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  1. I endorse Dx1tuyen. How much time have you spent with the applicant, in-game or out? We have played together, and hung out in mumble, for about a month and a half. What was your first impression of the community member? Did it change at all over time? If so, how? My First impression was that he was very laid back and approachable. I just sort of hopped down into their mumble channel and started playin with them, no questions asked. As I got to know Tuyen, I learned that he was also quite knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge with others. What was your favorite moment with them (in-game or out)? Apart from some pretty cool plays in-game, I think my favorite moment with Tuyen was our first practice session. We hopped into a draft pick lobby and everyone started to call their roles, Tuyen very calmly typed "aww, but I wanted to help Onix with ADC" and just like that everyone was like "ok ok that sounds good we will just play top or mid." I had forgotten that people can actually be civil in League. But that is just how Tuyen is, super nice, super calm, and super effective. What makes this applicant a good fit for vVv Gaming? I think we can use more people like Tuyen. He is skilled, but also very humble. He is the last one to brag about his talents (though he is platinum) and more than willing to play any role. Gaming with Tuyen is a pleasure and a learning experience; something I think most of our members/community can appreciate. How could they improve to be a better potential community member? All Tuyen needs to do is get to know more people. As a member of a team trying to gain sponsorship from vVv, it is somewhat understandable that he mainly associate with his team mates, but lately I have seen him trying to branch out more and more. So, as long as he keeps up this effort I think he will do fine. Anything else we should know about this applicant? Any skills or talents that no one else knows yet? I really only know Tuyen as a fellow player of league, but in the short time I have known him, I have seen that his talents go beyond game mechanics and itemization, his natural charisma is a skill in its own right. People with his sort of calm collected disposition are perfect for keeping a team, group of friends or even a solo queue level headed; in my experience, this often outweighs individual skill. Do you feel that they know and understand the five pillars of vVv Gaming? What about the Summoner's Code? Tuyen is a prime exemplar of the summoner's code, he keeps his calm, he is a pleasure to game with, he is candid with people of all skill levels, and he is more than willing to help out someone looking to learn. In addition to his reserved demeanor, Tuyen always puts fourth his best effort. thus he is in-tune with our emphasis upon excellence. As a sponsorship hopeful he knows what it means to represent and to be represented by a community and/or company. Tuyen's knowledge is an asset, and he has taken it upon himself to share that with others proving that he knows how to add value to our community. His acceptance of others and willingness to play with anyone shows that he understands diversity and embraces it. Luckily, I have run into no issues with Tuyen. Thus, he has never had to prove his understanding of the Chain of Command in the form of an individual confrontation; however, whenever he has interacted with our members in the past it has been with respect and with recognition of our senior members (e.g. Paradise and Doomhammer). In short, I think Tuyen will be a great addition to our community and I hope his application is successful. - vVv Onixhawk
  2. gratz on interview tap
  3. OnixHawk


    But what if ur urgot sux, then you just pulled off some crazy ish purely for the sake of entertainment. Jk, this is a solid plan. I really like the gank assist technique from the spotlight. Being able to sneak people in from that distance is awesome; "I just checked the bush we are fine," suddenly a wild pantheon appears, spear to the face, gg wp.
  4. I too am a leona fan, I think leona's effectiveness is determined by the adc's ability to follow through with intiations. This is in part due to communication, but also based on your adc's kit. There are allot of adc's such as ashe or sivir who have some trouble following up on leona's cc's. Additionally, mentality is a huge factor. If you have an adc who is afraid to go in, or simply just wants to farm and ignore you, leona is dead in the water. So, if your gonna pick leo make sure that you discuss the pick with your adc before hand and determine if they are comfortable being a bit more aggressive than most lanes.
  5. Nice. I wish I didnt suck with draven, but dem axes too stronk for me.
  6. Oh jesus, is this legit, and if so, sugar i totally agree fml ziggs is annoying.
  7. These look pretty cool. Dragonwing corki ftw.
  8. ^ that would be soooo sad. But regardless, this is awesome.
  9. My fav unorthodox build was mid AP soraka. It died after they nerfed her ability to self mana-battery, but It was amazing while it lasted. She could out push Morde and even if you took cv on her she could still win lane. I think the build I would run was boot+pots>Philostone>Hextech revolver>spirit visage>crystal scepter>Will of the ancients>deathcap. Was too stronk! RIP AP RAKA
  10. everyone wants to build a kage's, and now they can!

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