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    Volume got a reaction from vVv Infms805 in a bit nostalgic   
    Hello vVv
    I wanna start off by saying its great to see the community thriving and have grown so much over the years! I was a member of the community once upon a time when I was much younger. I notice a lot of familiar faces still around and some missing. I stopped gaming and stepped away from the community quite some time ago. I started gaming again in 2018, and randomly came to mind not too long ago. I hope to catch up with some of you, if you remember me lol. I mainly play Call of Duty now and will probably be around the forums again.
    I look forward to meeting so many of you in the near future!
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    Volume got a reaction from vVv Saturn in What are you trying to improve on as a CoD player?   
    the good ole days of GoW!
    The biggest thing i've been working on is movement, second to that has to be taking gun fights. I play too aggressively at unnecessary moments too often. 
    great thread btw, following!
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    Volume got a reaction from golydeclar in Zow Yahtzee App   
    Great Job Yahtzee, Keep Up the Good Work.
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    Volume got a reaction from goodguymike in Decried FictioN's Application   
    Feel free to add me and we can play Gears sometime bro

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