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  1. PuFF

    Eliptyk's Application

    The best player in the game who wouldn't pick her up. Shes bodies me on a daily basis and I <3 her.gg
  2. carried. i had 10+ kills on two maps we lost with me having 340 points on clocktower. Then i had like 290 points on the map grid. When I was at the bottom I had 5 kills. Sewpraa did alright could have talked more with me. But stones and bawabus no comment i mean 1 kill in 15 rounds stones come on. And sneaky your predictions suck you never thought we would take 1st of 2nd and we did it at all mlg events so f u.
  3. n3 top 64 quote me. this event was really gay don't even ask me.
  4. holy shit like I ever do shit on this... haha I'll take it off. Fuckin e-perv.

  5. I love you even though you're an abusive, obsessive, emo fuck.


  6. people are jealous cause we're getting married ha

  7. lol I think my mom put that there gg no re.
  8. I luv you too <3.

  9. PuFF

    Sneaky Application

    WUt team do u want to be on sneaky?
  10. I told u at dallas to join u waited to long noobie. You know you want to join cause of me lol j/k.

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