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  1. nice app heh.. hope u get in vVv
  2. R3CKL3SS v2

    ArtertiaIs vVv App

    best of luck to yaa
  3. Why you are interested in becoming a member? im interested because one i like vVv Gaming, and it is one of the Gaming groups i look up to. also because i want to compete with a team in GB and also events. im currently with a team and we are hoping to go to 09 events and hopefully come out on top, and i think vVv can help us. What games are you currently playing that you want to pursue professionally? I'm currently playing gears of war, hoping to compete in 09 events. How do you plan to contribute: Charisma? Skill? Participation? Contribution? Address all 4 areas.,Charisma- let my teamates know there doing a good job after every round. Skill- good with every weapon, i average them out. . Participation- i have great teamwork, ill do whatever it takes to support my teamates. Contribution- communication, respect, and teamwork is all you need. (and skill ) Any future games? Gears of war 2 How many hours per week can you devote? 40 per week just about. Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? yes all times What personal goals do you hope to achieve? i hope to graduate high school this year and go to bensen college, to become a therapist. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? i like to play soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse. hangout with friends when i have time, go to the mall, movies, and beach for now. Not to much but i do what i can when im not playing. How will you add value to vVv Gaming? i will be a great contribute to vVv, as others have been as well by showing respect and being mature. Name: Ruben Cunha Age (minimum 15): 17 XBL Gamertag: eRroTic MySpace profile name and URL: www.myspace.com/seligion AIM Screen Name: Veedubx6 Skype Name: none Mailing Address Newark, NJ 8 warwick ST. Phone Number 973-262-6818 E-mail Address veedubx6@aol.com

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