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  1. Where you from in OK ??? I live in Tulsa
  2. Volume

    Nowater Returning App

    Ah yeah, he's back!!! its about time man. look forward to some more good times!!!
  3. Volume

    Vero ProDiGY - vVv App

    how nice of you to join us.
  4. SC2 no doubt, that doesn't come as a surprise with its popularity.
  5. Feel free to add me on xbl and we can play gears sometime- vVv Voiume
  6. if you need anything feel free to contact me, if you wanna play gears sometime add me: vVv Voiume
  7. He is a skilled player, rarely makes dumb moves. Seems like he's got some aggression towards certain people in the community, try to work it out with them and if it doesn't work go to a staff member, but don't take it to the SB.
  8. As LJ said, we would like a picture of you, not some hat. he's a pretty relaxed kid, has a long ways to go before I would give him an interview, but he's got the drive to get there.
  9. Super Bowl Shuffle

  10. Super Bowl Shuffle

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