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  1. October 16-18th. And it's going to be fun time. I just need to get it set in stone if I'm going or not.
  2. I figured I'd ask since no one has addressed it yet.....anyone planning on going to New Orleans? Hotels are filling up fast so I'd rather be prepared than scrambling at the last minute. So with that being said, if anyone wants to split a room let me know. I'm either booking myself or figuring out my situation within the next week or so.
  3. Something changes meaning what? Lack of travel funds or something else? Because lack of travel funds can easily be fixed
  4. I'll more than likely be there since flights are cheap, just depends if I can get off work
  5. TheKoala

    UMG Dallas

    Maybe I'll buy you a ticket to the next event....if you're lucky
  6. TheKoala

    UMG Dallas

    Hopefully we get to have more life chats over pizza.
  7. TheKoala

    UMG Dallas

    They won't sell out of them...them never do....I still have to buy mine, but I don't get paid until Friday lol But I'm looking forward to meeting whoever I haven't met yet and also hanging out with the people I have. Cali was a fun time, hopefully Dallas is even better [:
  8. TheKoala

    UMG Dallas

    So I should probably get my spec pass now, huh?
  9. TheKoala

    UMG Dallas

    I have my flight and hotel booked. Just need to buy a pass. So far no one has confirmed that they're staying with me (if anyone at all) so just let me know if you need a place to stay and maybe we can work something. [:
  10. TheKoala

    UMG Dallas

    Whoever is the initial poster should edit the first post and add in at the bottom "Definite Attendees" & "Possible Attendees" that way it'll be easier to plan for hotels and stuff so that we're not all scattered around. Seeing as in Ontario we were in 3 separate hotels.
  11. TheKoala

    UMG Dallas

    Lets form a list of people going so we can get hotels and stuff sorted out once it's announced. I'm 95% sure I'm going since flights are so cheap, so the only thing I'm waiting on is hotel to be announced.
  12. Booked my flight homies. Just giving you guys at heads up that I'm flying into LAX an Uber-ing to Ontario OR getting a ride since flights directly there were too expensive. Should be landing in LAX around 9:30 AM on Friday
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/id/vvvkoala
  14. Just seeing this now....and I'm not stupid....so yes I mean Ontario, California lol

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