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  1. anti sleep this week. comeback time

  2. Pretty much a complete side step from what I usually play.. but i recently jumped on getting WoD. Any and all help would be appreciated lol. Like, what's a good warrior/tank build?
  3. May as well throw my hat in the ring, SIN1ST3R#1118. I've been on daily and while on breaks at work for the last almost 2 weeks lol
  4. so when are we looking to actually have the tourney?
  5. i hope so since he made a spot for my newbie ass lol Well played sir, well played
  6. Yay, proof im not on drugs lol
  7. i did make an account, but not seeing a "join" button
  8. im in, but how do i join the journey...? new to challonge
  9. I only started a week ago, but id be willing to join in
  10. Good luck man! Another "Sin" title rolling around lol
  11. I haven't played D3 in quite awhile, but I'd love to jump in and help whenever I can!
  12. Damn, if you two both make it, I better be there lol
  13. who the hell is neptune?
  14. rough to sum it up lol. Some nights I end up getting off work after 3am and have to stay awake through class because I am worried I won't wake up for class (already slept through twice). Gettin by though I suppose
  15. SIN1ST3R

    IRGRL's Amazing Re-App

    I'm sorry, do I know you..?

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