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    Sickness (former vVv) reacted to Get Snuggled in Reforming an attitude - vVv Get Snuggled apologizes   
    A few days ago it was brought to my attention that people were offended by my behavior in solo que games. Since joining vVv i have greatly improved my behavior. Before joining i would leave probably an average of 20% of all my games. I knew it would have to stop when i signed with them. Since joining i have not left any games and i thought had improved my behavior to a satisfactory level. a few days ago it was brought to my attention that i need to take my behavior improvement a step further and promise to give nobody a reason, save maybe me making a bad play, to complain about me again. I also would like to apologize for my past behavior. If anybody would like to keep tabs on me or see that i'm serious about this please tune into my stream (twitch.tv/decimater) or add me in game so you can spectate while i play.
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    Sickness (former vVv) reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Sickness returns! Re-app   
    Hey Sickness thanks for reapplying! Do you have any hobbies or talents you are looking to develop as an applicant to vVv Gaming?
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    Sickness (former vVv) reacted to Magicmooch in Sickness returns! Re-app   
    Hey Sickness, welcome back!
    We hold Inhouses every Tuesday and Thursday night at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. This is a great opportunity to improve as a player so it is highly recommended to show up with a goal in mind for each Inhouse to improve. I also recommend tracking your progress to see if you do improve over the course of the inhouses you play.
    If you have not seen our 5 Pillars of vVv Gaming it is HIGHLY recommended that you take a look at them. They are the cornerstone of our organization and it is very important that you know and understand them.
    A great way to get involved with the community is to join us on Mumble! There is usually always members and applicants on playing games of League and it is a great way to get involved with the community. Forum activity is also very important to being an active applicant, so be sure to check your application and forums!
    Lastly, I wanted to ask you how you would go about adding value to vVv Gaming. vVv Doomhammer made a post on some ways that you can add value to vVv, here is the list. Here is some other information about vVv Gaming, such as our Hall of Fame and Members lists.
    If you have any questions let me know, I hope you enjoy your time with us!
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    Sickness (former vVv) reacted to Muhdewsa in Sickness returns! Re-app   
    YAYYYYY <3 Welcome back! Can't wait to see you around again :}
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from Sarahdactyl in Its nICE to meet you, New Trundle   
    hue. (His Traditional skin looks like a Warcraft troll from ZA..)
    What’s this…? Is this… a troll?
    What’s a troll doing in the Freljord? Are we… trolling you? 

    On a more serious note, some of you will probably guess that if there’s a troll and he’s wielding a club… it’s Trundle! So we wanted to give you a taste of what’s to come, namely Trundle’s relaunch and his reimagining in the icy north.

    While old Trundle certainly had a unique narrative and visual design, we always felt he was disconnected from the rest of the world. This inhibited the number of stories we could tell with Trundle and, well, we want to tell stories about him. Trundle’s upcoming changes include a gameplay update (more of a quality improvement than a rework – similar in scope to our Taric changes in 
    ), a new ice-themed aesthetic (if you couldn’t guess), and a new story that ties Trundle to the brewing conflict in the Freljord.

    Stay tuned in the coming weeks, because we’ve got plans for Trundle – not to mention that Trundle has plans of his own!

    You’ll have to wait to hear more, but here’s something to tide you over. As with Karma’s relaunch, anyone who owns Trundle before his relaunch will get this Traditional Trundle (has a nice ring to it) skin for free:

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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from RazorHedge in A Build for Beginners!   
    OH. I thought these were builds FOR beginners. I was like..wat. Frozen Mallet doesn't even stack. 
    Boots of Swiftness
    Phantom Dancer x3
    Frozen Mallet
    Master Yi - 
    Boots of Swiftness
    Phantom Dancer x5
    Mundo -
    Warmogs x6
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from RazorHedge in Trying to analyze my games, could use some feedback.   
    That sounds awesome actually, I'll start to do something like that. Thanks
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from vVv Paradise in KARMA REWORK IS HERE   
    http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3197509  (Just view the thread, all of the Riot posts are full of awesome info)
    Looks like our cover’s been blown…

    Yep, this is new Karma. Yep, this is a big change. We believe Karma needed a reimagining, and we are going to talk to you about why we feel that’s the case. But before we dig into it, there’s something you should probably know first – anyone who owns Karma before her relaunch will get this Traditional Karma skin for free:

    This is important, because we know there are lots of fans (heh) of Karma’s existing look, and we don’t want to take that for granted.

    We actually have been working on a dev diary that talks about our thought process behind Karma’s relaunch, but since the cat’s out of the bag…we’ll share the story and art sections of the dev diary right here, right now. We’ll release the full dev diary, including details on her new kit, when she’s ready for PBE (which is pretty soon). Without further ado, here’s her new splash:

    Grumpy Monkey will talk a little about her new visual design, and then Runaan will give you some insight into Karma’s reimagined backstory.
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from TapOrSnap in Riot why...   
    I'm just doing some mess around games because my ping is fluxuating, right? Experimenting with theory craft builds, playing champs I don't normally play and just generally not giving any damns. 
    5 straight wins later... "Congratulations! You have been selected for a series"....
    ....I'm not sure how to feel right now lol 3;
    Edit - Secret to ELO : Don't care. Oh goodness I can't breathe...so dumb.
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from GregoMyEggo in Clearly, I'm not carrying hard enough.   
    Didn't feel this deserved its own thread

    Just. Fak. Stop making me support. It doesnt work!
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    Sickness (former vVv) reacted to vVv Pherzghul in Amazing video on how to win ranked games   
    Listen to what the guy says, it's a long video but worth watching. The best things to learn from this is to take the risk to make plays and to learn from your mistakes. If you keep winning your lane but lose games, then you failed to abuse your lead and make plays. Watch the vid. 

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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from Sarahdactyl in Funny LoL Pictures   
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    Sickness (former vVv) reacted to vVv Paradise in New iBlitzcrank skin   
    iBlitzcrank plays optimally when paired in lane with Jailbreak Graves.
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from vVv Paradise in New iBlitzcrank skin   
    You are unable to take flash with it equipped. 
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from TapOrSnap in LATENCY FIXED. OOOHH MYY GOODDNESS   
    In the launcher, top right click the gear, and turn off peer to peer.
    I sat at 70 ms all last game. and I literally played worse LOL. Been adjusting to having 150-literally over 1k ping for about 2 months, gonna take a sec to get back in the groove of not having to cast my stuff in advance. 
    Can't stop smiling, can finally stop saying 'Dammit, sorry guys, spiked and couldn't do much'.
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    Sickness (former vVv) reacted to vVv OrganicBear in New Anivia Skin   
    *casts level 99 allow this image extension*
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from Misty in Summoner's Code   
    Note, some of those are NSFW.
    If you don't want to read them, here's a dubbed video for most of that site.
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    Sickness (former vVv) reacted to 604 Ronin in Today I learned...   
    Today you learned, moves such as Anivia's Wall/ Trundle's Pillar of Filth deal 1 true damage so that they draw turret aggro.
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from TapOrSnap in Today I learned...   
    TIL - Abilities do not draw creep aggro. Only auto attacks / auto attack extenders (IE Talon Q)
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from jiggy in How to not camp a lane   
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from TapOrSnap in When all champions are at their weakest.   
    Ahri - When ultimate is down, she is the most vulnerable to dying as it's her main mobility tool. This is generally targeted towards junglers ganking her pre 6 and.
    Akali - There are two parts to this. The first is her ultimate which greatly reduces her mobility (i.e Using it on creeps) and denies her the opportunity to all in. The second is when her Twilight Shroud (W) is down which makes her more vulnerable to ganks. (Note: Pink wards, AoE or any vision granting abilities also counter it).
    Alistar - Again two parts to this. The first is the headbutt + pulverize being down. This lets you engage on him easier. The second is when his ultimate is down as he is squisher. Note: Do not focus a support under most circumstances (the latter being if they have oracles or for some reason a spree, but both unlikely and even then during team fights, they should be last priority).
    Amumu - When his ultimate is down and when he has no mana. Amumu runs out of mana quickly so you can actually force this in mini skirmishes as most Amumu's forget to turn off his W, forcing them to go OOM.
    Anivia - Likewise with Anivia, she's mana hungry so when she's out of mana is the best to fight her. The other being when her passive is down. Makes her an easier target to kill. Note: When she revives from her passive, she returns to full health so if you can't kill her and you're low. GTFO.
    Annie - When her stun is down and when Tibbers is down. In teamfight situations, Tibbers is practically her Q but AoE (with added damage later), so avoid fighting in tight spaces and try and bait it out on one target to reduce her damage (specifically the tank/support).
    Ashe - When her ultimate is down she is the weakest. Generally Ashe is weak as she has low mobility, she relies on her ultimate for Engage AND disengage (so she only gets the option of one). If you are playing a mobility based champ or if you have Flash up, you can bait out the ult and re-engage later or get jungler to gank.
    Blitzcrank - Blitz's abilities make him quite polar. When his grab his up, the zoning and pressure increases greatly. But when his Rocket Grab is down, it lets the enemy open for being aggressive due to it's high cooldown nature. Likewise with most CC based supports (which I will mention!)
    Brand - Fighting with lots of creeps near you, it makes his ultimate less effective (i.e won't bounce as much) and makes it harder to land his stun. This leaves him with only two abilities hitting, W and E rather than all 4.
    Caitlyn - 90 Calibur net is a tiny bit underrated. It's a mini gap closer AND a slow. So when it's up, it's quite easy to avoid something like a Taric stun since it has nice range and slows Taric too (among other similar champs). Otherwise there's nothing much, she's weak in general, her range is what makes her strong (Which you can't really change).
    Cassiopeia - Her ultimate is game changing. If she catches everyone (or the majority), you can get an AoE poison out and your team can clean up easily. So try and bait it out (Which is damn difficult) before a fight or make one person jump her to force it out of her (assassin/tanky dps frontliner), with others following up later.
    Cho'Gath - This is a bit tricky because Cho gath's kit is what makes him strong in general. But one thing I notice is if you want to all in him in lane (assuming he's a top laner) after 6, wait until he uses his ultimate on a creep. At level 60 he will only gain a bonus 90 health but it will greatly deplete his damage. His ultimate a lone can make up for 20-40% of the damage in a 1v1 and I've found myself in a situation where I've lost because I wasted my ultimate on a creep instead of a champion.
    Corki - When his Valkyrie is down is the best time to go in because he has no escape. Another thing is he's mana hungry, so you can fight him fairly easily since he relies on his abilities, as do many other ADs.
    Darius - Darius is weakest when he has no ultimate. It's weird because Darius in general doesn't have a weak spot. His weakness is mobility which is something that can only be taken advantage over with the jungler. Only other thing is when his pull is down, it lets you play more aggressive (especially as ranged champs like Nidalee, Jayce, Vlad, Swain or other possible top laners).
    Diana - Diana has two main damage dealing abilities. Her Q and her R. But these come hand in hand. So when one is on cooldown, you have the upper hand as you can force her to use R (leaving her with 20 seconds to deal with during the laning phase) or deal no damage besides auto attacking. Pre-6 is also a good time to play aggressive as she's melee but her Q does hurt.
    Dr. Mundo - Mundo's Early game is weak. He is usually a low health jungler (and always has been) due to the nature of his skillset. So playing aggressively and counter jungling is the best time to kill him. If he goes Red > Blue, be at his blue and same vice versa.
    Draven - Draven doesn't have a "weakest point", but his lack of mobility (as opposed to Ezreal, Corki, Tristana and even graves) is what lets him down. His weakness overall is hard CC. So Taric/Leona is the best against him. Additionally, he's amazingly strong at level 1 because of his passive and the nature of AD carries being squishy.
    Elise - Similar to Draven, she doesn't have a weak spot. In fact she has lots of strength and is very flexible. But again, her lack of mobility (Rappel is not mobility, it's so hard to use right unless you're trying to all in the enemy when enemy creeps are at you're tower, you're not going to use it to escape really). Ganks are the best way to stop her from taking early advantages.
    Evelynn - Pink wards during laning phase. Nuff said.
    Ezreal - When his Arcane Shift is down.
    Fiddlesticks - The tendency to hide and ultimate in becomes a weakness when used right. So if you're pushing a lane, have someone on the outskirts because he will be there. He is also very squishy early on and early invades hurt him as he really needs blue. So make sure you fight when he has no ultimate or invade early on (unless you don't have the team comp for invading).
    Fiora - Can't say much, doesn't have a real weakness except her ultimate not working amazingly. Don't know much about her either (anyone can fill me in feel free).
    Fizz - Fizz is weak in the early levels and when his Playful/Trickster is down. Abuse those two facts but make sure that they don't turn against you. You can't really bait out Playful/Trickster unless you have mobility or you duke correctly.
    Galio - His ultimate is his trump card, otherwise he's not that great. Additionally, be wary of his Bulwark. You might think you can kill him, but the first few heals are quite nice, don't underrate them.
    Gangplank - When his oranges are down. Also, don't fight in his ultimate.
    Garen - When his Q is down. His Q is great not only because of the damage and movement speed, but the silence makes you unable to do anything. You can only bait this out with high mobility champs (like Lee) and try abusing bushes, if he clicks on you and you walk in a bush, he will stop as he has no vision of you and may end up attacking a creep.
    Gragas - When his ultimate is down. When his ultimate is up, it makes doing objectives harder as it's really easy to steal and he may end up throwing someone in your team, potentially taking Dragon/Baron and a teammate too. Be warned!
    Graves - Again this is tricky, Graves is very reliant on his abilities to play aggressively. But generally abuse his short range. Someone like MF and Cait can stomp his early game, but during teamfights it's tricker (unless you're MF, MF's abilities are amazing at the moment).
    Hecarim - His ultimate is the big thing. Make sure to avoid it during team fights, an AoE fear is not nice at all.
    Heimerdiner - Uh....yeh. But on a serious note, his ultimate as it slows it makes it harder to all in him.
    Irelia - Two things. First of all the first few levels. Make sure to abuse this whenever she goes for a creap. Attack her as much as possible. Secondly Hiten style. It is her damage. Without hiten style, she is nothing. Once down it has about a 6-8 second window before it's up again. Abuse this! This is Irelia at her weakest. If you don't do anything, she will kill you. I repeat, she will kill you.
    Janna - What makes Janna good is disengage. If you want to harass in lane, you have to make sure her Shield is down. The bonus AD and the shield will guarantee you losing the trade. The shield is enough to block about 1 and a half of attacks during laning phase.
    Jarvan - His Knock up is great, not to mention his Q has added armour pen. Make sure to fight when his Q is down during the laning phase, that's when he's really weak.
    Jax - His early game isn't too strong so you will have to shut him down. Can't really pin a weakness on him because sustain isn't really an issue due to S3 being like that and his damage is great overall.
    Jayce - His knock back is so good because if try and jump in and he knocks you back, you won't get back in. His MS + the mini stun on the knock back along with the slow doesn't give you enough to jump back in with champs like Irelia or Jax.
    Karma - Don't know, guess when her shield is down.
    Karthus - Early game, he's squishy and has no escapes along with no movement speed.
    Kassadin - Like Karthus, with added melee. Also, make sure he gets no blues. He goes OOM easily.
    Katarina - Her combo is what makes her so strong, avoid getting hit by everything (that's all up to you). Her weakest is early game, lack of mobility and damage.
    Kayle - When Reckoning + Ultimate is down. She's naturally squishy too, take advantage of that mid game. She will out DPS you early.
    Kennen - His ultimate is amazing during team fights. Avoid it at all costs. He can also get off two stuns, so generally his abilities synergise well together.
    Kha'Zix - He's mana hungry. When his W is down is best to engage him as that's his damage. His ultimate is also quite good but doesn't last very long, when evolved, it makes him tankier against AoE but that's about it.
    Kog'Maw. He's weakest 1-3 a long with when he has no mana (which is often if you don't know how to control it) and when his W is down. His W is key in fights as the range lets him auto attack without getting jumped and makes it easier to fight in a team. His ultimate has amazing range at level 3 and does insane damage. It does scale with AD, albeit not amazing, it's base is strong.
    LeBlanc - Two parts. When her W is down and when her ultimate is down. When her W is down, she's easy to gank. When her R is down, she won't kill you. Simple. But these together put you in a risky position. She's also fairly weak in the first few levels and it's fairly hard to kill creeps with her. Abuse this.
    Lee Sin - Lee Sin is weakest late game due to his abilities. Fighting together and where there are lots of creeps gives him 0 possibility of getting to an AD unless he loops around.
    Leona - Leona is a strong all rounder, generally when her abilities are down is when you can engage. Just like with Blitz above.
    Lulu - Don't know much about her, she's almost always relevant. Her shield and ultimate are not to be taken lightly, be careful when you're diving.
    Lux - Lux is squishy all game, take advantage of that when her abilities are on cooldown.
    Malphite. Malphite is mana hungry and does very little damage early (his mid game is strong though). When laning against him, make sure you're playing an ability based AD (like Wu) and get sustain.
    Malzahar - Don't know much, but avoid his combo, especially his ult which is a bitch.
    Maokai - He does no damage, so if you catch him out of position on his own, he's a free kill. His abilities are what make him strong. Avoid fighting in his ultimate, you deal less damage (just incase you didn't know that).
    Master Yi - When his Q is down as AP Yi, he does nothing. Bait out his Meditate. His Meditate is amazing and if you get caught trying to kill him whilst he's in it, don't. Just don't do that.
    Miss Fortune - Her ultimate is key so when it's down that's like 70% of her potential damage down.
    Mordekaiser - When his shield is down and when his ultimate is down. You might think he's low and enough to kill, but his ultimate gives him a fairly good amount of health back on use. Don't get caught by that.
    Morgana - When black shield is down she's very vulnerable and when her ultimate is down. But this is a bit weird because She can combo you with R > Q or Q > R. Either way if she gets you with one, she can ult you. So be careful. If you can dodge her Q, her ult is null as she won't use it during laning phase. Avoid getting hit by it in team fights.
    Nami - Don't know much about her, but her heal is quite nice and her ultimate is great, albeit a bit slow. It's hard to dodge because it's as wide as Karthus wall.
    Nasus - His early game is weak, however he has good lifesteal (14% at level one I think). So he needs abilities used on him and constant poking rather than once in awhile, making it so he takes more damage than heals. He's very open to ganks so abuse that. Also, avoid his W. It has an insane slow that lasts a very long time. Make sure to fight when it's down.
    Rengar - His ultimate lasts forever, make sure to fight him when it's down.
    Riven - Very reliant on abilities, you can try duking the Q's and avoid her stun. Her stun plays a big role in getting free damage on you. She also auto pushes with abilities, bait it out and call a jungler.
    Rumble - His ultimate is key and he's very vulnerable to gank. His early game is not exactly weak due to flame spitter, but he does auto push so abuse this with the jungler. He's also weaker when his E is down as it's one of his poking and CC tools.
    Ryze - Extremely weak early game, slow and easy to gank.
    Sejuani - Don't know much, but her ult is a beast.
    Shaco - Survive early game. How? Don't ask, just do it. He's weakest late game so long as he doesn't get fed or he doesn't end up feeding his team.
    Shen - When his ultimate is down. Doesn't give him the option to split push. Also, when his taunt is down, he has no mana rendering him useless. Make sure to avoid it since it has a tiny ass range.
    Shyvana - Her W makes her super fast and her R is good for escaping. She doesn't really have a weakest part, it's more about fighting in the right time against her. You might not kill her due to her ability to escape.
    Singed - His ultimate + ghost. Please don't chase him. He's a dick, but that's about it. His early game is pretty weak, but if you get caught by flip + poison, you will be punished greatly.
    Sion - Very reliant on combo, when down, he's basically nothing.
    Sivir - Her spell shield and ultimate are great disengages and engages. Avoid these at all costs. Hard CC is great against her when used correctly (make sure she can't react fast enough when you use a stun).
    Skarner - His ultimate is what makes him skarner. After nerfs it's easier to avoid but still a Shurelia's Flash and ultimate is great. So avoid it.
    Sona - Early game. Super squishy. Usually you don't want to focus the support at all, but due to her nature of being squishy. It's quite easy to focus her and get out before the AD carry messes you up. But please be careful, focus a support is not worth it, especially if you underestimate the enemy AD's damage.
    Soraka - Her skillset overall denies you. She's like Lulu, but a heal version with slightly less utility. Don't dive a Soraka lane unless you're enough people and you're absolutely sure you will come out alive. She has many many heals.
    Swain - When his W is down is probably the best time to engage. Otherwise, avoid his ultimate. His ultimate gives him really nice healing, so if all you've got left is auto attacks, you won't kill him unless you have ignite.
    Syndra - Low mobility, weak in general. Avoid her ultimate, it's very strong.
    Talon - He's strong in general, he's squishy so he's played mid and he's supposed to counter you. He's weak lategame because he's a traditional assassin. Traditional assassin's (squishy but high burst ADs) do not work in this game. Don't argue with me on this, many lives have been lost due to this discussion.
    Taric - His stun. When it's down, the lane is very susceptible to getting engaged on. Use it correctly or not at all. Same with Blitz and Leona as stated above with their abilities.
    Teemo - Nothing. He counters everyone. On a slightly serious note, if you can bait out his blind, you can hurt him a bit more. It doesn't last that long too.
    Trash - Dunno.
    Tristana - Mid game, all she can do is auto attack, and not much at all.
    Trundle - Early game he's strong. Honestly he's strong right now---uh I mean he's a troll he's really bad (his Pillar of Filth is NOT broken at all, I repeat NOT).
    Tryndamere - Early game he doesn't do much. But be careful, he can get early lucky critical strikes like old GP. It can turn the laning favour around.
    Twisted Fate - His Pick a Card lets him combo into his Q. Avoid the gold and you avoid the Q. It also makes him much easier to gank. So early game he's weakest, not to mention he's squishy. Also, if you shut him early, he will be useless late. So try that. Which leaves his mid game strongest (ganks OP bro).
    Twitch - He's naturally squishy so focus him. This makes him weak all game generally. But his ultimate makes him super strong due to the range and potential damage. It's like MF's ult, but on auto attacks rather than one ability.
    Udyr- The creeps, THE CREEPS DAMNIT. He does no damage in general, but you can just build him tanky late game. What makes him weak is mobility.
    Urgot - Don't know much about him and how the changes have affected him.
    Varus - His early game is weak and he has no mobility. Hard CC hurts him badly. He's easy to all in early on with Leona + Graves/Ezreal/MF Combo.
    Vayne - Weak early due to low range and squishiness
    Veigar - Weak early due to being reliant on farming and abilities. Goes OOM easily and no mobility so open for ganks.
    Vi - Don't know much about her, But she's still a bit buggy. I find her to be weak late game.
    Viktor - Weak early. Easy to gank as long as you can avoid his trap. Also avoid his ultimate, it does a surprising amount of damage.
    Vladimir - Troll pool. It has weaknesses (like Fiddle drain and Nocturne fear) but generally it's a strong tool to escape.
    Volibear - He's solid all game, does mid-high damage early and is a tank late game. Try and kill him early otherwise there's not much I can say. He can't really defend his team, but he can be used to fling an enemy into his team. Quite a good engage.
    Warwick - Early game he doesn't do much except heal. So just free farm.
    Wukong - Pre 6. His ultimate is beastly (look it up on the League wikia and see how much damage it deals if he can get all of it on you).
    Xerath - His stun into ultimate combo is what makes him strong. His Siege is what doesn't, so unless he reacts fast, you have an easy jump in. Early weakest, strongest late.
    Xin Zhao - Depends how fed he gets. If you can shut him down, interrupt some of his farm or deny his ganks, he's not really good late game. Requires very aggressive play as him to do good.
    Yorick - Pre 6 he's squishy and has no escapes. Very easy to kill with jungle ganks. Late game he becomes utility to the AD carry and a tank rather than a damage dealer, but still does a bit.
    Zed - Early game, avoid his shurikens. When his W is down, it has a huge cooldown and his mobility drops, it's a good idea to engage on him then.
    Ziggs - Low mobility but very good utility. Getting him to waste the utility is what renders him useless. His got very good zoning potential and all in all is quite strong during both laning and team fights. This depends on who can out DPS each other first and uses abilities correctly.
    Zilean - This is a bit weird. He's squishy all game. But late game he's not much of a threat due to the being tanky meta and he only has his bombs as damage. So in a way, he's weak all game. But his damage early is what makes him so strong. Tip: If Zilean puts a bomb on you, run to your minions, it forces the enemy to push your lane.
    Zyra - Her CC is what makes her so good. Avoid it at all possible costs. She's weak early imo and late game she does moderate - high damage and has high CC if used correctly.
    Originally compiled by Ryoutaru, I'm going back and fixing typos I notice / stuff  he forgot or is wrong. 
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from TapOrSnap in [PBE]New Cursor/Ping particle images.   
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    Sickness (former vVv) reacted to Snow in We got accepted to the qualifiers :)!   
    I just got contacted by Trevor "Torch" with the IPL team, and we got accepted to participate in the Challenger's Cup Qualifiers! Wish us luck, we hope to make a showing of ourselves at IPL6
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    Sickness (former vVv) reacted to Anaxamander in Appear Offline option now available   
    You could always use the appear offline feature. Just bring up your client and hit alt+f4.
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    Sickness (former vVv) got a reaction from imwssale in Sickness (Udyr Bot)'s app   
    Step One: Fill out your forum profile completely. This includes all fields and includes uploading a picture of yourself. If you don’t have a picture, get one before you apply.
    Due to an issue, I can't get an IRL pic for a few days. Talked to Doom about it.

    Step Two: Post a new thread in the application section that answers the questions below (these can be copied and pasted).
    Name: Sean Age (minimum 16): 18 Summoner Name: Udyr Bot (Trying to switch to Sickness when name change goes on sale) How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? : Medusa  Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? Anyone who has played inhouses in the past 2 days. Mainly Medusa, Star and Doom. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? A community full of great people to play with instead of solo. Adding value is the most important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. From the following list, you must choose one method of adding value. We will evaluate your application based on how you tell us you're going to add value. Game Guru (Subject Matter Expert): You know everything about a game. It’s not that you think you know everything about the game, it’s that everyone in the game respects your opinion. To prove that you are well respected, please share links to the game related forums proving your expertise. Social Media Expert (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube): You live on Social Media and are addicted with getting the latest information and sharing it with others. You can live on a diet of tweets, retweets, likes, follows, upvotes and comments. Streamers: Link us to your stream so that we can determine if you are a good fit for vVv Gaming. (Working on setting this up) Video Producer: Link us to your YouTube channel and other videos you've created so that we can determine if your content is a good fit for vVv Gaming. http://www.youtube.com/user/IIS1cknessII?feature=mhee You must have and be able to use Mumble to join vVv Gaming. Are you able to log on and use mumble? (If you don't have Mumble, click here to get information on how to get and install it, and feel free to ask anyone on mumble if you need help configuring it). On it right now. What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why? DayZ Standalone is the only game I'm even remotely looking forward to. Why? Because the intensity of that game is amazing.  What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Collecting oddities and working out, I'm a fairly simple person. What is your current ELO? Jumping around 1400-1500~ in S3 (Under 20 games played). Max around 1800~. What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have? A few local LANS full of newbies. Nothing major. Have you attended any national events (MLG, WCG, IPL)? Negatory What was your best competitive moment? What was your worst? N/A What do you hope to achieve, competitively? A few tournaments, if we do well, I wouldn't be against going for pro, though.

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