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  1. just to let you allllll know why i did that... you guys were ripping on jepz and shit and jepz is a friend of mine and he told me about the thread and i looked at it and saw wat you kids were doing and so jepz was like alright we'll just fuck around and make stupid logos about vVv so we did and now its blowing way out of porportion i mean jepz is takin it far it was only supposed to be 1 thread but now hes got it everywhere so i mean its w.e
  2. yo perilous if u could free some space on ur f.l so i can add u
  3. Why you are interested in becoming a member? I have a few friends that are on vVv that referred me but also i have other friends that are Apps. Also vVv has an elite repuatation and i would like to support that What games are you currently playing that you want to pursue professionally? Gears of War, and if not Gears then Rainbow Six Vegas 2 How do you plan to contribute: Charisma? I can contribute chemistry because i blend easily with others, even if the other person is mad i can usually calm them down or get them to laugh a little just to lighten the mood. Charisma also comes with just talking to a person or playing with them in matches daily or so just to get to know them better before you judge them Skill? I have a lot of experiance online for clans for gamebattles, i've been a clan sniper but im also very good with my shotgun, besides that i am well-rounded with everything else such as torque, boom, nades, and whatever Participation? I am willing to participate by being online when my team needs me when available, whether it be practice, matches, or skrims, or just to have fun and build team chemistry Contribution? I can contribute by being a good team player, great skill, im there when needed, will be there for practice, skrims, etc. I can contribute time as well. Any future games? Gears of War 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (was semi-pro in Vegas 1) How many hours per week can you devote? 10-15 Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? Yes What personal goals do you hope to achieve? I hope to achieve a pro status as a Gears of War player What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Sports(Soccer), Parties, School, Friends Name: Brendan Age (minimum 15): 15 (16 in July) XBL Gamertag: P o ll s k a MySpace profile name and URL: Name: brendan (i havent used my myspace in a couple years just to let you know) http://home.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...37-df2abcffbfb5 AIM Screen Name: theNITRODUCK00 or PoIIska Skype Name: Don't have one

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