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  1. EGL9 should be massive this year so we are doing all we can to prepair for it. looking stronger than ever and hopefully will acheive a good placement!
  2. oh and we beat them sometime in september Cant exacally remember when, they were a team (raidN - Tapout - Shine - McMiLLaN) Top german team along side with dzs! they have all moved to another org ( my-destiny )
  3. we are planning to got to reflex we are a complete team and registered but as they are all in a short amount of time then we need to focus on a pesific one which would be EGL and cheers for the good lucks guys!
  4. How long have you been playing competitively? Since Blackops1 on decerto.net And Call of Duty 4 With Gamebattles. How many hours during the week do you play CoD? 40 Hours A Week maybe more on some days. How many hours during the week do you dedicate towards reviewing gameplay and major tournaments? What about together as a team? We use theater mode more a less after every cup and tournaments to evaluate our proformance. How many hours during the week do you play CoD as a full team roster? 35-39 Hours a week playing and Scriming as a full team. Then just relaxing and playing diffrent games for the rest. What are the tournament results for your past 3 major events (MLG, UMG, etc.)? Please provide links to brackets, threads, supporting pictures, etc. EGL 5 placed 18th What is your next online event? LAN? Our next events are EGL9 and i48 How many major tournaments have you attended? EGL5 and a spectator at 4 other events. Are you shy around people you don't know? No not really, I get along with everyone And am not shy to Socalise. If you've been sponsored before, who was your best sponsor? Why? N/a Why are you no longer with them? N/a What was your worst sponsor? Why? N/a What do you hope to achieve as a player for vVv Gaming? For my self i hope to become a well recognised player in the community and be renowned for being a part of vVv-Gaming Link to all social media sites used.(Twitter/Facebook/Reddit, etc) I dont Share facebook over the internet and i like to keep my self to self. I will be more than happy to put info on the vVv-Gaming Twitter Account. Do you stream? If so, link to your channel. I will be streaming after christmas on a new youtube/twitch.tv Do you create written or video content? If so, link to your content. No. What does being a professional gamer mean to you? A proffessional Gamer has been one of my aims of playing the xbox. I have played competitively for a while now and dedicated most of my time to it. This Would be a major Acheivment for me as I feel all my hard work and effort has payed off and i will be finally representing an org. How do you think you can improve as a player? As a member of the eSports community? I think i will improve greatly as a player being a member of the community because this will enforce the seriousness of playing for an org and i will not only be an improved player in gun skills i will have more brain based skills to help me become a smarter player and hopefully be recognised for playing and my awareness of the game situations.

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