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    call of duty, fifa, mine craft
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    im interested in alot of fps games , strategy games and also sport games. i also like maths, football and fitness
  1. was at DCGN last night was good would like to help out in the future if help is needed also if anyone needs help or advise on how you should be thinking when you go into a game of ctf , s&d or hardpoint and the position you / how you should play in that position just leave a comment and add me on xbox
  2. its going to be a fun weekend

  3. im not going to be on xbox from this time going to be spending some time with my girlfriend ( il be on the site as much as i can )
  4. have a topic in the other titles (past, present and future) pinned and wil be keeping it up to date
  5. very well played from the pro team, cant wait for the next tourney

  6. watching the mlg event all weekend cant wait to watch vVv #vVvAnaheim
  7. Andrew Zeus Hutton


    i think this should be deleted
  8. only thing i would change is impact with optic cause like u said about impact this is the one they lose for optic this is the one that they need to show there still up there as one of the best
  9. hello welcome to vVv good luck on your application. try and stay active on the site and get to know the community more should help
  10. good luck on your application hope to see u around... at the CGN ext

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