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  1. Your first post was thoughtful. This post, and I will be direct here, is dramatic. It assumes the worst in their messaging. Let's give them the benefit fo teh dounbbt. let's also imagine the three situations that mature honorary members will find themselves in: Honorary member doesn't game anymore and therefore understands they are getting chopped, and respects the decision They become active again They explain to Milkyy why they can't be active now, but would like to remain. Let's not make this more than it is. Froot clearly said that he and Milkyy will take the feedback and make adjustments. Plus, Chop-chop lists have always woke people up and caused discussion.. I have made countless of these "tough love posts." It shook the trees and got people who were absent to get involved. The mature members reached out to me privately and explained why they were absent, and I often removed them from the list. Yes, a few whined, but I used those as teaching moments. Bagzlis first post revealed that I wasn't clear with him on how to properly execute a chop-chop list, but he found hsi own way, A way I did them, also. Now, if you care about vVv and want to see it grow into something new, get involved. If you don't, that's OK, also. I'm confident that Milkyy and Froot will do the right thing. Change is coming, though. Now is the time to think in new ways and think big. We are never going back to vVv of the old days. Just like the world will never be the same after COVID-19. Think in new ways.
  2. I think what Bagzli says is the right approach. It's worth reaching out to people and asking before just chopping. I suggested yesterday to maybe put a Facebook post and e-mail letting members know that there is new leadership and that the new leadership want to understand what we could offer them to come back. At this point, dialogue is important. It doesn't mean you can't cut them, I am just suggesting of all the things to do,, you want more dialogue with people, not less.
  3. I would support both you and Froot working together. The opportunity here is a big one. My suggestions (feel free to disagree): 1) vVv should be a start-up focused on raising funds. I think this should be a real business. This is something that when funds are raised, people should be paid like real jobs. I want to see a business plan 🙂 2)This should not focus on esports anymore. That ship has sailed. The next challenge we have in gaming is about large-scale social communities. Maybe vVv should be run more like a gym, country club or lounge/bar. I think the main problem is that many formerly hard-core gamers got jobs and families and now have less time. They need something aimed at the mid-core gamer or former hard-core gamer. 3) I think the only way to guarantee that everyone has fun and a good time is by controlling membership. There is a reasons that people join certain clubs/groups It's because they want to be around good people. Good members are everything, and to attract good members vVv must add value to their lives (as any good service does).
  4. We are still going strong! It's been a blast. HMU in-game if you need an invite. My toon is LordJerith
  5. Restrictions have been lifted. You can now create characters on Denistrious!
  6. Server: Wynn Faction: West (Elves, Dwarves and Nuians), Join us on Discord!
  7. ESO is cross-platform. Yes, you can play
  8. Great, Rob and I are at E3, so feel free to start without us, we'll catch up. 🙂

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