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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from vVv DarkDante in A reflection on my time as President of vVv Gaming   
    Love the transparency, authenticity and vulnerability in this blog. It's the mark of a future leader. You tried. That counts.  I leave this quote for you:
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    vVv LordJerith reacted to vVv Brock in Vulcun Daily LCS: An Introduction   
    This sounds awesome! It's essentially DraftKings/FanDuel for gaming, but it's not just putting together a fantasy team. Seems like a lot of fun!
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    vVv LordJerith reacted to Crazyviva in As One Flag Falls, Another Flag Rises   
    I was sitting in the breakroom at work yesterday when my twitter and facebook started to blow up with posts. You actually hit the nail on the head with "taking it personal". I don't intend on getting married anytime soon, but I sat there, in the middle of my job, crying for a good moment because of what this meant. Even if the battle is far from over, sitting there and realizing what this meant was HUGE. Being apart of history in something that directly affected me was one of the best feelings that I've ever felt.
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from Muhdewsa in My Time With vVv - Keykat   
    I think Bagzli nailed it!  
    I'm always available to chat at anytime, so if you had any issues, you should have reached out to me directly. I'm on Mumble almost everyday playing ESO, World Of warships or HotS. 
    Otherwise, Bagzli said all I could say. :-)
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    vVv LordJerith reacted to vVv Bagzli in My Time With vVv - Keykat   
    Hey keykat,
    vVv staff is not perfect, infact far from it.  vVv Staff is composed of people who have aspired to do great things but never knew how to go about it.  Myself as an example, I always wanted to be a strong leader,  I always wanted to develop a website that people are proud to call their own, and most of all I always wanted to know how to talk to people and help them overcome their problems when it matters.  However, I honestly didn't know how to go about any of it.
    Now, as imperfect as vVv staff is, it has taught me how to go about achieving all three things I named above.  In return I have given this community my all, to say thank you.  During my time on staff, I had my own issues with sugarbear, rob, and even jerry at some point.  And the reason why I am still on staff, and the reason why I still have good relations with all three of these individuals is because when I had an issue or they have done something that has pissed me off, I would not go and write a blog pointing fingers and making one sided stories for everyone to see (in other words, causing drama), instead I requested 1 on 1 conversations with the individual in question and I would explain to them my side of the story, how I am seeing this and how I do not agree with their views or actions.  In return, they have always been fer with me and tried to work things out and find common grounds to resolve our differences.
    I don't know all the details as to what happened, but I do know that there are always two stories to an argument.  The fact that during your time on vVv staff you have not learned how to deal with problems without causing drama just shows that you have a lot of growing up to do and that staff probably was not a place for you yet.  You can take this as me being an ass or you can take it as something for you to work on, but know that when I say this, I say it because I hope you will see it as the latter.  Either way I do wish you the best of luck wherever your path takes you and I hope that you start talking to people you have problems with to resolve them, as oppose to posting blogs and attempting to cause drama.
    Honestly, life is too short to allow our feelings to get the best of us.  That pride we have in us is the root cause of all drama that comes up.  If we can learn to look past it and face the problem from other person's point of view, this world would be a lot easier to live in and we would all get along much better.
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from vVv Paradise in A reflection on my time as President of vVv Gaming   
    Love the transparency, authenticity and vulnerability in this blog. It's the mark of a future leader. You tried. That counts.  I leave this quote for you:
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from B Easy in What is Marijuana - Part 1   
    Source is here: http://www.hanleycenter.org/knowledge-library/addiction-glossary/marijuana
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    vVv LordJerith reacted to 2x2 in 2/18 - 2/19 PBE Notes Analysis & Discussion   
    Here are some of my thoughts on the changes - mostly I only wrote about things that I highly disagreed with (quite a lot, no hard feelings) or wanted to offer my own opinion to give some food for thought. I'm assuming you are aware of some of the most recent updates, like removing the mana return on Ryze's Q, so I did not comment on those.
    Gragas: If they had gone through with completely removing the AD ratio on his Body Slam, it would be BRUTAL. Currently, he is allowed to max W second at no risk - but the nerf to E (and even the new, reduced ratios) force him to put at least an extra point into E to make sure it stays relevant - I can't see players giving up just how good W is, but either way, Gragas loses a ton of his current early game power. Also, it's extremely unfair for his ultimate ratio to ever go down to 0.6 or 0.65 (in fact, they rebuffed it to 0.9) because he only has two spells for damage - he NEEDS this extreme damage to be a threat.
    Kassadin: The reason that Kass isn't played as much in competitive play is because he's permabanned, not because he isn't picked - plenty of competitive players are more than willing to pick Kassadin and build teams around him if he's open. In addition, champions like Kha'Zix, Zed, and LeBlanc don't quite serve the same purpose in games as Kassadin does - sure, they might be "assassins," but they bring pressure through winning their lanes. No other champion in the game can go 0/0/0 or even a few deaths in the early game and put out exponentially more pressure than Kassadin. He roams harder and faster than any other champion and his mobility as an assassin is unmatched post-6. Competitively, he's often picked in order to force picks out of the enemy team - especially CC picks - and makes it a little easier for teams to deny champions. In essence, you are correct that Kassadin will remain godlike, but you are incorrect in believing that people would rather choose Kha'Zix, Zed, or LeBlanc if Kassadin is open - there is little to no contest (LeBlanc is arguable) among the assassins that Kassadin is king.
    Teemo: Buffed the ratio back up to 0.5 - will hurt less like a bitch, but I honestly don't care about the damage. The main problem currently is the duration of the shrooms is too long. Until Riot addresses that, Teemo will still be a top-tier pick.
    Aegis of the Legion: The reason that Aegis fell off competitively from 100% build rate is that 1) the build path for Aegis is weird now, 2) jungle meta shifted to assassin, 3) supports prioritize CDR over tank stats. In terms of cost-efficiency, it is EXTREMELY cost-efficient even without the HP/5 stat, as long as at least one other teammate is benefiting from the aura. In total, it gives your team 2.5 Negatron Cloaks (+20 MR per allied champion) - it's incredibly good if your team will group/teamfight early and much less good in compositions that focus on picks or splitpushing. It's much more dependent on what your team's game plan is, but I wouldn't consider it a luxury item at all - in fact, it's almost mandatory against certain champions/compositions like those that include LeBlanc. In these cases, your own tankiness won't have a purpose because you're not the one who will be focused.
    Ancient Coin: I feel like you're highly undervaluing the HP/5 sustain in exchange for 5HP/kill. The point was not relying on the HP/5 to "keep you alive," but it allowed you to play more aggressively more often - in case you lost a trade, you can sit back for a while to wait for HP regeneration. I'd consider this to be a straight-up nerf, especially in the case that you're losing lane (if you're being zoned, you won't get any HP benefit and you'll be forced to back more often if they're winning most of their trades).
    Boots of Mobility: It's extremely cheap now, which is a huge incentive to still pick up the item. In all other respects, it's a huge nerf to supports who used the movespeed to put out pressure in the lane and not lose anything even if they lost the enhanced move speed AND for junglers who used it to move through their jungle faster, move to lanes more quickly, and put out more gank pressure - though I suppose these benefits are exactly what Riot wanted to address. I'd like to experiment with them due to the cheap cost in exchange for the huge MS nerf, but I think the changes will relegate it to more specific playstyles (i.e. Lee Sin & Pantheon will likely still buy it, but Vi will be much less likely to do the same).
    Spellthief's Edge line: You're MASSIVELY undervaluing the benefit of an additional flat damage in the early game that procs on both spells AND autoattacks in exchange for -5 AP. Contrary to what you stated, the changes to this item immensely benefit poke-heavy supports, which is exactly what Riot intended to do with this item. Talisman is too strong in most cases to use either one of the other lines, but Frost Queen's Claim has amazing new active in addition to a huge range buff + giving cooldown reduction. For example, the item will be AMAZING on Lulu - since her autoattacks will pack additional damage from the Edge PLUS her passive. Honestly, Thresh is even a contender for the item since it will double-proc with his Flay's autoattack passive and Frost Queen's Claim will give him an unbelievable amount of CC. Several other supports can make extremely efficient use of the item, such as Sona, in addition to a buffed gold/10, so I feel like you're discounting the item much, much more than you should be.
    Sightstone / Ruby Crystal: The price is actually 50 extra gold for a 40HP gain, and the general inefficiency of the item still stands as an issue. I don't see how this makes it "more accessible" - until after you switch to a sweeper and need to upgrade it. Generally, Ruby Sightstone is no longer effective as a rush since you can place 2 with regular Sightstone and then utilize your trinket for the third ward - not really worth upgrading.
    Doran's Shield: Just to make this clear, Riot never nerfed it to 0HP/5 - the intial nerf was cutting it in half (source: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/fbA0jHAe-dorans-shield) . The HP also was brought down to 80HP from 100HP, which makes it a little bit worse. The passive, of course, is still good, and these nerfs still don't give top laners a reason to start anything else - just allows damage to stick more easily.
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from Ahryse in [1.1] Q&A with vVv Natural   
    Great interview! Love these!
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from vVv Tahvvy in [1.1] Q&A with vVv Natural   
    Great interview! Love these!
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from B Easy in The Reality of a False Perception   
    Good stuff!
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from Rinzler in A Tale of Might and Magic   
    I'm a fan. Would love to learn more about your deck. You gonna give lessons?
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from vVv Paradise in A Tale of Might and Magic   
    I'm a fan. Would love to learn more about your deck. You gonna give lessons?
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from Zero in Telltale's The Walking Dead Game and Me   
    Agree 100%. I was totally invested in the character and my choices. It FELT real and i was immersed.  GREAT game.  I also really liked how I was trying to both keep the peace, had my natural favorites, and also struggled with being level headed. It was good.
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    vVv LordJerith reacted to RazorHedge in vVv Gaming's former SC2 manager discusses the recent SC2 drama   
    I think this drama has gone for long enough, and both sides have a shared responsibility to this. What's done is done and it can't be changed, so instead of looking backwards let's just drop this matter, and part separate ways with lessons taken. Further feeding this drama won't bring any good to either side. 
    BT: I know how you feel, but we all agreed this matter was not to be further addressed. 
    SB: I'm glad that you guys took a step in the right direction, and stated clear communitcation with the community.
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from vVv WaKai in Chapter 12: So long and good night   
    Hasuu, Ruff, Titan, Murder (our SPONORED) players all had good things to say.  And Nub was never promised anything. Sorry, but you have to get your facts correct. We're soooooo bad that Hasuu remained and switched to LoL.  Think about it.
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from Astraëa in Chapter 12: So long and good night   
    I read this and think. . .'m glad Doom and Robz made the tough choice of closing the division. Although they should have done it sooner, it's misinformed posts like this that show tha the SC2 DIV was not properly managed and had to go.
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    vVv LordJerith reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Chapter 12: So long and good night   
    I was not involved with Nubrgni as I had already stepped down to let Salvor run things at that point.  My understanding is that Nubr expected certain things and management expected other things and somewhere in between things weren't communicated properly.
    This doesn't mean he was lied to, only that there was a lack of communication.
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    vVv LordJerith reacted to vVv RobZ in Chapter 12: So long and good night   
    NuBrGNi was never 'promised' anything. We told Salvor to ask him for an estimate on his flight for Dallas, this led him to the assumption that we were covering his flight. "i just assumed i was attendin dallas cause he came up to me with the topic" direct quote from my convo with John from skype, this whole thing is has a lot of details that simply are not true. The issue with Glon was that we were transitioning between SC2 management before Dallas. We booked it flight later than usual because of this, but everything he was "promised" was delivered just like every other sponsored player vVv has worked with. 
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from vVv WaKai in My Time at The vVv Gaming House   
    I'm here to help. :-)  Thanks for the kind words. Oz never gave the Tin Man anything he didn't already have. :-)
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    vVv LordJerith reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Gaming and the Psychological Values It Brings to The World   
    @Astraea Jane McGonigal actually does refer to WoW in her first TED talk, you should check it out:

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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from RazorHedge in A Life in eSports, My Experience, Views, and Goals for the Future.   
    It's about the journey. Do what you love. Follow your passions. Good things always follow from failure, learning and successes.
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    vVv LordJerith reacted to Rinzler in The Price of Progress #6: Knowing What We Don't   
    I like what you said, somewhat subtly, about the effect of building relationships before the game itself launches. To be honest I didn't even think to cover the communication of FPS's. I'll see if i can't weasel something covering them in there.

    Exactly. I'm sure there's something else to be said, but for now I'll leave it at exactly.
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    vVv LordJerith got a reaction from Zero in This Must Be Why I'm Still Single...   
    Mini-games 4 LUV! Talk about false advertising. Great write-up.

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