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  1.  Latro

    Latro Application

    Name: Hunter Age: 23 Location: Raleigh, NC Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hgrooms Enjoy the Morgan Uzumaki. Battle.Net Tag: Latro#11878 What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game) Currently, I am most active on the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. That's the game the community is currently playing the most of, and I enjoy both the casual and competitive edge it can have. What are some other games that you currently play? I play....a LOT of games. Currently my list of games I am frequenting the most includes Destiny 2, League of Legends, Archeage, Fortnite, Apex, and Spellbreak. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I was a member of vVv six years ago. Real life got the best of me, and going to college disrupted my ability to be consistent in a community. Now I've settled into adult life and have been looking to get back into both the casual and competitive side of the gaming community. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? I'd say I know a number of people, but only because I've been playing with everyone for a couple months now. I've probably played the most with Stiches, NerdPrblms, and Skeens. I've mostly just hopped around to everyones parties. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I'm interested in being a part of a community that really supports gamers as a family. I think vVv has so much promise to become a group that makes people proud to belong, and to provide professional opportunity at the same time. There's plenty of dreams and visions I can spurt, but bottom line is I enjoyed being part of the community 6 years ago, and I've really enjoyed it the past couple of months. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I'm videographer by profession. M-F I work as an editor under two branches of a company, one editing strictly wedding films, and the other doing all non-wedding and corporate contracts we get. When we have shoots for nonn-weddings during the week I occasionally help out with the filming as a second shooter, and I also help film weddings and slow-mo booths on the occasional weekend. My wife and I have two dogs, and we enjoy hitting the trails and and hiking. How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? I think I'd add value in a few different venues. The obvious route is through my skills as a video editor. I went to school for marketing and also practice graphic design on my own time since I have so much familiarity with Adobe. I have a ton of experience in face to face Guest Services and event hosting, so being a frontman/communicator is extremely comfortable to me. I also think I have a healthy balance of casual and competitive in me. I love and push for community and community events, but also desire to grow in the competitive gaming sphere and the streaming scene. Do you attend LAN Events? I haven't yet, but have always hoped to and plan to.
  2.  Latro

    JoKaa: vVv Application

    I, endorse FoD Jokaa. How much time have you spent with the applicant, in-game or out? A very good amount of time. I've know him for nearly 2 years now over Xbox, so I've definitely shared plenty of time with him. What was your first impression of the community member? Did it change at all over time? If so, how? This may be a tad rusty as it was a while ago, but I believe my first impression wasn't of much. When I met him initially he was accompanied by another person named insanejoker000, and he was blackjoker000 (I believe), and insanejoker was a good bit younger, and I got the overall impression that they weren't much of anything to notice. Over time insanejoker disappeared, and Ian began to seem a lot more dedicated to me, and much more competitive. What was your favorite moment with them (in-game or out)? I honestly couldn't tell you. With the amount of time I've known him it's difficult to pull specific moments out. We've spent lots of time with some hilarious friends (Ian, I'm referring to Quick) in parties, so any of those would work. What makes this applicant a good fit for vVv Gaming? He's dedicated. On the forums and off he'll try his best to be active and friendly with people, and he's competitive as well so he'll be sure to try to improve himself and the community. How could they improve to be a better potential community member? Maybe be more outspoken on the forums? I know Ian chats with a lot in the chatbox, but perhaps make some blogs or forum posts on something you're interested in. It could pertain to CoD or any new games you've been trying (like Aion), or about your experience thus far in vVv. Anything else we should know about this applicant? Any skills or talents that no one else knows yet? That's a difficult question to answer really. I suppose I could say that he has experience in moderating forums, and is good at keeping an eye on things and handling issues. Do you feel that they know and understand the five pillars of vVv Gaming? Yabsolutely.
  3. Hey Dylan! I met you earlier today and talked to you a bit about vVv, so I know you already got the basic rundown of everything, so welcome to the community! You seem super dedicated, so prove me right and make sure you stay active on the forums and add people to play with in order to get more involved with everyone. And also, be patient for people to reply If you have any questions feel free to ask! Hunter
  4. Revolution proves to be dynamic and a visual stunner Ever since Treyarch released Call of Duty's newest post-launch DLC “Revolution” I’ve been on a solid Grind (pun intended) of playing the maps. With the preceding games such as 2011's Modern Warfare 3 or 2012’s Black Ops I, it was a tad challenging to tell the difference between one map and the next, new maps and old, especially given Infinity Ward and Activision's penchant for reusing environmental fixtures from the core game. The maps had a common theme to them, and were easily navigated even if you were new to the map. Playing these maps that looked so similar eventually grew leaden and repetitive, no matter which game it was. Treyarch has really taken us to an entirely different place in Revolution, in terms of DLC’s in Call of Duty. The vibrant and distinctive group of maps can hopefully be taken as a signal that we can expect more and more impressive DLC’s throughout the year. Map Analysis Grind At the heart of the Revolution pack is a map set in a deserted skate park, Grind. This map conveys almost pulsating splashes of color to a sequence of games that is often criticized for its blandness and lack of variety. The fiery color scheme of the skate park lights up the entire gameplay. Grind has a distinctive map build that is really unlike any other that has yet to be seen in Call of Duty. It features half-pipes, loop-de-loops and verticals, makes for an exceedingly dynamic multiplayer experience. While a small map when looking at the physical statistics of its length and width, the map feels as if it’s much larger due to its many corners and passageways. These give the player innumerable (let’s be honest, the answer is 42) amount of pathways that can be used to flank or maneuver themselves around the enemy. The only noticeable issue is that with all of these obstacles comes a slight feeling of being cluttered. When first playing the map I actually continuously found myself running directly into corners (which also often contained our friendly neighborhood campers) when trying to escape gun fights. Once I figured the map out, I noticed a great strategy as well. Using the ramps and curves of the park are excellent choices to get vantage points to cut off some of the most frequently used pathways without allowing the enemy much vision of you. Regardless of its relatively lesser dimensions, Grind is a map that can cater to any range of combat styles. In the center of the map comes an intensely hectic and exposed feeling, but it offers an extremely quick option for submachine gun and assault rifle users. Likewise, there are many paths outside that cut into the middle that those same players can use to flank the opponent. Users of sniper rifles, on the other hand, will outshine the others outside; where again the map’s unique geometry provides multitudinous vantage points that can be navigated to take out the competition before they get too close. Downhill The next map on the list is Downhill, and unlike the blistering feel Grind gives, this map provides you with more of a serene and sweeping feeling. While the latter contains plenty of protection and is packed full of pathways, Downhill takes place on a ski slope, and forces players into vulnerable, open areas. With these wide expanses, this map is brilliant for sniping, something I've always been a particular fan of. It’s very easy to watch the 3 main lanes with the sniper, and each end of the map even has different places where a less mobile sniper could set up. Now if you happen to be like my other half and crave getting close behind the enemy and meeting them at a smaller range then you should indefinitely head to the chalet at the peak of the slopes. A few twisting routes lead there from the bottom of the map, and players implementing a sly play-style will do exceptionally well when taking these routes. If you've been having difficulties pushing the middle lanes you can use this outside path to get behind your opponent, so long as you be sure to watch for any snipers lurking at the end of the lane. On the opposite side of these paths is the lift station, which is where the shotguns and submachine guns will really do the most damage. There’s about five different ways to enter into the mini battlefield of the lift station, and without being aware at almost all times, you’re likely to be taken out from behind or from one of your sides. With this being said an excellent strategy is to both keep an eye on the exits of the station and trap any who try to leave, or to control the station from the inside out (which takes a large amount of skill if doing it alone). On a side note, within the lift station there lies a lift (surprised, anyone?) that will actually crush anyone who even barely touches it. And as hilarious as that may sound, you’ll be sure to have a revised opinion once it’s happened to you in the middle of a killstreak. Hydro Next in line comes the map Hydro. This one happens to be my personal favorite and is designed both beautifully and tactfully. It’s approximately the same size of Grind, and takes short range battles to a whole new level. The snug, heavily walled landscape of the map can make a real difficulty for snipers, though, with them only having the two boardwalks running parallel along the top of the map that make for decent vantage points. Plus, as they happen to be the only two areas where one can get above the map, they’re often checked to be sure no snipers are in fact setting up camp-making them relatively useless. Hydro is a fast-paced and at times brutal map that absolutely allures me. It’s pathways that go beneath the map give it a dimension that the other maps don’t have, and give it a very stealthy feel to it. On this map one can easily sneak from one side of the other using multiple routes and remaining undetected to meet the enemy on the opposite side. Mirage Mirage is the final map in the set, and another visual stunner. Set in a Chinese hotel in the aftermath of a sandstorm, this area once again as an impressive array of colors, although this one has a bit deeper and darker hues. It makes for a map that feels like it has a huge number of options within it, and is actually a tad invigorating to play, seeing as it lets you choose your play-style. Going straight through the middle of the map can get you to one side of the map to another in a flash (a great option for you CTF junkies out there), but is also one of the biggest risks. As soon as you enter the circular center of the hotel, you’re automatically exposed from every direction. If you’re not quite up to the danger, then either of the outside paths provide enough cover to move from one side of the map to the other so long as you’re willing to take the time to do so. Due to its greater physical size, Mirage is the most open of the maps-but not the most vulnerable. Any class can flourish here, unlike in the tight corridors of Hydro or the expanses of Downhill, which cater more towards certain play styles. That makes Mirage great for casual and hardcore play alike, and could easily become a very popular map. Its unique visuals of a hotel drowned in sand help it stand out from the pack, too, making this one an all-around great map. Zombies Additions Along with these multiplayer maps came a new Zombies map as well in the Revolution pack. After playing zombies for a only a short time period in the original Black Ops, Black Ops 2 brought me back into the craze with Tranzit mode, and the new Die Rise map has just made my love for this game mode all the more passionate. Die Rise Die Rise is a Survival map, and thus must be played in the simpler context of surviving as long as possible during a zombie outbreak. Like most zombies maps, there are cola machines to loot, weapons to buy, and plenty of hidden goodies to find. I enjoy this map very much, and found myself wanting to play it over and over. It has many new features, including the Jumping Jacks, the Sliquifier, and the AN 94 coming into zombies. All of these changes really added together to make an entirely new experience that will just reinvigorate the masses of zombie players Call of Duty has. Turned Turned mode casts players as zombies themselves, which is meant to be a “fun” twist on the classic gameplay formula of Zombies. In this competitive mode, players compete to find the cure and become human, at which point they must fend off zombified players and AI alike. The player who spends the most time as a human wins. Turned is a chaotic mode that lacks the feeling of skill that comes with the normal zombies mode and as such I don't see it attracting too many dedicated players-especially seeing as the downs you receive as a zombie actually count towards your record. Weapon addition The Peacekeeper Last but not least, the final peace of the puzzle was the new Peacekeeper SMG. It’s not quite like many submachine guns, and almost feels like an assault rifle (Modern Warfare 3’s ACR comes to mind) when being used. To win close range gun fights you almost indefinitely need the first shot with the Peacekeeper. I (being who I am) immediately sought after the gun’s gold camouflage and found that the gun is actually very good when used at more short-medium distances (medium preferred) and is a great way to quickly control map areas at a fast pace. But what's the point? With everything said, I conclude that Revolution is the entire package (it's a REVOLUTION); and is one of the most creative and dynamic pieces of downloadable content ever released for a Call of Duty game. Each map has its own unique visual language, and the varied looks and layouts of them all serve to make the entire gameplay feel even more intense and thought out. If you’re one to put off buying the downloadable content simply because “it doesn’t look good” or because “it’s not worth the money”, then you’re honestly missing out on a great addition to the game.
  5.  Latro

    JoKaa: vVv Application

    Hey Ian! Welcome to the community, and I hope you enjoy yourself here! Seeing as we know each other already, feel free to go on my friends list and add all the other folk with vVv in their name and get playing with everyone. Cheers, Hunter
  6. I'd like to put into a good word for him here (not endorse yet), since I've been friends with Mitch for a couple of years now via Xbox. He's great at Hardcore and being a Team Player, and can be incredibly active/dedicated. He's an absolute Achievement whore, and would be a great Game Guru or Blogger, seeing as he has so many games, and play's them fully for their achievements. Also, Zhe Velox is a friend of ours who used to play Gamebattles a lot, and just destroys everything Call of Duty related (working on getting him to join). But anyways, welcome to the clan Mitchell, hope you enjoy your stay!
  7. Hey Adam, welcome to vVv! I hope you enjoy your time here at vVv, and would love to play either League play or in some pubs with you. Feel free to add me as vVv Latro and we can get together some time!
  8. Hey Tammy, welcome to vVv! I hope you enjoy yourself here, and I would love to play with you sometime. Feel free to add me as vVv Latro on XBL and we can all play some League Play or Pubs together! Cheers, Hunter
  9. The last Call of Duty game that came out a year ago, Modern Warfare 3, was a showy, gaudy game with a multiplayer that wasn’t too impressive, but nor was it exactly terrible. The maps were too cluttered with cars and other ill-placed objects, and the guns were too strong to allow for any type of gun battles, it was really just a quickdraw ( the perk that allows the player to aim-down-sight faster) competition. The year before that, the original Black Ops was released, which was an overall good game, although in retrospect was a little unpretentious and meek. Maps like WMD had relatively simple layouts that only had a few path's one could take; they were good maps, they just didn't give the players' many options. Black Ops 2 tweaks the mechanics, develops, and progresses on nearly every aspect of the game that Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops could have used improvements in. Although the changes aren’t necessarily groundbreaking or cutting-edge, the game as a whole feels like a much more thorough experience, and is certainly not to be discredited. So in light of that, I’ve recognized and covered the major improvements of the maps, the amount of personal customization, and the now deemed “scorestreaks”. Maps give balance Even the most inexperienced players of Call of Duty that have played both of these games can easily distinguish the fact that the maps in Black Ops 2 are really just plain awesome in comparison to the last two games. The many in-depth maps that Treyarch made for the Black Ops 2 Multiplayer mode. The multiplayer maps are stunning, featuring overall fantastic graphics on all systems and having a nearly perfect amount of balance in them. The balance comes from the sense of vulnerability you get while at any one point, while also giving you the sense that you're currently a threat to another player somewhere on the map. They give an impression of being much profounder, more in-depth, and more exciting. There’s multitudes (seriously, MULTITUDES) of paths to be taken on each map for your more competitive players, great vantage points for any player, and other places that render those same vantage points useless. The maps provide equilibrium- in that they don’t give too much power at any specific position on any map. Most maps give you a sense of susceptibility and exposure at all times, while at the same time giving you fantastic perspectives and chances on the enemy. Once one decides to obtain this viewpoint, they’re also taking a risk and have to be extra careful or else they'll soon find themselves with one more death on the scoreboard. A closer look at the map "Turbine", which has a huge vantage point on top of the large pipe in the middle of the map. In earlier games, once specific sections had been properly secured, the entire match was easy to control. This led to massive imbalances that in turn gave way to one team often dominating the other. So far, I have yet to encounter anything like this in Black Ops 2. “Pick 10″ adds customization Perhaps my absolute favorite thing about Black Ops 2 multiplayer is the new Create-a-Class system. You can essentially create your own build from any combination of whatever you have. It’s called the “Pick 10” system. You get to modify your class load out however it is that YOU want to. Yes, there are spots available for Secondary weapons, Tactical Grenades, and Lethal Grenades, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. This also goes for every other slot available. An example of a customized class that decided to use two perks on slot 2, instead of a 3rd perk. What happens is you basically get 10 total points to use as you please. Once you’ve used up these 10 points, you’re done, and can add no further customization to your class. You can get Wildcards, allowing multiple perks in one slot, two primary guns, or two lethal grenades for instance, but then you’ll have to abandon some other item, such as your secondary, or one (or possibly both) of your tactical grenades. These wildcards are used to further customize your classes. You unlock weapons, attachments, perks, grenades, and other items as you level up. But each item you load out with will cost you one of your 10 points. It’s quite the prodigious improvement; making each build you work on much more unique, encouraging players to try different custom builds and adding much-needed balance. ​The famed (and often hated) "Target Finder" Scope targeting numerous zombies. The balance isn't perfect, mind you. I personally despise the target-finder scope, and have heard many other complaining of the millimeter scanner. Another issue that I've overheard is that a number of players seem to be against this complexity-claiming that “less is better”, and that Treyarch shouldn't have “tried to fix what isn't broken”, referring to Black Ops. These people claim that the game focuses too much on it’s almost futuristic and much more modern aspects, which it takes away from the straightforwardness that they feel should come along with any shooter. This specific perk, "Cold Blooded", could easily be used to counter the Target Finder, or the Millimeter Scanner. Really, those people are just having a hard time coping with themselves when they see an enormous and bulky scope with a red diamond helping the enemy player kill them (which is understandable), or when they’re found out from their favorite camping spot with a futuristic scope that detects players that aren't moving. The class system provides a great way to counter any other setup possible, and as much as I hate to admit it, it’s both mine and those players fault for not taking advantage of it if those specific attachments bother us so much. Scorestreaks build teamwork Another attention-grabbing (and obvious) new development is that Treyarch has abandoned the Kill Streak structure and replaced it with Scorestreaks. The numerous scorestreaks that have been created to encourage players to work together. As the name evidently advocates, obtaining kills is no longer the main focus. Now points are received for all types of engagements; be it securing a hardpoint, planting/defusing a bomb, or capturing a flag. Black Ops 2 switched from killstreaks to score streaks for a couple of reasons. It allows lesser players to help their team through support actions, allowing those of us without perfect aim to contribute toward the activation of a great streak bonus. Scorestreaks also drive players that participate in objective-based multiplayer modes toward completing those objectives—say, capturing the flag instead of camping for kills.Support roles now seem to be encouraged, and it gives incentive to players to actually follow the objective and work as a team. This teamwork will ultimately bring the community together by encouraging the players in matches to talk to one another in order to win, and to help one another out for the overall cause. What this means for competitive play The multiplayer in Black Ops 2 is an admirable advancement in just about every sense. The innovative customization options, the better maps, and the team-building scorestreaks all make for a very wide-ranged and personal experience. Black Ops 2 adds the new "League Play" as a way to make the game better set for more competitive players. The new League Play feature also adds to player options, allowing players to join in games with players of a similar skill level. The eSports focus here isn’t hard to spot. It puts people on a level playing field with the Skill Divisions; it always gives players a goal to shoot for. League Mode brings the competitive environment to players worldwide. It gives the competitive players a chance to test themselves, and the less competitive players a chance to try competitive play out. There are three ‘series’ in League Play: Moshpit, Champions and Team Deathmatch. Each series has its own set of Leaderboards, providing yet another bit of competitiveness to League Play. League play, along with the other new additions that have been introduced by Treyarch in Black Ops 2, altogether adds a great bit to the Call of Duty series and ups the ante for the rest of the games that follow.
  10. Thanks! I think what ultimately decided it for me was the feel to it. I'm a bit of a quickscoper, so I like to have that mobility and lightness that it gives. That's not saying I haven't had my fair share of hitmarkers, but I've gotten fairly good at hitting chest up, it just takes some practicing.
  11. From the beginning of time, or the beginning of Call of Duty (basically the same thing for some players), sniping has been perhaps the most constantly argued over topic between players of all skill levels. The “professional” players debate amongst themselves which trickshot is the most difficult or if a “360 no scope” is more difficult than a “silent shot”, whereas the rest of the community babbles about what a “quickscope” really is. Yet across the skill gaps, one argument tops them all: which sniper rifle is the best? Now I don’t expect to solve this age-old dispute, but simply give you all my own thoughts on the topic when it comes to the most recent Call of Duty release. In the current Call of Duty game, Black Ops II, there are two snipers that seem to dominate the long-range playing field: the Ballista, and the DSR-50. The green text indicates a superior category, red text a losing category, and yellow text a draw. Statistically speaking, the Ballista wins in 4 out of 6 categories, seemingly being the obvious choice. The only issue though is that the category that it does give up to the DSR is perhaps the most important for many of today’s snipers. Weapon damage from the chest up means that only the chest and the head are one-hit-kills, while weapon damage from the waist up includes one-hit-kills for anywhere on the body except the legs. This being said, the snipers have two major different play styles. The DSR-50. The DSR-50 truly is a fantastic sniper rifle, especially when used traditionally. With it, nearly every shot you take is a one-hit-kill, something that provides to be unimaginably useful when trying to get multiple kills in a feed, or when trying to kill at long distances. Although generally (and incorrectly) denounced as requiring no skill to do, the most useful way to use the DSR-50 would be conventionally: across large expanses and scoping in completely. Being as accurate as possible and ensuring your shot finds it mark definitely pays off when using the DSR-50, with each shot being a kill. It also has a bit of a bulky build to it, so sporadic trips around the map attempting to quickscope won’t work well with this gun. To relate it to another game, it handles similarly to the Barrett 50.Cal from Modern Warfare 2. The Ballista. The Ballista on the other hand is much more useful if you’re looking for more sensitivity and a wider field of use. With a high mobility, this sniper rifle feels absolutely amazing when using it. One can effortlessly maneuver themselves around the map, be it when trying to get to a better position, or when escaping near-death situations. The shots are accurate as well, which adds to the effect of it being a more skillful weapon than the DSR-50. Perhaps the only issue with the Ballista is the hitmarkers it receives. The chest up is easily missed when trying to fire off quickly against SMGs, assault rifles, and shotguns, so even though your mark is easily found, you’ll likely find yourself not getting the kill. If looking at the same game, Modern Warfare 2, the Ballista is fairly alike to the MSR. One-Shot, One-Kill Medal Despite the hitmarkers, though, I would easily identify the Ballista as the better gun. It gives the user the option to quickscope much more easily than the DSR-50, and can always be used traditionally as well. The DSR-50 is an excellent choice for the lower levels, seeing as it is unlocked at level 4 and the Ballista at level 43, and would in fact be a much better choice if you plan on being conventional with your sniping technique. The ultimate decision, though, would be that the Ballista wins. Its handling speed and accuracy make it extremely deadly in the hands of a skilled player, seeing as its ability to get accurate shots off at a fast and smooth pace lets the player hit the “one-hit-kill” zones with ease after a little bit of practice. The DSR-50 is just too slow of a weapon to beat out the Ballista, so despite it's high damage, the DSR-50 loses. Here is my suggested class setup for the winning weapon, the Ballista. If you'd like to see another piece from me on my explanation of the class setup, and tips for how to more appropriately use the sniper, let me know!
  12. Well, to be honest I don't know. It'd first depend on what vVv likes when it comes to it's graphics and writing, because both of those I'd pursue equally. I've recently sent a review I've written to Robz, and I'll see his feedback once he reads it- so if he likes that I wouldn't mind doing contributing my writing. Especially considering that I plan to major in English once I go into college, so if this is a long-term experience for me, I'll become more useful in the writing category. But then I also think I could contribute a lot to the Socialite part of the community, as well as a Guru when it comes to CoD. Really I'm just looking to be placed where I'm needed, because I'm willing to drop the other things to become great at whichever one(s) I'm appointed to. I provided a variety so that you guys could see my different aspects and possibilities of where I could be placed. I figured that you guys no the clan better than I did, so you could better evaluate where I could add the most value. Sorry if that's not what you're looking for, but overall I'm not sure of where I could "best" add value, because I'm fairly confident in my abilities in each section. Cheers, Hunter
  13. Name: Hunter Grooms Age (minimum 16): 16, turning 17 January 3rd. Gamertags (for all systems you own): Hunterrxx (Xbox) How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I was just browsing the internet, honestly. Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? I know no one, but hopefully that'll change! Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I'm interested in getting involved in a new community. I'd love to get competitive again in the Call of Duty series again, and you guys seem like you could make that happen. Adding value is the most important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. From the following list, you must choose one method of adding value. We will evaluate your application based on how you tell us you're going to add value. Game Guru (Subject Matter Expert): I don't really have anything I can link you to on this subject, but with that being said it's mainly because on my past forums we didn't really help people through posts- we used the chatbox, skype, and XBL to communicate or help everyone out. I'm an expert on the Black Ops games, to be specific. Graphic Artists: http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae260/Worboe/Bendaknopic.png http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae260/Worboe/Designzbf3.png http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae260/Worboe/MyLeaderSig.png http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae260/Worboe/NovedWarrior.png http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae260/Worboe/Yodatag.png http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae260/Worboe/Ashguitar.png http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae260/Worboe/Latronewknight.png http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae260/Worboe/YatuSoldier.png http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae260/Worboe/Gladnew.png http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae260/Worboe/Eclipzdawn.png Socialite (vVv Forum Commando or loveable troll): I definitely belong in this category-- as a highschool student in AP classes and whatnot, I have to do a lot of homework, which doesn't leave me much time for gaming during the week. So, as I do my homework, I tend to lurk in chatboxes and on the forums, replying to everyone and making sure everything goes smoothly. Social Media Expert (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube): I wouldn't unnecessary say I LIVE on them, but like I stated with the above, Twitter and Facebook are ways I like to entertain myself whilst doing homework. And if I'm not on my laptop at the time, I'll always have my phone on me, checking twitter and facebook. Staff (Business Development, Sales, Team Manager, Tournament Organizer, etc): I have only been in one Xbox Gaming clan, and that was FoD. I was there for about a year and a half, and held every position available in the clan. I was an Initiation Officer (tried out new recruits), a CareTaker (welcomed new recruits and showed them the ropes), Disciplinary Officer (essentially a Forum Moderator, watched the chatbox and forums and kept them clean and solved issues), Squad Leader ( I led the sniper squad), Design Team (I created this portion actually, we took requests from everyone in the clan for signatures and backgrounds/ icons), Clan Coordinator (scheduled and organized events for the clan, to get the community involved), General( managed applications, the ranks, and was essentially a head moderator), and finally NA Commander ( Managed the actual site with the Webmaster, promoted people, made final decisions, and overall ran the clan). Writers/Editors: I'm part of the Newspaper staff at school, and I actually just wrote a feature article on recent video games. I don't have it online yet, but I can always send it via Skype, or just upload it if need be. What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why? To be honest, I haven't really been looking at any games recently. Seeing as Black Ops 2 was just released, I'll be busy on that for awhile- I'm one to reach the max prestige and unlock everything possible. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I'm predominately a soccer player. I've been on the team for 4 years now, 5 if you count this year, and I've played Varsity for 3 years. I'll be starting this year at back right, and playing the entire game. I also swim for the high school, and have been to the state competition 3 years in a row. I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, and I run in the woods behind my house often. I also love literature and music, and you'll never catch me when I'm not either reading or listening to one or the other. What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have? I played in GB ages ago with my clan for Black Ops. At the time the other players weren't very experienced, so I grew aggravated with them and stopped my competitive playing with them. But with that being said I'd love to get into it again. Have you attended any national events (MLG, WCG, IPL)? Unfortunately no, I have not. What was your best competitive moment? What was your worst? My best that I can (hardly) remember would be a 1v3 clutch on Search one round, on Summit if I recall. My worst would be just the entire experience to be honest. Everyone on the team was younger than me, and I couldn't even get them to come to a proper practice. What do you hope to achieve, competitively? I would just love to get on a team that works well together. And needless to say, I want to win. Honestly I can't wait to be a part of this community, if allowed in. If there's any questions feel free to ask, because I'm sure I've left things out! Cheers, Hunter

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