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    im interested in alot of fps games , strategy games and also sport games. i also like maths, football and fitness
  1. i dont like the look of it i feel ctf takes more skill and i dont know why there trying to change game modes and not add to them but it is interesting lets see how it is on the main stage and if its enjoyable to watch or play, also if they remove s&d il just go mental
  2. money h**s they know we wanted that but nooooo >:@
  3. load of crap tba dont want new maps i want 4 or 5 new / old zombies maps i hope there's a fifth dlc only zombies cause il be pissed if they dont >: @
  4. they should just ban people longer for up to 24h, if they consistently quit, ban them from the league servers i know other games have this feature ie league of legends, also if they dont play the game for other 3 min they get auto boot and if they consistently get booted then they should get banned for the servers. also for disconnections it should be the same im sure halo is the same on that
  5. i would like to see a change to league play add alot of stuff and rules cause im getting bored now :/
  6. hello guys just asking for everyone's opinion on the next call of duty and what they would like to see in the ghosts reveal coming next wed ( 14th ). what kind of weapons, camos, editing your own player in ghosts, game-modes / competitive game modes and any other things yous guys would like to see ?
  7. you beat me to it i always post the dlc
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