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    BigJus240 reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Map Ideas   
    Cow level, obvi
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    BigJus240 got a reaction from Voison in Voison's HotS application   
    Good to see another app
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    BigJus240 reacted to Fenixsniper in Fenix's Application (Like I said I'm Back!)   
    Thanks Rob <3 Apps been revamped for Heroes. Let's get this show on the road and make it the best one in town!
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    BigJus240 reacted to Crazyviva in Favorite Hero?   
    I need a new champion to play now that I got Tyrande to level 10. I kind of like the look of Tassadar. Might try him out.
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    BigJus240 reacted to Voison in Favorite Hero?   

    1st time playing him ended up winning with 1 bot and had over 100k dmg. Think I found another favorite champ.
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    BigJus240 got a reaction from BoDYRoTx in Bigjus240 Application (Fatal)   
    Ive been known
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    BigJus240 reacted to NaturaL in Bigjus240 Application (Fatal)   
    Great guy right here.
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    BigJus240 reacted to B Easy in Bigjus240 Application (Fatal)   
    Yes...bring him back!
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    BigJus240 reacted to Papabear in Bigjus240 Application (Fatal)   
    Is this OG vVv FataL from the pokemon days?
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    BigJus240 reacted to NaturaL in Anyone interested in a HotS ADL?   
    Division HYPE!!!
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    BigJus240 reacted to BlacK StaRR (ex-vVv) in Bigjus240 Application (Fatal)   
    Oh my, all the OG blops2 CoD gang are coming back!!!
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    BigJus240 reacted to BoDYRoTx in Bigjus240 Application (Fatal)   
    Glad you're back Meech  we gotta get tech and crisper back.
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    BigJus240 got a reaction from BoDYRoTx in For those just beginning . . .   
    Love this.
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    BigJus240 reacted to vVv Saturn in Bigjus240 Application (Fatal)   
    First HotS applicant HYPE! Expect a friend request when I get my PC back.
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    BigJus240 reacted to vVv Vall in Bigjus240 Application (Fatal)   
    Valla all the way cause you know vall lol
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    BigJus240 reacted to Minotaur in Bigjus240 Application (Fatal)   
    Welcome back.
    Best of luck on your application. 
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    BigJus240 reacted to FireWater in HoTS ADL: Help Wanted   
    Hey Bardo I have some suggestions:
    1) For a scoring system, I think it should be win/loss base with an MVP chosen by the team members of both winning and losing side.
    2)  Drafting process should use the highest ranking team members as captains choosing others.  Players should put their 3 best roles in comments (i.e. Ranged Assassin, Tank, Healer/support), to help balance out teams.  Hots is a little trickier because there isn't a standard Top, Mid, Bot/support, Jungler.  There are no real set lanes based off that.  The meta I see now is more along the lines of 2 Assassins (either 2 ranged, or 1 ranged 1 melee) Tank, Support (either ranged or melee) and Specialist (usually ranged).
    3)  Ranking people can be done 1 of 2 ways.  
             a) We can take people's hero league number (lower the better) and situate people that way, with leaving non-ranked players in a separate pool.
             b ) We can use http:/www.hotslogs.com to get everyone's MMR for HL and Quick Match.  Hots Logs appears to be the standard of ranking for                          figuring out MMR.  You simply download the Hots Logs program, install and run it.  It will upload every gameplay demo that you have recorded                    (its on by default).  Hotslogs then runs an algorithm to compare and contrast based off of W/L Ratios to give a player an MMR.  Here is an                          example of my HotsLogs info page                              
                  It gives pretty comprehensive information but most importantly an MMR rating as well as a Tier (i.e. Silver/Platinum).  
                  I think that we should use QM MMR as a baseline until we get more people in for ranked.
    4) ADL times should be during my Wednesday Night Weekly Stream 10pm to 1am =D
    Any ways those are some preliminary thoughts, what do you all think?
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    BigJus240 reacted to vVv Vall in Anyone interested in a HotS ADL?   
    I would go lol
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    BigJus240 reacted to Fenixsniper in Heroes of the Storm World Championship Announced   
    Blizzard has officially announced the Heroes of the Storm World Championship. It will include 1 team from Korea, 2 teams from Europe, 2 teams from America, 2 teams from China and 1 team from Taiwan. The teams will be decided by way of Road to Blizzcon Qualifiers. The prize pool: 1.2 million dollars split between the qualifiers and the event at Blizzcon. Full details can be found here. GET HYPED! 
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    BigJus240 got a reaction from B Easy in Fatals resignation.   
    Well tonight I will be resigning. For server all reasons. First call of duty to me is nothing, I really don't enjoy ghosts for competitive. Second I disagree with some of the things that has been happening recently. Third I will be focusing more on PC gaming. Now this doesn't mean I will never show my face, or never be back, I just want a break to enjoy gaming once again. I've started to pick up WoW again and I'm enjoying it. I loved the community I once was apart of, but now it seems to be dying. Thanks everyone for the awesome time I've had. If you wanna talk further just PM me on twitter or find me somewhere hahaha.

    Your friend, Fatal.
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    BigJus240 reacted to vVv Vall in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
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    BigJus240 reacted to B Easy in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    At least the people that have actually taken the time to get to know me, know that isn't true.  <3 you boo.
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    BigJus240 got a reaction from BoDYRoTx in CoD Ghosts Applicant Feedback   
    Everyone sees Easy as that troll that won't let anyone cross over his bridge. Kinda makes me giggle.
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    BigJus240 reacted to B Easy in CoD Ghost Member Feedback Section (Greens)   
    First to Bizkit...metalfoot is not the only red that has been playing. I've been on numerous times but whenever I'm on the greens are running gbs so I end up playing solo. That's not a dig at the greens for doing gbs, just correcting your assumption that only metalfoot gets on.

    How are reds supposed to develop if nobody reaches out to them? I understand it goes both ways and reds can reach out too. Body for example starts a team with three applicants when I'm sure there were at least a handful of reds that would have loved the opportunity, and I know all the apps didn't reach out to him for that team because he approached Breezy. It has turned into this thing where it's all about greens and developing incoming applicants and not putting anything into the reds (which is why we've seen so many leave). It's not any one person's fault, it is the fault of the entire division.

    Last thing, this whole idea of people rewording things. If someone has something to say, let them say it the way they see fit. We're adults here and in my opinion if people are getting butt hurt because of someone's words maybe they are just being too sensitive, or better yet maybe they should think about the way they read things on the internet. It's not okay to just put whatever attitude you want on something that you're reading. When you do that you can make anything sound rude. It has been that way from the start of the internet, so how about just not assuming people are trying to be dicks or that they're being "toxic" when they post something. People could read your posts differently too Bizkit, as if you're always being condescending, but I would assume that isn't your intention. The issues are just as much the reader's fault as they are the writer, let's not forget that.
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    BigJus240 reacted to MikEvil in CoD Ghost Member Feedback Section (Greens)   
    I'm DONE I could give two shits about who is green or red. One Lan doesn't make people better than others . Fatal you are a very humble person and you always have been and that's why I endorsed you when you were an applicant. All I ask is that you don't ever change because you can help rebuild this community.

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