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  1. Hey guys, Quasi and I will be streaming duoQ all day today, and giving away two $10 RP cards! Tune in here http://www.twitch.tv/chronolis
  2. Hey Sundown, Shoot me a pm or something. Interested in either coaching or streaming. I will shoot you my idea when you msg me. Add me on skype if u dont have me already.
  3. Stupid work conflicting with cool things..........
  4. So riot just announced this. http://fantasy.lolesports.com/. NEEDLESS TO SAY I'M SUPER JACKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY THIS IS HAPPENING! So what is going to happen is i want to see if people would be interested in getting this going and if there is enough interest, i will create a league. LCS FANTASY YES PLZ
  5. ^^^^^^^ I see this everytime i surprise quasi at his house
  6. So i have a spare riot graves skin code for NA, and i'm willing to give it away to whoever..... gives me the greatest photoshoped image of vVv Quasimodo in a bathing suit. YOU HAVE ONE WEEK GO!!!!!!
  7. Thanks everybody! I guess Nightbanes next challenge for me is to get D1, then Challeneger, Then rank1, then on an LCS team, then to win worlds, then to get worlds MVP. Only then, will i have his respect. See you guys after s4 worlds
  8. After years of trying, and tons of failing. I was finally able to achieve my long time goal of DIAMOND!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Cowboy Thresh. Lasso the bitches into your box (fences). Flay could be like a lasso whip, and lantern could be a cowbell. Bam, greatest skin ever to bring in alistar
  10. Plat 1 support main here, going to drop some knowledge on you. Other supports like taric are as follows, Alistar, Leona, and Nami. These 3 are going to be the same similar play style as taric, and i will give you a few examples as to each one is like that. Alistar : A pure tank when he wants to be. That ult makes him just the manliest cow around town. You can run into teamfights and be a pure disruption for the whole enemy team. In lane he's similar to taric because you can not only heal your adc repetitively, but you can also peel and initiate with his headbutt/pulverize combo. That combo takes a bit to master, but once you get it, your golden. Leona: Same as Alistar when it come to being a beef cake. She throws on her eclipse and becomes a true tank. This support is all about making plays. You can go in on someone and lock them up for about 5-6 seconds depending on how well you are at timing your cc combos. Although a little different than taric, because taric is more about stunning at opportune times, and then healing ur adc when necessary, leona is all about the engage. Nami: Although this pick may seem a little odd ball, her play style is very similar to tarics. Taric is a much tankier version of nami, but nami has her benefits too. Her heal in lane is great poke and sustain, and her bubble is amazing for engages and disengages. Her Auto attack buff makes her very fun to play with as an adc, and her ult is totally radical duuuuuudddee. (its a wave..... get it?) Now when it comes to build orders this will always vary in the game you are in. There is no possible way you can just look at an item build and say thats what i'm gonig to build this game. But a few staple items are as follows Sightstone : Need i explain? Gold generating items : It depends on what you want to do in the lane, right now for tanky supports the shiled is the way to go, actually on most supports this is the truth right now. Only ones i may argue the frost fang is people like morgana/nami/zyra/annie/sona. Mikael's Crucible (fuck spelling) : This item is amazing in the heal meta at the moment. Saves your adc or whoever you heal more often than you think, and its great for mana regen. Locket : Great for facing aoe team comps, and the shiled is amazing for saving and damage mitigation in team fights. This should be a immediate pick up when facing a aoe team comp team Those are a couple things about support i think everyone should know! Hope i was able to help you about a little bit
  11. Support main here, what is your suggestion for carrying games as support? I'm in my diamond promos atm and playing a majority of thresh. So you can use big words and things like that i will get what ur going for

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