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    Sailox got a reaction from BigJus240 in Talent Spotlight - vVv Fatal EvO   
    Such a sad and joyful day to see him all grown up T_T
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    Sailox got a reaction from vVv Vall in Sailox Re-App   
    No Vall you can't bring zombies to my wedding Dx
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    Sailox got a reaction from vVv Vall in Sailox Re-App   
    Oh gosh Vall >_> Luckily my days off are Tuesdays so I can go to these, if I'm not on for some it may be due to my upcoming wedding and all so please dont be offended if I don't show Dx ill make it up to you and we can play zombies
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    Sailox got a reaction from MsTooBossy in Sailox Re-App   
    Ooh I see how it is pretending you don't even know me or that I don't play 8s with you so hurtful Dx
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    Sailox got a reaction from Mezzie in Mezzie's vVv Application   
    It was fun playing 8's with you hope to see you in some more 8's lobbies and good luck on your app.
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    Sailox got a reaction from BigJus240 in IRGRL's Amazing Re-App   
    Congrats on the reapp hope to see you achieve your goals and best of luck to you
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    Sailox got a reaction from IRGRL in IRGRL's Amazing Re-App   
    Congrats on the reapp hope to see you achieve your goals and best of luck to you
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    Sailox reacted to Creeperr in MLG Columbus, November 22 - 24   
    vVv really does have the best community of gamers.  I am not longer a part of it but I will be there supporting vVv.
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    Sailox got a reaction from RazorHedge in Sailox The Hopeful   
    Things are great lots of play time and games with other members.
    The most helpful so far from league side I would say would have to be Razor and Jiggy, because I have played the most games with them and we seem to always talk about the mistakes we make while the game is happening (This was pointed out to us by Eriesence during their Aspire practice that I filled because they needed a 5th) outside of the League community Fluffy is helpful because he gives me the chance to play often and by playing I am able to work on things such as my cs. But they all have been helpful with getting me involved in doing things like the KOTSH which was a great experience.
    The KOTSH was an awesome experience because I have never done a tournament style bracket for league, and I think playing the 1v1 helped me see where I need to adjust some of my aggressiveness by playing against people whom are better than I so I can make better plays in with a team.
    Thank you for the Endorsement Razor!
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    Sailox got a reaction from TapOrSnap in 5vs   
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