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    Johnathon Stratton
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    League of legends, SC2, Osu, DDR, various other smaller platforms.
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    Food...FOOD IS MY FAVORITE FOOD... if it has taste I love eating it.
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    Anything full of action and witty one lines, fast and the furious, avengers, perfect examples..
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    I love almost all must, as a perfect example, my top 4 artists are Linkin Park, Taylor Swift, Kesha, and Eminem
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    I love all things games. I started playing games when I was just a wee lad, just able to hold a controller, since then I have expanded onto many platforms, xbox playstattion, and finally, computer games.

    Aside from that, a few months ago a took a recent interest in streaming and in shoutcasting. Its a small love of mine that I am hoping to grow and expand upon.
  1. Hey guys! Its that magical day of the week again! If you are AT your series games and want to duo with me to increase your chance of winning them stop by my stream and say something in chat! twitch.tv/drizzall
  2. Yes im doing a little event where I duo with people to help...(hopefully) win their promotionals. Hence the help win...not win for you :.P
  3. Hey guys. As some of you know, I am a plat level streamer. Today I am starting my first weekly(ish) free promotional day! If you are AT YOUR promotionals today and would like help winning them. I will help win! Twitch.tv/drizzall
  4. Man this thread has degenerated.
  5. Hell yea! Eve mid! Hes sooooo strong. Honestly...i dont have a favorite match up... I dont spend a lot of time in middle...usually its just to clear a wave or two and leave...sometimes i get a kill on middle if they are particularly stupid... so the lane match up doesnt matter much. All that happens is some people make it harder to keep up in cs than others. The nerf hurt her but unlike some people think did not make her unplayable...by any means...shes still strong she just relys more on skill and general intelligence then slamming your face on the keyboard and getting 8 kills on a 5 person map. Diana is still rebuffed and is now strong again... more than people realize...shes my second middle...then kayle. Kat is supeeerrr strong...i think honestly they buffed her so good with the latest patch... And yes...i pretty much only play eve...if she isnt banned or taken i play her...even if they have already cp'd me...I am either that good with her or just that adapt. If you want to learn I recently hit plat with her and am open to all questions and willing to give advice...multple viewers of mine have hit higher tiers and divisions using my strategies...it is specially powerful in lower elo. Twitch.tv/drizzall
  6. Just to point this out there have been times in games where I sit there with 4k gold and dont get a 6th item just so i can have 5 wards at all times. Simply because my team will not ward.
  7. And I am so damn pumpeeedddddd
  8. Well to be honest it still seems a little buggy.. I was in game...got out...after a win mind you... and it said that I went from gold Div 2...to silver division 5... ...and now here and there people will see it...even though it still shows me at gold div 2... Borky...
  9. They nerfed her ulti...and uppd her mana cost...now shes not just a joke to play she requires a bit of skill and a few other things...but if you know how shes still super strong... Also the nerf to her ult was a big mental hit...it made everyone think shes useless now... when half the people that played her before arnt even giving her a chance now...
  10. Play her right and shes just unstoppable...
  11. Drizzall


    I tend to agree with you...sej isnt underpowered...show people that...just like i still show people that eve is stronk as hellllll even after the nerf
  12. Why you make me laugh...it hurts...so much
  13. Hit me up sometimes I have been streaming for many months now. And I stream everyday. Currently feeling a little under the weather. But having an engaging streaming and being active with my viewers is kinda my specialty. Ask anyone whos seen my stream here in vVv :.)

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