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    GFX Design (Sigs, Banners, Userbars... Workin on more)
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    Pinehurst, North Carolina
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    GoW2 & Halo 3
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    30 Seconds to Mars >
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    Lifting Weights.
    GoW2 & Halo 3
  1. Fuzion whats up?!? hahahah Good Luck my friend.
  2. hahah whats up Sypher!!! Best of Luck old friend. -I CheMiisTrY I
  3. YaY!!! Josh hahahaha. Good Luck. Great person in general.
  4. My exact reason why Enzyme deserves another chance back into vVv... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuTVoE35nTo&feature=user vVv IzuaL aka Enzyme LOVE YA ENZYME he deserves to be back in I CheMiisTrY I iBe Trunks vVv Dawkins Asperiity..... Dead
  5. Asperiity email

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    $15... Savin money for an iPhone lol
  6. Asperiity email

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    Life. and better things and Me = Bad
  7. Asperiity email

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    Sup Kiid... Rawr??? hahah well i noticed i havent missed much since i stop gaming hahaha
  8. Asperiity email

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    LoL Irony strikes again!!!
  9. Hmmm Didn't vVv have like an Amazing Shadowrun team back in the day??? Oh Well this would be great to see vVv with a top Shadowrun Team haha wow Good Luck Hey add me, I dont play Xbox that much any more but I get on from time to time. Im not a part of vVv I used to be but it would be great to play with you and your team sometime on Shadowrun. GamerTag: Asperiity Oh yea by the way Im not all that great at Shadowrun hahha Good Luck once again

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