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  1. Foot in mouth? if my reading serves me right I believe you called out TuFatal. Good job Triggers Down. I used to well over a year ago I played alot of pickup games with Mrs.Beretta, SS, Karma, Xero, and even against T2 and Neighbors. I played alot with WalkingBeatBox and V RaBBiT V some old Rainbow Six Vegas pro's. But halo got boring. Sorry Oh here is my Halo3 Bungie Stats. http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Halo3/Default.aspx?player=TPR+SinersteR
  2. I'm typing from my iPhone. My girlfriend did something to the laptop. I will try to stay active through this. I will try and sort out the laptop on my days off again sorry for the inconvience. Those who would like to play with me feel free to send a friend request
  3. * Name: Tony Martinez * Age (minimum 15): 24 * XBL Gamertag: TPR SinersteR * MySpace profile name and URL: www.myspace.com/tony972 * AIM Screen Name: StonedWanksta * MSN Messenger: N/A * Skype Name: N/A * Why you are interested in becoming a member?Well I was in vVv once. I ended up leaving on good terms I think, I just quit playing games Competitively in general, also after everyone gave up on halo3 I then parted. I still play games to win but now I take the less stressful route. * How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by who?The first person I met in vVv was vVv Havoc. Around 2 years Ago. * How will you add value to vVv Gaming? I am a very competitive gamer I play every game to the best of my ability's, I play smart. I also play Racing Games like Forza2 and im ranked @ #12 in the world. * Have you been to an MLG event before? If so which one and did you play or spectate?MLG Dallas 07 but was just there to support my local team Hungry Hungry Hippos. We then teamed up and I participated @ CPL Dallas and took the #4 spot. * You are applying because you want to be a professional gamer. As you are applying as a professional gamer, please list all your LAN achievements here, and indicate the prizes you have won.I am applying to join this community and to hang out with more people online, as well as play games im not really familiar with. * Any future games? CoD Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead2, and Forza Motorsport3. * How many hours per week can you devote to gaming?Around 20-40 hours depending on the week * Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis?Yes but me and my Girlfriend share a Laptop. * What personal goals do you hope to achieve?My Gamerscore I also want to be Top10 overall in Forza 3 Hotlap. It will be a Difficult Task. * What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming?I like to Fish, Swim, and hang out with the lady and cook. * Do you know anyone currently in vVv Gaming? and if so, who? and how do you know them? I have been apart of this community off and on for over 2 years. vVv The Answer - Used to play Pickup games with him in GoW1 vVv Havoc - Taught him how to use the Shotty in GoW1. vVv Perilous - Teamed with him in the past on GB. vVv Nero - Chat with him on occasions vVv Exodus - Play CoD4 with him in the past and enjoy the company vVv FearR - Play Fighting games with him. The bottom 3 are on my friends list ATM and I chat with them all periodically Extra gaming Achievements Forza Motorsport 2 Here are my Forza Motorsport 2 stats in a "NUTSHELL" http://forzastats.no-ip.org:8080/forza/Default.aspx?player=5804 Hotlap - 16th TimeTrials - 25th Gears Of War 1 10,000 Kills / Played GB seasons with Trial & Error / Hungry Hungry Hippos Halo3 http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Halo3/Default.aspx?player=TPR+SinersteR 50 in Team Slayer 50 in Team Doubles 44 in MLG 50 in Team Hardcore *Before they took it off the playlist* CoD4 KD.. 1.49 *3rd Prestige* CoD WaW KD - 1.73 Overall 1.83 in Hardcore Search *8th Prestige* I own many games, CoD4, Resident Evil5, CoD World @ War, PGR4, RacePro, Gears Of War, Gears Of War2, Left 4 Dead, MotoGP 08 and many arcade games I applied as an amateur gamer as I don't plan on doing anything MLG related but I can game at that potential, i choose not to as I'm trying to get my future settled with my girlfriend and I got to pay bills so my gaming comes second.
  4. Noxen... 4play wow wtf chris where hve you been? Last time we spoke I played halo3 religiously.. send me a F/R lol.. I will have to knock the dust off my halo3 disk.
  5. I like the painted walls (Maroon color) they always showcase a room better, and the guest room... halo3 helmet... epic :)alongside the Martial wall the dragon photo is very nice.
  6. SinersteRemail

    Bigdzvx App

    Um Brian i only play halo 3, and since u or Josh anit on my friends list ive been away from XBL for a month well since the 11th of March i was shot 3 times in New Orleans, i just got back to Texas today, im back for good, i love new orleans but i promised my mother if anything fatal happened id come back home
  7. SinersteRemail

    Bigdzvx App

    Gamertag : bigdzvx Name : Brian Budlight Me and TumtuM grew up with this kid, in the Gears Of War Scene, and the COD4 Scene hes a deadly player, HEY BRIAN ITS TONY AKA SinersteR, MoB SinersteR got banned on XBL so remove that acct and add GREADY4U PEace my white black accent friend
  8. departed, tumtum, wow go get merc in here, and the black guy from COMPTON haha sup josh its SinersteR idk why i cant login to this site but guess what since u removed me off your friends list, i was shot a month ago, 3 times ive been in intensive care for the last 3 weeks, just got home yeasterday and im moving back to texas thursday ive had it with New Orleans, but glad to see your alive joshy , Back on subject Departed is dirty @ COD4, if anyone needs lessons SinersteR has the new GT GREADY4U PEace much Love

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