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  1. Well this time around was a bit shorter for me, but I'm going to resign today. I've been super busy with work and trying to lose weight these past couple months. I'm not adding value to vVv at this moment so I think it's time. I've had signs of pre diabetes this past couple months and that has scared me, so losing weight is a big priority of mine. Thank you all for your time and I hope helped some people out. Much love.
  2. Just got a ps4 a couple weeks ago, if anyone has one feel free to add me. BigMeechTheThird

  3. Until we find a second day for the inhouses I won't be able to make it to any. Wednesday is just not a great day for me personally.
  4. Yeah, I will try my hardest to make it to more. Just super busy on Wednesdays :/
  5. Welcome homie . It was good to play with you the other day.
  6. Welcome man. Hope you have a great time here. We shall definitely have to play sometime
  7. Nice to see another HotS app. Hope to see you in the inhouse tonight
  8. I really want a WoW warlock in the game. Love that class.
  9. Thats pretty cool right there, I always thought tyrael was a great pick to counter the mages. Still need to pick him up.
  10. Huh, always wondered why it would hit sometimes and then not hit. That is why I stopped using it.
  11. I have really enjoyed Leorics ult entomb. Had a nasty wombo combo with a Diablo last night. I really like 2 tank comp right now, either with a sonya or a full damage diablo.
  12. Thanks guys I sent you a PM sugar, get back to me when you can
  13. I am pumped for this monk. Thats all I got to say.
  14. I decoded that message a long time ago . We will have to get down in some ranked homie.
  15. I enjoyed it a lot. Good fun. When bans happen, zera will be a insta ban for me :/ Such a hard hero to play against.
  16. I will be here as fast as I can tonight
  17. Diablo/Tyrande/Jaina was a crazy combo at one point.
  18. If you need help with ideas for rules I can throw some your way. Just Pm me if so.

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