up player or a manager who can cover several teams. I also don't see the necessity to have a match coach in gaming either. Team sports obviously need a coach but the way practice and such takes place on Xbl, I don't think it lends itself well to that kind of thing and the term coach in Halo 3 or Gears of War for example, normally just means a guy who can time stuff and increase communication. Who were the Europeans who got banned?
  6. Surprised to find myself saying this but I thought this was probably the best article you have actually written by quite a long way. Yes, it's once again full of the vVv Gaming hype anyone outside of vVv Gaming has probably grown to accept but the heart of the article is good throughout. Although I am not sure that I agree with the importance of coaching to the same level that you have outlined here, the rest I believe to be very accurate. The concept of roster consistency is probably the most important factor from my point of view and I'm interested to see how MLG tackles this. From my perspective, this has never seemed that high on their agenda but rather, MLG focus on selling the players rather than the team itself. I'm a bit surprised you didn't mention the Combines also because I personally believe that they're an absolute con. The concept of "player scouting" by some of the top players is totally fake but the success of AReallyGoodNoob has added undeserved weight to the point of the Combine. In the end, there is no spot available really on any team, and the players who can be seen scouting at the events are generally part of a full roster who wouldn't even consider one of these break through-ers. If the Combine continues it would be great to see a shift in strategy to make them more worthwhile to the player.
  7. You want to join vVv with a post like that? Good luck. It came down to it and we said, yeah OK we'll let those sponsors pay just for those two COD teams but then we couldn't agree on a role for you so you left. We both know how it went. You can accuse me of lying all you want but at the end of the day my first post pointed out the fact that you haven't had a load of management experience and that you're not very highly respected at all amongst the EU communities. I won't bother getting down to the nitty gritty of what you did and didn't do, because I doubt that managing ONE team and TWO sponsors was much hard work when you hardly worked with those sponsors publicly and if you did you did it very poorly as I never saw any promotional activities regarding TCS and those companies. If you also knew anything about me and Mellow you'd know that we disagree a lot of the time, probably more than we both agree with each other.
  8. I've had this account for ages, and I'll give my opinion where I want thanks. Edit: since 18th April 2008 in fact.
  9. Why would I try and deny that we wanted to have those sponsors with us? It made perfect sense financially for us at the time. At the end of the day, you left because we didn't give you the managerial role that you wanted, because quite frankly there was nothing that you could bring to the table that we didn't already have bags of. Plus, again no offence intended, but our management wasn't exactly fond of the idea of having you in the team for various reasons. Quite honestly at that point in time as well, you were just the coach of those teams, and from speaking to the players in those teams they wanted to join TI but didn't really want you to join with them. Don't take that as an offence now, that's just the facts of the situation, the only thing that you could bring that we wanted was the sponsors but soon after you left GameShare stopped doing sponsorships anyway because they were going down the pan so we didn't lose out at all. You didn't really have any superb managerial achievements, TCS had an incredibly talented group of gamers and they would've performed well regardless. My comment was made solely because I wouldn't want anyone that wasn't knowledgable of the situation/couldn't see it as a joke to get the wrong end of the stick and think of picking you up over Acid when you haven't really done anything revolutionary.
  10. No offence Rulez but at the end of the day it's not like you're some hugely experienced manager that is well respected by the EU community. You probably have about as much experience as each other, so your sly dig didn't really work out very well there.
  11. Good luck Oli, if you ever need to chat you know where I am.
  12. What exactly do you mean by misinterpreted?
  13. I'm going to answer those two questions just in case the story has been put across incorrectly by anyone, and I'll also provide what I hope is a good short assessment of Oli as a management figure. We brought Oli on for two reasons; one was the lack of having a marketing manager who would secure the sponsorship that the team somewhat deserved, and the other was because Oli promised some monthly funding power for the team out of his personal accounts. Oli must've been in the team for just less than a month without actually doing anything regarding his job when he announced that he couldn't give the team any funding any more. On numerous occasions despite us checking if him funding the team was OK he did say he was fine to give the team funding and thus, several players/teams became aware of this. Once Oli pulled out his funding, he had not only let the team down and to put it nicely, pissed a lot of people off, we felt that it was the right decision to remove Oli as he had also not performed any of the actions that his job entailed, i.e. contacting any potential sponsors at all. Thus, Oli didn't do anything positive admittedly, and was brought on for his seeming marketing abilities and promised funding, in a role that we needed to be filled; yet he failed as he didn't perform any of his job actions despite given ample time, and pulled his promised funds out of the team, letting a lot of people down. Aside from that, I'm happy to assess Oli's management capabilities. I can fairly say that Oli is a very nice guy who is easy to get along with, and there is no way that he is afraid to ask for help if he ever needs it, and I believe he would do his research well and seek advice where applicable, especially from other managers and players regarding scenes that he is unsure about. Oli doesn't have any real experience in managing as large a section of a multi-gaming organisation as vVv would be, but I think that given time, patience and help he could do quite a good job. I have reason for doubting that vVv would be restored to having top 3 teams on all of the 3 main FPS games because of the reasons posted before, that many players are actually given full funding and are being given full coverage despite many people's doubts about this. Until vVv can do this, you may not get the best players or teams, but then again I don't feel the console scene warrants as much funding as the PC scene for example at this point in time; if funds are limited, then you'd be best off spending cash elsewhere, but if you have unlimited funds or a large amount of money then you will get the top teams no doubt. I am however sure that Oli would do his best for vVv if given the opportunity, and hopefully he would do well. The last important aspect links to the former; Oli as a man I feel could actually bring some respect back into the vVv EU brand, something that has been lost on players and community members in the past admittedly. I personally would like to see Oli flourish given the chance, and I would like to see vVv back up at the top of the pack in the EU community, but I feel this is only possible if vVv's image in Europe returns to that of the past. Then, and only then, would vVv be given the same consideration to join by teams wanting to join the best team possible regardless of funding. I completely agree that the console side does not warrant as much promised expenditure as many teams are promised, and given, but for some money isn't even an object. Take Crack Clan for example, they're fully funded by a private investor who most people know has a lot of money in his pocket so that they're fully funded for every single event. Also, many of these promises have been made in the form of contracts, from EU multi-gaming teams who have been around for some time and have the funds secured to back these contracts up. They've been making these 'promises' for not just months, but years. Of course everybody knows how some people say they're sponsored and for example getting full funding when they're not, but to be honest I personally know what pretty much every EU team that is in a multi-gaming organisation receives, and there are a large number of players and teams who actually get a "full ride".

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