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  1. So much want. Is this normal? Is this real life?
  2. I, vVv Sarahdactyl, endorse Kandiscrub. How much time have you spent with the applicant, in-game or out? I've played a few games with him. What was your first impression of the community member? Did it change at all over time? If so, how? At first, I thought he was a stripper because of his name, but I was wrong. I think. He seems pretty nice. What was your favorite moment with them (in-game or out)? Playing in-houses with him. What makes this applicant a good fit for vVv Gaming? He's fun and nice. Very mellow. How could they improve to be a better potential community member? Stop feeding. Anything else we should know about this applicant? Any skills or talents that no one else knows yet? Inhaling cookies. Do you feel that they know and understand the five pillars of vVv Gaming? What about the Summoner's Code? He seems to understand, from what I've seen.
  3. I did my pre-interview! I'M READY. COME AT ME, BROGI.
  4. Oh man. I read this a while back and loved it. It's a great guide.
  5. If I were single, I'd date the crap out of that guy.
  6. Monitor Grandma is watching you _______. She's very disappointed in you.
  7. Hey there! I've checked it out. Torment asked me about them when we were hanging out before so we reviewed them to make sure. Thank you for posting them for me, though!
  8. (But feel free to continue.)
  9. Here's the article title if you guys are interested. I found it: Effects of anonymity, invisibility, and lack of eye-contact on toxic online disinhibition Noam Lapidot-Lefler, Azy Barak Computers in Human Behavior. Nov 2011
  10. Hey! Back when I was doing support for LoL, I had some players try some different things to improve their behavior when they weren't sure what else they could do. I'll toss my favorite out there for you. It might help: Tape a picture of your grandmother or a motherly figure in your life to the side of your monitor. When you get mad and you're about to snap at someone, look at Grandma for a second. Make eye contact. Do you want to snap at Grandma? Grandma would be sad. Not working? Upgrade that picture to sad Grandma. Don't like humans that much? Sad puppies. Don't like dogs? Sad kittens. The mentality behind this is that people are more likely to be disconnected from what they're doing online when there's no eye contact involved. I've read that making eye contact keeps behavior in check, but I forget where unfortunately. Hope this helps.

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