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    Andrew Allen
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    Old Bridge, NJ
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    Starcraft II, World of Warcraft, League of Legends
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    Spaghetti and anything italian :)
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    Interview with the Vampire, Gladiator
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    Deftones, Glassjaw, and a lot of similar bands.
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    I have been playing video games for well over 10 years now. I played SC1 in the first few years that it was launched, eventually competing on the WGTour and PGTour. I am competitive at nature, I watch a lot of competitive gaming for both SC2 and LoL, and I strive to further my gameplay.
  1. Tune in to the @ESLHearthstone Legendary Series, you may win a pack or a Headset! http://t.co/VlWfgvIWw3 http://t.co/kMk6Wf0o9j

  2. proxy double 11 rax anyone? I want to try TvZ, but don't have the beta yet. Oh well, i'm sure that i'm not the first person to think of this.
  3. I love Husky's computer tower, I might do a design like that but with the Terran logo and red lights instead Rofl @ the gangnam style dances, i can't wait to make an army of Maraders and check that out.
  4. That game was crazy, on bother player's parts. The patience they both showed was top shelf, although I think HerO missed out on quite a few windows where he could of changed the outcome of the game. Byun highlighted just how powerful the race mechanics of Terran can be, the longer a game drags out. He sacrificed all of his scvs, replacing his income with purely mules to add more army supply. It was definitely a spectacular game to watch!
  5. Today the complete groups for the 2013 GSL Season 1 code S were announced, you can find the full write up, as well as the player tier list here --> http://www.gomtv.net/forum/view.gom?topicid=229384 A - January 22 Creator ByuL Symbol Life B - January 23 Leenock BaBy Curious MC C - January 24 Sniper HuK Bomber GuMiho D - January 25 HyuN BBoongBBoong YoDa Squirtle E - January 29 Ryung LosirA ByuN PartinG F - January 30 MarineKing RorO KeeN Mvp G - January 31 Neo.G_Soulkey Noblesse NesTea TaeJa H - February 1 Bogus Stephano Hack DongRaeGu (Links to the TLPD information on each player were taken from Optown's post http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=393253 ) A Code S seed has been given to Stephano (Ilyes Satouri) who has constantly seen excellent results in many foreign tournaments. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New maps announced: Whirlwind SE 이카루스 (Icarus?) Akilon Flats KeSPA Neo Planet S Bel'Shir Vestige SE Returning: Cloud Kingdom Daybreak ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can find GomTV's schedule page here : http://www.gomtv.net/schedule/index.gom This will be the final season of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty in the GSL!
  6. I don't think it's implemented just yet, if I re-call correctly the blog said it would be added later this week during maintenance or something. Just hold out a little longer !
  7. Thanks I'm currently streaming a bunch of customs with some of the guys who are playing, if anyone wants to check it out!
  8. I'm not sure If I am posting this in the correct place or if it's already been covered, but I figured I would try and contribute either way http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/8397165/Wings_of_Liberty_Situation_Report_-_January_11_2013-1_11_2013 Finally, some fresh and exciting changes that have been long awaited in the SC2 scene! New starting location rules for Antigya Shipyard and Entombed Valley: The blog goes on to comment about the lack of impact the infestor nerf had, as well as some beta testing regarding infested terrans, and how removing upgrades from them may potentially help some balance issues. What do you guys think? Leave some feedback below!
  9. Hello everyone at vVv! I am new to the community, and also in the process of building up my stream. I have been streaming on and off now for several months, and I am looking to hopefully make it a full-time endeavor in the near future. My stream can be found here: www.twitch.tv/traumersc I am always open to any feedback the community has in improving my stream, quality, play styles, as well as ideas for give-aways and layouts/overlays. Feel free to pop in and say hello, I main support in League of Legends and I am currently looking for a duo queue partner around 1200 elo. I also play sc2, and would love to play team games or even 1v1 customs with anyone who wants to relax and have some fun. See you guys in the near future!

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